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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners- Best Beginners Guide 2020


Affiliate marketing for beginners, it is a forum where affiliate marketers promote the product of the company and get their remuneration. In other words, Affiliate marketers monetize their blog by raising the companies’ products.

For instance, A visitor visits an affiliate’s blog and purchases that product which you raise for affiliate marketing for a company, then he earns his commission from the merchant. 

In other words, Affiliate marketers can earn money by knowing the best Affiliate platform and links, reasonable products,  and avoid thefts.

For example, Banners and other ads are used in this case. And also you will see the below-mentioned picture related to affiliate marketing. Social media is the best platform for affiliate marketers due to having huge traffic. 

A well-known brand Reebok ad is there on that website for sale and by this, that affiliate marketer gets commission because he is working as a middleman between the buyer and seller.

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The following are the ways that will lead you to know how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners.

Topics are Following

  1. Pick your niche
  2. To search on different Affiliate products and links
  3. Create a website
  4. Write  a unique content
  5. Boost your audience
  6. Raise your affiliate product
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

Pick your niche for beginners

For affiliate marketers, they must make the best niche in beginners because it helps them in earning the best. Affiliates have to create a niche that is beneficial for them and having into the interest of the people.

Above all, you will first decide on which platform you want to start your affiliate marketing. You can start it on social media, blogs, or any other affiliate program or links i.e. WordPress, wix.com, joomla.com, etc.

in short ,After deciding your platform, you start making your niche regarding the work.

Your niche has all the contents e.g. product quality, product’s impression on people,  and saleable product or not.  And also your niche shows the type of content, audience attraction, and sales of that product.

Whenever your niche has all the contents and subjects mentioned above, then you will achieve your goals in making people attracted to your site.

in other words, Your niche will make your customers let them trust you, and acknowledged or trustworthy links bring huge traffic. And also your niche should be according to the demands and interests of the visitors.

 You’ll likewise have a superior comprehension of your intended interest group’s needs and wants. This is fundamental since it causes you to build trust with your customers.

On the off chance that they think that they can depend on your judgment and proposals, they’ll be bound to tap on your connections and make buys dependent on your recommendations.

In this way, the best specialty will have a lot of potential buyers and will be something you can make learned and dependable substance about.

After creating a niche, you must have a look at affiliate products and links. Furthermore, Most products are run by the merchants as they have work for the products’ promotion. When you decide a program to do then you should first see the products for promotion.

Deciding a program is worth it because after that you start working as an affiliate marketer. Furthermore, Brands’ merchandisers look at your niche and decide which product they let you promote.

For example, Any clothing brand visits your profile or niche and gets impressed, they will contact you for their product promotion. In short, This is your targeted goal according to your niche.

For instance, there are many affiliates’ networks and programs such as Amazon associates, eBay partners, Shopify affiliate program. So you have a complete research on the links then you’ll be able to publish any product for promoting purpose.

Create a website for beginners

For beginners, Before creating a website, you have enough knowledge about affiliates’ networks, platforms, and products. Also, You can create a website for free.

in short, affiliate marketing for companies and websites requires a website for work and your website should have all the things that a website required for.

Website on WordPress or any other platform is very easy to create in the first place. In addition to this, you can create a website by choosing WordPress as your website platform.

Then you choose a good domain name i.e brandable, attractive and short, and buy your domain name and do the hosting.

If not then you’ll sign up to WordPress, verify your email and activate your blog. Customize themes and connect with Facebook or other social media platform. Your website is been created and you can visit it for sure.

Write  a unique content

Whenever you create your website, pick your niche and sufficient knowledge about affiliates’ networks, programs, and links, then you’ll write a content having uniqueness as copyright can’t make your work attractive for the reader.

So, Your content has all the aspects that are product quality, smoothness, and reliability as the attractive contents attract the visitors most.                   

in other words, Unique content creates huge traffic on your blog or websites and a great chance for your commission.

Furthermore, Visitors like the way of branding and affiliate marketing for companies, websites, and Facebook helps them in creating extreme sales and this increases your remuneration.

Boost your audience

Completing all the steps mentioned above, then you’ll boost your audiences or viewership. Also, You can boost your audience by Google Adsense or social media platform.

Also, Social media is the best platform for you to raise your audience as it has huge traffic. Your increasing viewership increases your remuneration and also in goodwill.

For beginners, Here is some brief example that helps you to promote affiliate products on social media.

  1. Firstly On Facebook, there are many ways some are promoting through Facebook ads just create a page for products to create ads and select your target audience.
  2. And select your budget most probably that is a high chance of generating passive income.
  3. In some cases, someone shares the referral links on different Facebook groups be careful when direct post the affiliate link sometime Facebook will ban your link.
  4. Because some cases facebook detect links as spam recommend way is that run Facebook ads is the best option.
  5. On Twitter, create a conversion event and use of the hashtag and then share your links and use chat for sharing your referral links.
  6. lastly, On Instagram, it offers a coupon of links on post share with pictures.

Affiliate marketing for beginners, Boosting the audience is not as much as easy as we think of, all we have to do is that we have to be patient and work hard as much as we can. And Unique content and valuable products are liked by the audience and using social media for that purpose helps you much.

Raise your affiliate product

For beginners, As it is the era of social platforms and freelancing work, Merchandisers search for an affiliate marketer who promotes his product on a commission basis. Affiliates’ products can be raised by briefed and eye-catching content.

Similarly Having all the aspects given above i.e unique content, increasing audience, and worthed work, your affiliates’ products will be raised and purchased by the viewer. 

Always remember just to raise an affiliate product that is liked by the audience or according to their needs and desires. for beginners, Your affiliate product should be brand-able and valuable.


In the end, we concluded that for beginners, affiliate marketing is one the easiest way to earn online by just branding products according to the audience’s desires and needs. All we do is having a unique niche, eye-catching content, valuable products, and hard work.

In the era of the internet, Although socialize your work on social media platforms, and earn money. And Also Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative kinds of marketing or the oldest form of digital marketing

In other words, Everything is in your hands to work with and get your best or targeted goals. For beginners, it is the best option to make money.


1. How does affiliate marketing work for beginners?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which you earn money by branding products and drive traffic to your created site.
Beginners start affiliate marketing by creating their website, writing unique content with an attractive niche, and boosting your product by driving huge traffic to your sites.
In this regard, beginners will get their earning by pay per click, pay per sale, and pay per lead. You just have to do your best and designed a niche after knowing the peoples’ interests.
To sum up, you have skills and know-how about affiliate marketing you will do it without facing any spam.

2. What is affiliate marketing training for beginners?

Affiliate marketers should have skills in selecting a unique niche, valuable products, and raising huge traffic.
You should be able to create banner ads, postings, promoting products, social media links, and pop-up ads. You should know about the Affiliate programs and links such as WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, Wix, and much more.
Beginners not only work with paid promotion but also they will work without paying. So we concluded that you can learn and make money online with the help of affiliate marketing.

3. Do I need a website to do affiliate marketing in beginners days?

For affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create a website. One thing which you can be an affiliate marketer without creating any website.
But in some cases or programs, you need to have one website e.g Amazon affiliate programs need a website for hosting. Most affiliate programs give you links to promote the product and get a commission.
Social media platforms help in making you earn online as there are many sources and links to promote products.



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