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Affiliate Marketing to Make Money – Step-by-Step guide 2020


Affiliate marketing is a kind of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing to make money makes you able to monetize from branding the merchants’ products and services. Affiliates can earn money by promoting products.

In short, Affiliate marketing is performing a work like a retailer meaning it is the middleman between merchant and customer. Also, Affiliates have to work hard and be patient to earn money in this field.

Also, Affiliates should have enough knowledge about affiliate programs and affiliated networks. When a publisher has all the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing, then he will be to earn money on affiliate marketing online.

In simple words, you can say that Affiliate marketing is a hub, and affiliates are workers in this hub.

For instance, the affiliate promotes a clothing brand on his website, visitor visits on his website, and wants to buy that product and purchase that product, then you will get a referral on this purchase.

Following are the ways for affiliates to earn money online by Affiliate marketing

  1. Choose a unique niche
  2. Deciding the affiliated network
  3. Ways to earn money
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Furthermore, Every affiliate should be kept in his mind that making money online is not an easy task as they think.

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Choose a unique niche

Before starting your affiliated network, you should choose a unique niche. A unique niche defines your work and attracts the most customers. Attractive niches attract most customers. Your niche should be unique and the best quality.

After choosing your niche, write content on it. Your niche should have all the aspects i.e. attractive, unique, passionate, meaningful, and most importantly, having people’s interest and monetized.

Choosing a niche is worth as you can earn money on its basis. Your niche should be according to public demand and drive more audiences. The best niche drives more traffic and makes you earn more money.

The niche should be considered so that you achieve your targeted goals and make money from home. And Also, Your niche should be shared on any platform concerning the subject.

It will earn you money only in case when visitors visit your link or blog and buy that promoted product on your referral, so you will earn your commission.

Deciding the affiliated network

After choosing a niche, affiliates should decide the affiliated network so that they can apply for it. Affiliated networks are huge in number. These are the places where you promote your product.

Firstly, You should decide or choose the first to which you have to work and earn money. Deciding an affiliated network ain’t an easy task for you but for earning you should decide the one and best.

After deciding the network, you should search for affiliated links and products. Merchandisers promote the product for selling. The affiliated network makes you up in the merchandisers’ eye.

It is necessary to have an eyecatching niche to attract your customers because customers’ attraction gives you income. As you know there are many affiliated networks such as WordPress, Joomla, eBay, maxbounty, Shopify, and others, etc.

You must know about people’s interests so you can promote the products as well. For example, You have a niche in fashion. If a merchandiser visits you and impressed by your niche, he will contact you and appoint you to work for them as an affiliate marketer.

Whenever you will be appointed, you promote his brand, and on sale with your reference makes you earn a commission.

Ways to earn money

As well as, There are many ways to earn money in affiliate marketing. Some are making gambled affiliate links to earn money, it is the most profitable affiliate marketing but it harms your affiliate career in many ways.

For earning money, there are two possible ways for an affiliate to earn money online.

Monetize money online with a website or blog

An affiliate creates a website after choosing and deciding a niche and affiliated network respectively. On the other hand, websites are more reliable to earn money online for affiliate marketing.

For instance, you intend to know that website should be created with your content that attracts the audience and increases your sales. In addition to this, there are many ways to earn money online or work from home.

Also if you want to learn affiliate marketing with website read this.

But some basic ways are given below.

 Create a website

As well as, For creating a website, first, you should decide a unique name for it. After deciding or selecting the name, firstly, you buy the domain and host for your website.

Furthermore, Your website name should be short, good, brandable, and attractive. For example, if you are creating a website on WordPress.You will buy a domain name and hosting like Bluehost for your website.

Although If you don’t want to create a website by buying a domain, you will first sign up on WordPress, verify your email, and enable your blog. Customize themes for WordPress and linked with your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

lastly,Your website is created and you can visit it.

 Signing up on affiliate network

In short, An affiliate network is a place where you promote a product. And Also, These networks help you in maintaining or establishing your affiliate marketing career. To be a part of this affiliate network, firstly, you have to sign up on this affiliate network.

There are many affiliate networks such as WordPress, Joomla, Maxbounty, eBay, and Amazon associates program. it is the best platform to start an affiliate network for beginners.

For signing up on the affiliate network, you have to provide your personal information, after then they will contact you and approved you if they feel you are suitable for them.

For example, You must create a blog or website, then visit the amazon associate page and create your account by providing necessary or demanded information.

Later on, you will create an amazon associate link and you can promote the product.

Following the above-mentioned process, now you can work as an affiliate. Mostly, affiliates promote the product but can’t boost their audience, so they pay some amount according to the criteria of paid promotions.

Also, Paid promotion is very necessary in some cases. In fact, The affiliates promote the product by paying for their advertisement, for this, huge traffic comes to that product and purchases it. For boosting your audiences,  you can pay to the ad’s maker such as Google AdWords, etc

Earn money online without a website or blog

As well as, It is not necessary to affiliate marketing to make money online with a website or blog, you can earn money online without a website or blog. Also, All you need is your social media account. As well as an affiliate, you should use the social media platform for the promotion of products.

Furthermore, Social media enables you to earn money and boost your audience with an increase in your sales. As well as, You could do your promotion in several ways given below.

if you want to learn in detail read affiliate marketing without website blog

 Social media promotion

As well as, Affiliates can promote their products on social media platforms. And also, Social media is a vast place for them to increase their sales by driving huge traffic. 

For instance, you are an affiliate, A merchant sees your Facebook account or page,  he is impressed with you and contacted you to promote their product.

So you will promote their product with your promo code on your page or account and a visitor purchase it on your reference, so you earn money online.

 Email marketing

In short, Emailing is the utmost way of communication. So in affiliate marketing, you can do email marketing by sending emails to a group of peoples according to their interests or demands.

Also, Emails create a massive impact on the costumers and it increases your sales goals.

Email marketing is a kind of direct marketing so that you directly connected with the consumer. Email marketing is easy to use and connect with people, so you can promote easily the products with email marketing.

 Video marketing

In short, Video marketing is a kind of marketing in which you can advertise your product by creating videos. In simple words, as well as, an affiliate creates a video of the branding product and updates it on Youtube.

As youtube is a freehub or money-making place, so you can update videos on it and promote the product. You can promote your product on youtube by paying money for ads and it will also boost your product and bring an increase in sales.


In conclusion, affiliates can earn money online through affiliate marketing. And Also, You can promote your product with or without a website or blog.

But for an affiliate marketing career, you should create a website and do paid promotions and earn money online.

As well as, For beginners, Amazon associates and social media platform is an easy place to make money online. Whether they both have low rates in case but you earn more money and experience.


1. Can Amazon associate program start as a career?

Yes, Amazon associate program can be started as a career. For beginners, it is the best opportunity to earn money online because it has vast products to promote and you get enough experience in affiliate marketing.
Yet, their commission rates are low but they help you increase in audience and boost your productivity.

2. Which is the best affiliate marketing site to earn money?

Maxbounty and Commission junction is the best affiliate marketing site to earn money. Yet these sites are best but hard. It is for professionals not for beginners. These sites are high paying out but they won’t approve you until they get satisfied from your side.



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