When it comes to hair growth or hair loss or just hair, we all want thick, shiny, long hair which appeals your overall aesthetics and looks. It is the crowning glory of a man or a woman. It helps your personality speak to everyone and convey your ambiance.

Hair is particularly controlled by 4 basic factors:

  • Age
  • Genes
  • Health
  • Diet

We can’t help ourselves when it comes to age and genes. Everybody keeps the best foot forward when it comes to health. You can keep your hair gorgeous by inculcating several habits and giving proper care to your hair it deserves.

Let’s find out

Home remedies for hair growth

We have enlisted several home remedies that are easy to avail and use them accordingly.

Onion Juice

Shocked? Don’t be. It actually works, it boosts your hair growth as well as hair regrowth. It’s abundant with sulphur which nourishes and regenerated your hair follicles which not only helps in saving the weak hair strands but also helps regrow the lost cases.

Onion Juice also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps to prevent and even treat scalp infections.

Take 2-3 onions and blend them in a juicer or blender. Take a muslin cloth and juice out the entire pulp and make sure you filter the pulp properly. You don’t want any bits of onion.

Give your head a good massage with the juice. Give circular strokes and proper movement. Rest it for an hour or a two, wash it off with shampoo.

Try it once a week for best results

Stress Reduction

Believe it or not, stress has a huge impact on the quality of your hair. A normal scalp has around 150,000 hair strands and stress can make you loose about a 100 of them on daily basis.

It pushes your hair follicles in resting phase which inhibits its further growth and due to quality reduction of scalp, you might lose that hair strand resting for time now.

Severe stress can also trigger your immune system to attack your hair follicles which generally is the reason for your receding hair line. You can find out early signs of baldness here.

You can reduce stress by meditation, indulging in leisure activities, therapy, etc

Coconut Milk

Coconut oil is widely regarded as best for hair and scalp during a massage. But coconut milk is even better. It is completely natural and loaded with vitamins like niacin and folate which improve the circulation of blood in your scalp.

It is rich Vit E and fats that condition your hair and scalp preventing damage and hair loss.

Take some milk and heat it lukewarm. Start by massaging it in your scalp for about 15 mins. Once the scalp is covered, work it through your hair from tips to the very roots of hair. Rest them for at least an hour. Wash it off.

You can do this once a week.


They are packed with proteins, minerals, vitamins specially B-complexes which not only curb your hair loss but strengthen your roots. They also help in stimulating new hair growth which projects volumes.

It sure does smell but it can do wonders for you. Take an egg and whisk it with olive oil. Apply it in entire scalp and all the hairs. Rest it for 30 mins and rinse it off.

DON’T use hot water. It will cook the egg and make it hard to remove the smell.

Aloe Vera

It not only helps promotes hair growth, but it is magical when hair loss is considered. It has proteolytic enzymes which naturally stimulates hair growth. Due to its anti-fungal properties, it is very effective against dandruff.

Peel off the Aloe Vera leaves, take the gel like structure and apply it directly to your hair. Rest it for an hour and then wash it off.

Use it 2-3 times a week for visible fast results


It is mostly found only in India. It’s known to contain essential fatty acids which strengthen hair follicles, preventing them from breaking and reduces split ends. Rich in potent antioxidants, great for microcirculation in scalp resulting in hair strength.

Easiest way to use it is to extract its juice or if you can, you should purchase its oil which is easily available. Rub the oil against your palm and stroke your scalp with it. You can also give proper massage once a week

Lemon Juice

This ingredient is famous in hair community since long time. It is pumped with vitamins and minerals specially Vit C, B, Folic acid, antioxidants. Stimulates blood circulation in scalp. It makes hair thicker. It is time tested power packed one stop solution for multiple hair problems.

Take 2 parts of lemon juice and 1 part of coconut or almond oil and apply this mixture properly. Rest it for 1 hour and then wash it off.

Repeat the process once every week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It balances the pH levels and stimulated the hair growth. It gets rid of bacteria and exfoliates your scalp.

its very easy to use. After you shampoo your hair, take few drops of apple cider vinegar in water and make this your final rinse after washing off of shampoo.

You can do this every time you shampoo.


Garlic is packed with hair favorable minerals and vitamins. It also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, fills bald spots within weeks.

Just take a clove and cut it in two parts. Rub the clove against your bald spots and in a matter of few days you will see your hair regrow.

It can be skin sensitive and cause itching. Try to sample its use behind the ear to check first.

Habits to inculcate

How/which habits can be inculcated for hair growth

  1. Use Conditioners

    It keeps the hair in its best texture and state.

  2. Maintain a diet which complements your vitamins and mineral needs.

  3. Using a blow dryer with comb projects volumes.

  4. Take cold showers.

    It shocks your hair follicles which force them packed resulting in more strength.

  5. Apply home remedy ingredients time to time.

  6. Give your head 5 min massage on daily basis.


From generations we have been told by our ancestors to massage your scalp with oils to have great hair. Well granny tips are never wrong.

You must give 5 mins everyday for your scalp to give light strokes with your fingertips. After looking into the depth of diet and nutrition we can say that diet has a lot to do when it comes to the quality of hair.

With right diet and proper care, you can certainly obtain gorgeous looking hair that you aspire for. Obviously genes have a lot to do with them but that is something which is not in your control. So why not control what you can.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] on Home Remedies

Do home remedies have side effects that we should be aware of?

Mostly they are natural and do not give any side effect as far as you are not allergic to them in particular. But its recommended to apply a little behind your ear beforehand to be cautious.

Are home remedies better than synthetic products?

It is generally preferred to go as natural as possible. Not all products are harmful but some of the chemicals used are definitely to be used with a lot of care.

Do we need to use them on daily basis?

No. Massaging your scalp is advised to do as frequent as possible but the products you can use 2-3 times a week depending upon the product and condition of your hair.

Are these home remedies normal to use for a baby?

These remedies are absolutely safe for children above 7yrs and older. For younger babies you should consult a doctor before use.

Do these remedies work for beard as well?

Yes. You can use some of the remedies for your beard as well. Basic idea is to nourish your hair follicles and provide protein to the hair.



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