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Affiliate Marketing vs Digital Marketing – Best Guide 2020


Starting an online business Mostly people have confused about some questions.what is the difference between affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

So the difference is that digital marketing is the board field for creating the presence of your own products, making offers for products, and generating sales.

Affiliate marketing is focusing to promote other company products and when the consumer makes a purchase you get a commission up 10%.

And also you can earn a lot in both fields are a very vast field. Nowadays both are popular in online business.

Topics are given below.

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. What is Digital Marketing?
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, earn money through promoting or advertising products someone and when someone buys this product you get a commission.

if you want more detail you read this blog “Affiliate Marketing For beginners“.

In short affiliate marketing, there are three-player working in front, product owner (merchant ), product promoter(affiliate Marketer), and product buyer is called customer.

More details are given below for understanding affiliate marketing.


Merchant is the product creator or product owner making brands like Amazon. Does not mean merchant has only one product, they have sort of products in varieties to sell in the online market or offline markets means physically sell the products on shops.

So In simple words, the merchant is that if you have a product or service you have to sell this product and service.

So The question is  “How to become a Merchant?”.

In short, becoming a merchant your first to set your vision or idea for generating sales. For example, making T-shirts for youngers, adults and or starting an educational institute or could be anything. but your main focus is on generating sales.

Generating an Idea is not a simple task, choose and selecting the idea wisely because your sales are based upon your ideas.

For example, you choose the demanding popular products which you are interested or if you have a solution to the problem and help people to find the solutions.

Once your idea is approved in your evaluating process then convert your idea into product form shape.

Your product is ready then find the target audience where to get sales when consumers buy it. Furthermore, you need an affiliate marketer who is promoting your products to get sales.

Affiliate Marketer

In simple words, an affiliate marketer is that just promote the other products and generating sales and earn commissions.

For example, as an affiliate marketer, you get the link of products from the company which wants to promote. When someone buys these products through your links then you earn commissions.

In this case, you have an audience who buy the products through the link and generating an audience, it takes a lot of time and effort.

So, The question is “How to become an Affiliate Marketer?”.

Starting a career as an Affiliate Marketer is not easy but practice makes you a success. You just focus on niche and choose a niche wisely because that is the most important step based on earning.
When you choose the niche there are many ways to promoting or advertising the products. Some are following.

  1. Amazing Blog

    Firstly, write an amazing blog on a specific niche with good Keyword research with proper SEO. Inside a blog put related products affiliate link and published on the affiliate marketing website.

  2. Paid Advertisement

    And also you can generate traffic organically through SEO or using paid advertisement of product it returns fast and gets more sales.

  3. Email Marketing

    Also Try Email Marketing, maintaining the list of emails of the targeted audience, and send emails with good subject lines.
    And amazing email content with affiliate links that engage the customers to buy the product through your links, and then you get more sales.

  4. Attending Live Webinar

    Lastly, you can promote the product in Live Webinar on Social Media platforms like Facebook and advertise the products and engage the audience to buy this product.

Affiliate Network

Many affiliate networks providing you affiliate programs and campaigns.

Best are Following.

  1. Amazon Associates is the subsidiary of Amazon that generating sales through affiliate marketing. Trusted sites and earn a lot at the beginner level.
  2. CJ.com is the biggest giant in affiliate marketing networks help you to achieve growth and earn a lot.
  3. ClickBank is also an affiliate marketing network in this platform you can get the best campaign for earning.
  4. Gumroad is the best platform for selling and buying products this platform also provides the affiliate marketing campaign to join this.

Furthermore, you can join these networks getting a campaign and program and promote this program then earn commission per sale.


Last, The customer is the person who buys the product through an affiliate link and the affiliate marketer gets the commission for this product through the merchant.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is that when you marketing through online advertisements using digital technologies such as social media, mobile marketing, etc.

This type of marketing has the following parts Search Engine Optimization, PPC, affiliate marketing, social media marketing etc.futher detail are given below

What is Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important part and also a backbone of digital marketing and also used for ranking of the website and making Top in search results on the different search engines like google, bing, etc.

When your page rank in top it generates the traffic and visitor come to your website and the chance of visitors to your customer. That’s buying your products through your website.

So The question is “How to do SEO for the site?”.

Many ways to do SEO for the site but some are following which are given below.

