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10 ways to burn calories at home


You can lose a couple of extra calories not only during sports. There are many simpler ways to get rid of excess calories, even being on self-isolation.

The main rule of weight loss burns more calories than it enters the body with food. It is very difficult for many to maintain this balance in conditions of self-isolation. When the refrigerator often catches your eye, and all the gyms and fitness studios are closed, it is important to use every opportunity to spend some more extra calories. Some of these unusual and enjoyable ways to get rid of excess energy do not even require getting up from the couch.

How to burn calories at home: 10 easy ways

  1. Watch the comedy
  2. Add spices in diet
  3. Dance
  4. Crossword Puzzle
  5. Take a hot bath
  6. Try to sing in the shower
  7. Meditation
  8. Conclusion

Watch the comedy to burn calories

Scientists have found that laughter helps burn up to 120 calories per hour. In addition, he works great on obliques, even if you just sit in front of the TV.

The result is affected not only by the intensity of the laugh but also by its volume. Researchers recommend laughing out loud: the bolder the better.

So you will quickly notice the result. And sincere laughter reduces stress and stimulates the production of serotonin, which effectively suppresses appetite. Include comedy, your favourite comedy show, or funny social media videos. By the number of calories burned, this will replace the walk.

Add spices in diet

Many spices not only give food a brighter and more saturated taste but also accelerate metabolism. You can use all types of hot pepper, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, mustard. According to a University of Arizona study, spicy foods burn an extra 116 calories per day. According to scientists, this is due to its thermogenic effect. Burning spices increase body temperature, so the body spends more calories. In addition, spicy foods retain a feeling of fullness longer. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, consult your doctor before adding any of the spices to your diet.you can calculate calories in food calculator


Dancing is a great cardio exercise. dancing helps you spend more calories than running, cycling, or swimming. Students of 24–38 years who are fond of ballet, salsa, swing, ballroom, modern. It turned out that just one 30-minute lesson burns an average of 293 calories. According to scientists, dancing positively affects the emotional state and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

Crossword Puzzle to burn calories

Despite the fact that the adult brain is only 2% of the total body weight, it accounts for about 20% of all energy received from food.

This is about 320 calories per day. the mental activity makes the brain work with increased intensity, which requires additional energy.

The more difficult the task and the longer we can concentrate on it, the more calories will be spent.

To start losing weight without getting up from a chair, start doing intellectual work.

You can read books that are difficult to read, learn a foreign language, or solve a crossword puzzle.

This not only increases energy consumption but also develops the brain.

Take a hot bath

Another way to burn extra calories without exercise is to take a hot bath.

spending one hour in hot water on energy costs is comparable to a 30-minute walk. In other words, just lying in the water can lose an average of 130 calories. This procedure activates the immune system, relieves stress and helps to lower blood sugar

Try to sing in the shower

If you have never sung in the shower – it’s time to try. Forget about complexes and surrender to the music, especially since the shower cabin provides good acoustics and allows your voice to sound better.

Depending on the volume and pitch of the voice, this way you can burn 10-20 calories per song.

Meditation to burn calories

Try meditation and yoga techniques. It turns out that in order to start burning extra calories, it’s enough to relax and concentrate on your breathing. At the same time,

the deeper the inhalations and exhalations, the more energy the body will spend.

The main rule is to breathe with your stomach, not your chest. This allows you to increase the volume of air inhaled by the lungs and improve oxygen saturation of the cells, due to which the metabolism is accelerated

In addition, meditation reduces the level of the stress hormone, teaches you to be more attentive to your own emotions, and helps to remove the psychological blocks that prevent us from leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right.


This at-home workout will help you burn 1000 calories without the use of any gym equipment. lose weight, burn calories with this technique. Working out at home has its benefits, It’s convenient, it’s time-efficient (compared with travelling to a gym or fitness studio), and it’s cost-effective. And, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, quarantines and stay-at-home orders have exercisers more interested in sweating it out at home than ever before.



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