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How to Affiliate Marketing in 2020 – Step-by-Step Basic Guide


Affiliate Marketing basic definition is that when you have promoted the other people products when someone buys the product you earn commission example suppose You promote the kitchen staff like an oven(cost 20,000 /-).

When someone buys this product then earn a commission (2 % or 3%) when you join the affiliate networks.

In 2016, I hear the sound of affiliate marketing through my friend, then I research on this topic different people use different marketing strategies to promote the other’s product.

for example in affiliate marketing, Use banners for promoting other people’s products on their website. And Also someone writes a blog on product share the affiliate links or images of a specific product on their blogs. or someone shares links on social media.

In this guide, we are including the following topics that help you to start a  career in affiliate marketing and earn success.

Topics are following

  1. Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  2. How to Join Affiliate Marketplace?
  3. What are the terminologies used to promote the products?
  4. Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Basic of affiliate marketing is following that help to guide a start if you are a beginner

  1. firstly, you have to apply the companies that are providing you to affiliate Marketing facilities
  2. Second, you select the niche that’s you want to promote example I am Selecting “Nikon DSLR Camera” get the link that helps you to start earning in this platform.
  3. When you get the link of specific product there are many ways
  4. Then, Share links of social media Suppose you share the link on the Facebook groups and twitter account.
  5. last, Or writing a blog on specific products

if you want learn what is niche then see this video.

How to Join Affiliate Marketplace?

There is many affiliate Marketplace like Maxbounty, Clickbank, amazon associates, etc. But for beginners, you start with Amazon Associates, CPALeads.Because Maxbounty,peerfly, needs experience and earn proof then Approve the account.

But MaxBounty, Peerfly, Clickbank are highly recommended because Amazon, CPALeads commission rates are very low But for beginners very easy to join this affiliate marketplace and easily start to earning through this marketplace.

if you start with Amazon Associates then Some Information about Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates was launched in 1996.in other words, the best choice and first set in the affiliate marketplace.

Also, This program tracks the record of every product and every merchant. Also, Make Money through Advertising its products and investing in the affiliate market.

Amazon has different varieties of used and new products and very safe and reliable because they believe in effective customer trust build.small parts and Endless his subsidiaries.

Also, Amazon Associates are easy to use and free to join.

in other words, you can earn up to 10% referral fees if you provide the best customer service that helps the people to buy the product through your links.

Start with Amazon Associates

Suppose You Start With Amazon Associates in affiliate marketing I am telling you to step by step to join amazon because that’s step help you to join in the affiliate marketplace that’s are very easy steps.

  1. Search On Google

    Firstly, search on google “Amazon Associates”.

  2. SignUp

    Then, signup on Amazon Associates login

  3. Personal Information

    Although, Enter the personal Information

  4. Enter Website Link

    Enter your website if you don’t have any website you put your Facebook pages link or Instagram account profile link on the website

  5. Choose Topic

    Also, Choose the topic or niche.

  6. Verification

    Although, Verify your phone number

  7. Login

    When the signup process is complete then login

  8. Search Product Affiliate Link

    lastly, search products get an affiliate link and share this on social media or make a blog for specific products.

Terminologies used to promote the products

Affiliate Marketing

There are many strategies and terminologies to earn successfully but some are following that helps you to succeed with affiliate marketing.

  1. When you get the affiliate links you want to promote the product then create tracking ids to track your earning reports and progress of products earning commissions.
  2. Also, create Landing Pages, the second-best option to promote the products write a blog for specific products and paid advertisements on Different social media like Facebook ads, it gives you the best result and big chance of product sell and earns commissions.
  3. last, The third-best option is to choose the niche to make a website and create a blog for your product with proper SEO and generate traffic through social media and keyword This provides you a higher chance of product sell and earn commissions.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

This is the billion-dollar business idea when you know the secrete of affiliate marketing strategies and how to promote the productLogically you don’t own the affiliate program and high chance of facing ban restriction and marketplace delete your account when you get no result on earn commissions
Furthermore,That is a low-cost business idea that starts with nothing or zero and earns millionsIn affiliate marketing, you don’t control the competition because many sites write the same blog and contents of specific products
Make you Independent and provide flexibility, comfort on your working environments and manage your work schedule and generate passive incomeYou can’t establish a customer base because you only promote the other product and referrals
In fact, You can work a part-time job as an affiliate marketer or doing a freelance job to promote the product and generate a passive income that helps you to increase the growth.Quantity Approach is not measured because sometimes short affiliate link products spammy and misleading content that is a high risk of you are a part of spam marketing campaigns and put your client and merchant in a risk.
Customer service is not the main priority you just promote the other productIt possible your affiliate links are Hijack and fraudster get other commissions and possibly hard to get it back


It looks like when you read the pros and cons of affiliate marketing through my articles. so, I hope you get the knowledge. My Recommendation is When you are beginners in this marketing you just start with amazon affiliate and eBay, CPALeads.

In other words, affiliate marketing is to choose your niche means which type of product you want to promote and buy the domain and hosting, and make website write a blog on specific niche related products with Proper SEO and keywords ideas and generate Traffic.

Share your blog on social media that is the high chance of earning. Then move on another big platform like Maxbounty etc and start highly commissions through big giant as part-time jobs or freelance.


1. Why affiliate marketing does not work?

Affiliate Marketing does not work there are some reasons which are following
1. In other words, uses old tactics that are are not working google algorithms examples spamming blogs, misleading the people.
2. Does not do properly that is the most common reason people don’t know how to do
3. Choose those niche which does not entertain the people to buy the product
4. lastly, Create poor Content for products.

2. Is affiliate marketing hard?

Some people they doing affiliate marketing very easily without doing nothing that make it hard they thought wrong because it takes time to get the successful result when you do it properly It is not hard to do it properly. Some tips are following
1. Make Tracking id that helps you track the progress.
2. Use varieties
3. Build Customer trust
4. Doing SEO properly
5. Choose the target audience

3. Can-spam affiliate marketing?

Understanding your spam compliance because some time affiliate link is misleading the content, most important doesn’t show to quality. The short affiliate link also sometimes causes spam and possible chance of Hijack and fraud get others commission which is not getting back.

4. Is affiliate marketing legal?

Of course, it is legal because affiliate marketers just only advertise the product and help to increase growth and earning. It is skills that drive the sales and cheapest way of generating sales and a very low-cost business model.

5. Will affiliate marketing die?

In simple words, it is not dying but change in rapidly yearly. You don’t rely on old techniques if you want to be on success make mind creative and willing to adopt new trends and ideas that make you successful.



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