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Aloo ka Paratha Recipe – 3 Easy Steps To Make Authentic Aloo Ka Paratha


Parathas, we Indians Love Parathas especially at Breakfasts, but when it comes to Aloo Ka Paratha it’s something special especially when there is a cube of butter over the top of it and served with Achaar and Dahi.

in this blog I will take to the journey of the flavours behind make the most delicious Aloo Ka Paratha with it’s mesmerizing flavours mouthwatering everyone.

What’s in This Blog

  1. History Of Origin
  2. Categories Of Parathas
  3. Types Of Paratha
  4. Ingredients
  5. Method Of Preparation of Aloo ka Paratha
  6. Nutritional Information
  7. From Where To Try Best Aloo Ka Paratha
  8. FAQ
CategoriesStuffed and not stuffed
Country Of OriginIndia
Alternative NamesPorota, Forota, Farata,
Parontay, Porontha, Paraunthi,
Palata and Paratha

1. History Of Origin

The Hindustani Word Paratha has been derived from a Sanskrit word Parasth which denotes victory.

Manasollasa a Sanskrit encyclopedia of 12 th century written by Someshvara three mentioned several recipes of different types of Puranpolis which Acharya describes as the Paratha,

In the book Punjab under the Sultan written by Nijjar mentioned that during the time of 1000 to 1526 A.D. Parauthas were common with the nobility and aristocracy in Punjab.

According to Banerji though Parathas are associated mostly with North Indian and Punjabi cooking

But Mughals were also found of Parathas which might give rise to the Dhakai Paratha the multi-layered Paratha which takes it’s name from the place of Origin Dhaka now in Bangladesh then in India.

2. Categories Of Parathas

Parathas are mainly categorized into two categories

Unstuffed Parathas and Stuffed Parathas

The difference between Stuffed Parathas and Unstuffed Parathas is that

In Unstuffed Parathas we make the dough using oil, salt, sugar and ajwain and fry the thick round disc of dough with ghee or oil

Whereas in the case of Stuffed Parathas, we will prepare the dough same as we used to prepare the dough as same in the case of non-Stuffed Parathas but in this case, we will also prepare a stuffing for Parathas and we first fill the dough balls with the stuffing and then prepare the thick round disc out of the dough balls and then we will fry the round disc with oil or ghee

We should remember that we should not make the disc too thick but it should be comparatively thicker than Chapatis. Aloo Ka Paratha is categorized under Stuffed Paratha.

3. Types Of Paratha

There are several types of both Stuffed and non Stuffed Parathas some of them are

Ajwain Paratha, Aloo Ka Paratha, Aloo Cheese Paratha, Anda or Egg Paratha,

Patta Gobi Ka Paratha, Batuha Paratha, Boondi Paratha, Ceylon Paratha,

Chana Paratha, Channa Dal Paratha, Chicken Paratha, Mirch Paratha, Dal Paratha,

Dhakai Paratha, Dhaniya Paratha Gajar Paratha, Gobi Ka Paratha, Jaipuri Paratha,

Kerala Paratha, Lachha Paratha, Lasuni Paratha, Lauki Paratha, Makka Paratha,

Mattar Paratha, Meethi Paratha, Mughlai Paratha, Murthal Paratha, Mutton Paratha,

Papeetey la Paratha, Mix Paratha, Panner Paratha, Papad Paratha, Parton Wala Paratha,

Petai paratha, Plain Paratha, Podeema Paratha, Putthay Tawwae Ka Paratha, Piyaz Ka Paratha,

Qeema Paratha, Roti Paratha, Tandoori Paratha, Sattu Paratha, Shrimp Paratha, Sugar Paratha and Tomato Paratha etc.

But recently in western Countries and in India also we could see there are packed readymade versions of Parathas

Where we only have to fry it and the become ready to be served

However it is not as healthier versions as homemade Parathas as it contains preservatives and artificial Flavouring.

4. Ingredients

  1. Potatoes
  2. Red Chilli Powder
  3. Onions
  4. wheat flour
  5. Ajwain
  6. Butter
  7. Sugar
  8. Coriander Leaves

5. Method of Preparation of Aloo Ka Paratha

The method of Preparation of Aloo ka Paratha is divided into three parts

the first part preparing the dough,

the second Part preparing the stuffing and

the third frying the Parathas.

Preparation Of The Dough

For making the dough we have to first take an empty bowl and put flour, ghee, ajwain and salt and sugar and pour water into it and mix it well until the dough becomes soft and ready.

Preparation Of The Stuffing

For preparing the potato stuffing we have to first boil the peeled potatoes gently

And boil it and after the Potatoes becomes cool we have smashed the potatoes and mix it with finely chopped onions, finely chopped coriander leaves, salt, red Chilli powder and garam masala and mix it well

Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture after this stage there will be only the last stage of frying the Parathas.

