When it comes to hair, we all want them thick, shiny, long and hair growth which appeals your overall aesthetics and looks. It is the crowning glory of a man or a woman. It helps your personality speak to everyone and convey your ambiance.

Hair is particularly controlled by 4 basic factors:

  • Age
  • Genes
  • Health
  • Diet

We can’t help ourselves when it comes to age and genes. Everybody keeps the best foot forward when it comes to health. The factor which we can manipulate is DIET. Here are few superfoods which will really prevent hair loss and give your hair the growth you aspire for.

Let’s find out:

Superfoods that will take care of best hair growth:

We will enlist at least 10 superfoods that will not only help in hair growth but do damage control as well as stop the hair loss.


It is very rich in Vit E and full of antioxidants which will prevent hair loss and it will provide hair growth and nourishment to your hair. Also, it is good source of Biotin, also known as Vit H/B7, which is very important for thick hair.

You can incorporate almonds in your diet by pre-soaking overnight and eating it peeled off. Also, you can add them as toppings in different breakfast meals or deserts.


It is a blessing in disguise as we add mangoes in our cheat meal but who knew it was not that much of a cheating after-all. It is filled with Vit A, E & C. Vit A helps in dandruff control, E helps in micro-circulation in hair and scalp while Vit C helps in Collagen building which is responsible for thickening of hair.

Flax Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds

Most of you would be familiar with pumpkin seeds but Flax Seeds are also a fabulous source of Omega 3 fatty acids which help in organizing the texture of the hair.

You can add them in your diet through various methods. Eat them raw, or add them to your curd or yogurt. You can also grind them to add the powder in every meal as an additive.

Chia Seeds

These are so full of protein that every seed comprises 23% of just protein. It has an abundance of Copper, Zinc. It has been proved in many studies that Zinc prevents from bald patches formation (alopecia areata). Look out for early signs of baldness.

These seeds swell up when added to any liquid and a gel is wrapped around it. You can add them to your refreshments, water, juice, etc. It can also be grinded and added to your flour.


Another dry fruit amazing for the volume of hair on your scalp. It is rich in Vit B and antioxidants.

You can eat them whole dry, or you can add them in your dessert, bakes, toppings, etc.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Best example for it can be spinach and broccoli. They are rich in Vit C, folic acid. Most importantly they posses Iron and Beta Keratin. These are vital to keep your hair follicles healthy.

Do Not boil your spinach. It takes away all the good stuff out of it in the water. You can toast it or slight sauté will do.


It is present in the form of keratin in each and every strand of hair which are the building blocks of hair. It is outsourced by eggs, lentils, soybeans, cottage cheese, sprouts and mainly meats


It has potassium, magnesium, iron which will boost hair growth and it will also help maintain the natural colour of your hair.

Oats can be a staple breakfast meal with various methods to prepare.

Root Vegetables

These are carrots, beetroots, sweet potatoes which are full of beta keratin and biotins.

These are to be included in your daily salad or you can have their juice and roast the sweet potatoes

Milk and Dairy products

For all the vegans out there, this one is not for you. These are rich in protein, but their main reason is the Calcium which help in strengthening not just bones but hair as well.

Nutrients those are vital in superfoods for best hair growth:

ProteinsThese are the building blocks of hairMeats, tofu, dairy, poultry, lentils, etc
Vit AReduce dandruff
Produces sebum
Eggs, pumpkin, root vegetables.
IronForms haemoglobin which help in proper oxygenation in hair resulting in growthGreen Leafy vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc.
Vit B12, DFormation of new cells and hair growthMeats, dairy, fortified cereals
Vit CCollagen building for thick hair Protects from damage against UV raysStrawberries, citrus fruits, guavas
Vit EMicrocirculation in hair and scalp Protects from damage against UV raysAlmonds, Spinach, Avocados, fruits
ZincPrevents alopecia areata (bald patches) Prevents theologian effluvian (excessive hair loss)Meat, Shellfish, lentils, seeds & nuts.
Micro and Macro Nutrients in Superfoods


From generations we have been told by our ancestors to massage your scalp with oils to have great hair. Well granny tips are never wrong. You must give 5 mins everyday for your scalp to give light strokes with your fingertips.

After looking into the depth of diet and nutrition we can say that diet has a lot to do when it comes to the quality of hair. With right diet and superfoods, you can certainly obtain gorgeous looking hair that you aspire for.

Obviously genes have a lot to do with them but that is something which is not in your control. So why not control what you can.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] on Best Superfoods

1Can hair growth be accelerated?

With proper maintenance of diet and proper care given to your hair, you can certainly accelerate your hair growth. Giving massage on daily basis is the basic alteration in your lifestyle most important.

2Can hair growth cause headaches?

There are extremely sensitive nerves underneath your follicles and in your scalp. Extreme tightness in ponytail might give a sense of headache.

3Which vitamin is essential for hair growth?

Vit A, B12, C, D, E, H are the most important ones playing different roles.

4Can hair growth stop at a certain stage?

Yes. Generally, a single strand of hair grows for 2-7 years if not trimmed.

5Can hair growth be stipulated?

With proper massage and proper diet, hair growth can be stipulated.



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