  1. First step, Proper keyword research for your blog
  2. Understanding your competition you can start with low competition keywords
  3. Plan your Site which type of site you have working for choosing your niche
  4. Optimize your site make mobile friendly and check minimum loading time when the site is open
  5. Produce content daily in your site
  6. Build the social media network

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is popular nowadays. You can advertise your product on Social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more.

Some analytical tools for tracking the progress of a social media campaign.

Here is some brief example that helps you to promote affiliate product on social media.

  1. Firstly On Facebook, there are many ways some are promoting through Facebook ads
  2. to select your budget most probably that is a high chance of generating passive income.
  3. Sometimes, if you share the referral links on different Facebook groups be careful when direct post the affiliate link sometime Facebook will ban your link.
  4. Because some cases facebook detect links as spam recommend way is that run Facebook ads is the best option.
  5. On Twitter, create a conversion event and use of the hashtag and then share your affiliate links and use chat for sharing your referral links.
  6. Lastly, On Instagram, it offers a coupon of links on post share with pictures.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is also commonly known as a paid advertisement. Meaning is that you run ads and you can pay each click when some click your ads and shift to your site.

Mostly, affiliates promote the product but can’t boost their audience, so they pay some amount according to the criteria of paid promotions.

In other words, you can buy traffic through pay per click and generate traffic for your site. Google Adword is one of the best platforms for running ads for a targeted audience.

Paid promotion is very necessary especially in some cases.

For this reason Pay Per click is now on trend for generating traffic in digital marketing.

Steps are following.

  1. In short, create a landing page website if you don’t have any website make a landing page in Leadpage platform which is paid
  2. Then Create Ads for landing page
  3. Although decide Your maximum bid  you willing to pay that display your ads
  4. When Someone clicks Your ads and make a Purchase

At last you earn Commission.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is that it is all about advertising your product or service using send an email with amazing content. To sum up increase genuine traffic and lead to your website.

So The question is “How to Do Email Marketing for product or service?”.

Some are following that guide you doing email marketing.which are given below

  1. In short, Maintain the email list of the target audience of related product or service
  2. Especially write amazing subject lines that interact the consumer to read your email
  3. And also write great email content with product or service link
  4. lastly, Send emails directly to your targeted audience.

In short email marketing, content is very important to write content very well and more attractive. because your content is a convenience for the consumers or audience to buy the product or service.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the key skill of digital marketing because you give quality content for the targeted audience than the chance of a convoy message to the targeted audience. the blog should be relevant for the targeted audience and provide content regularly.

So this type of marketing is a great tactic for generating traffic for your website and make a strong relationship with your targeted audience.

When You choose the niche then you want to write a blog on a specific niche.

Furthermore, your first step is to research on a specific niche, proper keyword write and find tips and tricks on google to write amazing content for your topic

If you write a blog then you follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, Define your Product.
  2. Then write Story Relate to your products
  3. And Also write, Index(Subtopics)
  4. Furthermore, Pros and Cons of your products are compulsory
  5. And Also write Conclusion
  6. And Also write, Some FAQs
  7. Comparison table, images are optional

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a part of digital marketing. In other words, Affiliate marketing is focusing to promote other company products, and when the consumer makes a purchase you get a commission up 10%.


So The conclusion is that affiliate marketing is part of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing Is that you can promote or advertise the product of others and when some buy this product you get the commission.

On the other digital marketing is where you promote your own product. And also you can promote the product or service through social media, email marketing, and much more.

In short, in this article, we are trying to cover all topics that help you to guide the difference in affiliate marketing and digital marketing. Also cover the branches of digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC, etc.


1. What you should choose between Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing?

If you are not deciding what you should choose it depending on your interest.
For example, if you are interested in Social media marketing like Facebook ads business than go with digital marketing.
If you have good convincing skills means you convince the people to buy or review this product then go with affiliate marketing.
Both are good in different aspects and the chance of vast earning in both fields so both are better when you choosing as a career it depends on your interest and expertise in that field.

2. Is email marketing is dead?

Email marketing is a marketing technique that is not dead, But some email marketing tactics.
Such as impersonal email address lines ignoring the user experience violating the GDRP and not use for tracking
Email Marketing is a funnel, it just outdated
As a marketer, you can use as best practice for business some best practices are following
1. Follow the GDPR standards
2. Use Mobile-friendly Template for email marketing
3. Poor email content design
4. Use Impersonal Subject lines that engage the customer to open your email

3. Why paid advertisement is important?

Because 80% of your brand awareness increases through paid advertisement. It is an effective way of marketing for promoting your content. Most of the time you result fast because it is a targeted way.



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