Frying The Parathas

After the filling is prepared here comes the last stage of frying the Parathas

Bfore that we should make the disc of the dough

For that we have to make balls from the dough and the make mini disc with the help of our hand and then fill the stuffing and close the Dough mini disc from the side making a ball

Then we have to reform the ball into a large disc with help of a bellan

After the disc are ready we should take a tawa and pour some ghee in it and fry the disc from both sides

We have to make sure that the Parathas doesn’t remain undercooked from sides as well as from inside after frying

The parathas it is ready to be served with yogurt and chutney and a cube of Butter at the top of the Parathas

By seeing and smelling it anybody will start mouth-watering and it will mesmerize anyone with its amazing flavours.

If you love reading this Recipe you can also read the Recipe of Chicken Tikka Masala, Mughlai Paratha, Laal Maans and Butter Chicken.

6. Nutritional Information

Aloo Ka Paratha is not all healthy originally people use lots of ghee and butter over Parathas

If the amount of thee and butter is restricted and eaten with yogurt it could be healthier.

One average Aloo ka Paratha contains almost 162 calories out of which most of the calories come from Carbohydrates as the base of Aloo ka Paratha is Potatoes and flour both it is the high content of Carbohydrate so

It contains 25 g to 30 g amount of Carbohydrates depending upon the quantity of flour and potatoes,

It contains almost 4 g to 5 g of protein and

If we cook it healthy using little white oil and avoiding Ghee and Butter the fat will be restricted to 3 g to 4 g but if we use lots of ghee and Butter it can exceed to 9 g to 10 g to even 15 g and the calories will increase rapidly as one gram of fats gives 9 calories where as 1 g of Carbohydrates and Protein gives only 4 calories it will also be harmful to eat such fat-rich food.

Aloo ka Paratha also contains a large range of varieties of micronutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, Copper, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Selenium, Thiamine and Zinc.

7. From Where To Try Aloo Ka Paratha

Aloo ka Paratha is famous in both Delhi and Punjab.

In almost all the states Parathas are so available, so it is possible that local or Restaurant gives the best Aloo ka Paratha otherwise if you want to try form any special place, in Delhi there is place dedicated to it the Parathae Wali Gali still in some of most reputed restaurants at Parathae Wali Gali severs some of the best Aloo ka Paratha

Most of the people eat Parathat at breakfast but many people’s still eat it at Dinner other best alternatives of trying Aloo ka Paratha is from Punjab though I have not tested it yet, I have heard it from my cousin

My Experience of Aloo ka Paratha for the Frist Time

I remembered I have Tasted the best Aloo ka Paratha when I was a kid and in a tour of Odisha with my Mother and Father I think I was 7 or 8 years old then,

We were at Puri and on the second at Morning, my father brings Aloo ka Paratha from the nearby restaurant from our hotel it was amazing the taste of it I still can’t forget it was thick and have Mixed Achar or pickle with it was so nice that I eat more than usual, the Parathas were thick and I have eaten 3 Parathas and demanding more my parents scolded me and refused me of giving more by saying that if I would eat any more of it I would burst one day.

Special Paratha Recipe By My Mother

My mother also makes nice Parathas she make an amazing Paratha she use to make the parathas using half wheat and half flour and she adds yogurt, chopped onions a little bit of sattu, fenugreek or Kasuri Methi, sugar, salt, white oil and mixed Pickle or mixed achaar and prepares the dough and she always shallow fry the paratha in white oil so that it will become crisper and healthier.

If we eat Parathas daily with using lots of Ghee and Butter it will not at all beneficiary to health and it could cause lots of disease in long-running future, having it in a regular basis could emerge the signs of Obesity from there we can catch lots of diseases like breathing problems, joint pains and

It can also cause diabetes from obesity in future there is a chance of cardiovascular problems and if worse cardiac blockage and even Cardiac Attack, so stay safe stay healthy eat healthy avoid junk foods from outside as well rich fat food from inside our home

We should do a little bit of walking every day if possible do yoga in a regular basis or if you are young you must hit the gym practicing exercise regularly and following a clean diet Chart.

8. FAQ

1. What are the Types of Paratha ?

Parathas are of two types Stuffed Parathas and non-stuffed Parathas

2. Is it healthy to eat Aloo ka Paratha at a Regular Basis ?

No it is not at all healthy to eat Aloo Ka Paratha at a regular basis because it a large amount of fats if it is cooked with lot of oil, ghee and butter.

3. What is the main Ingredient of Aloo ka Paratha ?

Aloo or Potatoes is the main ingredient for making Aloo ka Paratha.



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