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5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Skills


As we know communication skills mean “Conveying our messages to others so that its easy for our target audience to understand it in an effective way”. There are many advantages of communication skills and disadvantages of communication skills.

There are lots of Advantages of knowing these skills and mastering it can enhance you in your personal life as well as in the workplace also. Communication skill is an art that can be learned and applied where required.

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Let us know some merits and demerits of having effective communication skills.

Advantages Of Communication Skills

Communication Build Relation Stronger

Personal relationship moreover depends on effective communication in many ways. Good communication in relation builds trust, love, and strengthens the bond and also reduce the conflicts.  Talking can reduce stress and enlighten the love, hope, and care.

If you don’t take communication seriously in your relation then it may take you to serious points like an argument, cheat, etc. It can be lost if you don’t do it well. So the choice is yours.


Other advantages of communication skills are that effective communication removes guessing from any message. When information is effectively transmitted to your audience, your audience doesn’t question or ask you a reason. Even a doctor make sure that he does his best to make the patient understands what he is facing.

When you communicate properly, your message becomes easy to understand by all.

For example if you are expressing your ideas in a meeting, so it is necessary to give your speech clearly so that everyone can understand your views and rely on you.

Read Emotional Signs

People are stressed all the time. Paying attention to signs and conveying desires or needs may occur naturally. These skills can be practice with improved self-awareness and understanding of emotional signs.

It can be a big advantage if you are capable of reading others’ emotions in deal-making and finding solutions. It makes it easier to adjust your message according to the situation to hit the target audience. Pay attention to their body language and adjust your words accordingly.

For example, if you are giving a speech on stage and your audience seems to be bored you can add little humor or take a break to grab their attention back.

What are the Importance of Communication skills in future

Easy Presentation

The whole conversation will be improved if we add non-verbal communication. The whole meaning of conversation will be change if there is no non-verbal communication. Non-verbal are body moments like nodding of the head, gestures like waving of a hand, a facial expression like a smile. It is also one of the advantages of communication skills.

Without implementing fairly these forms of communication can result in a change in message.

For Example – If you are at a party and everyone is enjoying, and a man with an angry face ask you about dance, WILL YOU? The whole scenario will be changed if it is not implemented well.


You can substitute your words with non-verbal forms of communication for easy and better understanding to others, without using a single word.

For Example– You can use gesture-finger to your lips which indicate to be quite,

Or you can nod your head in yes or no.

It can be used as an alternative to verbal (words).


The last but not the least advantages of communication skills is that Communication helps people to be more expressive about their ideas and to be more creative. It allows us to understand others’ emotions, their perspective, their goals, and thoughts of others. As a result, we develop our opinions for others and develop affection or hatred for the. This Concluse us in making positive and negative relationships.

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Dis-advantages Of Communication Skills

Everything has two sides, positive as well as negative. With so many advantages of communication, there are some disadvantages also. Similarly, lack of knowing communication skills has some side effects as well.  Here are some demerits on the following :

Negative Acknowledgment

Sometimes good communication alone not be enough to make you heard by others.

It may depend on your audience, your circumstance, the timing of your messages can influence the process. A clearly deliver message doesn’t prevent negative acknowledgment.

Leaves You Vulnerable

Reading emotional signs of others may not always work in your favor. If you can read these signs others can too. And probably this can be used against you when you are out of your emotions. Losing your temper puts you in a negative situation.

If you are trying to sell a product, service that you don’t believe in it, your audience may acknowledge that. Your body language, body gesture, and your expression can tell a whole new different story.

Not Being Heard

No matter how good you are in Communication skills, but what will the value of it when the other person is not even interested in your talks. You will fail to deliver your message if the other person not listening to what you have says.

If a message is not being accepted, negative consequences happen as a result of that. Remember, effective communication goes both ways.

Even properly communicated messages fall on deaf ears. This leads to conflict that open can’t be resolved without a fight or compromise.

The Problem Between The Sender And The Receiver

Sometimes the lack of effective communication skills makes some barriers between both sender and receiver. Not able to express your thought to others will result in a critical problem between both. Whether it’s on personal life or corporate life, the lack of it can destroy many relations.

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Unqualified Assumption

Building Wrong Assumption is a barrier in Communications. To deal with it, We should first listen first properly, Than should make our Assumption.

Unfit suspicions that underlie messages may likewise make an issue. For instance, a client may send a note expressing that he will visit a seller’s plant. At that point the client may accept that the seller will meet him at the airport, railway station, and set up a fully explained program of plants.

Yet, the merchant may expect that the client is coming to the city basically to meet some old friends and will make a standard call at the plant. These inadequate suppositions in the two occurrences may bring about confusion and the loss of value.

A World Without Communication!

What would be a world without any communication? How we people will we express our thoughts, ideas, messages to others? Will it be like a stone age again?

Our entire world is built with ideas, ideas that struck in an individual mind. That idea is shared with many through communication. Any idea won’t work without a single word, what will we do if we have the greatest idea and no one to share, no one to participates.

Whatever we see today- computers, mobile phones, electricity, bulb, medicines vehicles, etc. They all were possible to invent because someone had an idea. Communication makes the idea to grow and become a reality.

If we stop communicating it means we stop sharing ideas, thoughts, knowledge. This means there will be no emotions to show. There will no learning. so there are crucial advantages of communication skills in our future.

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Conclusion Of Advantages And Disadvantages

It is stated that the need for communication has become a necessity to all. No matter if you are a student, an employee, or an employer, a businessman, you need to communicate.

So if we know how important this communication is then why shouldn’t we take responsibility to master it. Becoming perfect in communication skills will make you become a good man as well its advantages will make your brand value increase. Start practicing it today and sooner or later you will be perfect in it.

The world will end without communicating. Remember dinosaurs, according to a survey it is said that the destruction of dinosaurs is because they were not able to communicate and they don’t adapt according to time.

Improve your Communication Skills


Q1. What are the benefits of Communication skills for students?

1. Communication develops the quality of being friendly.
2. Communication helps in career development.
3. Helps in teamwork and collaborative attitude.
4. Develops professionalism in students.
5. Helps students in social networking.

Q2. How can I improve my communication skills in the job?

Listen actively
When you start listening to another person properly, you will lose many of your communication problems. It takes two ways for a conversation.
Using the body
Using your body moments between a conversation will improve the efficiency of your message. Try to use non-verbal communications where ever it’s possible.
Show respect
By showing respect means giving others the value they want in a conversation. Stop doing multi-tasking you are not a robot. Seeing another person while communicating will give the value and it shows your respect towards him.
Always B+
You should always be positive to yourself and with everyone. No matter how stressed you are, just try to be positive and calm.  Put your team first and focus on your professionalism.

Q3. Does Communication skills really worthy?

Ans– Yes, communication is worthy to know. To succeed, it’s important to have excellent communication skills.
1. The modes of communication have changed.
2. Helpful in times of high stress.
3. It helps you to understand others.
4. To have better relations with all.



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