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7 simple steps to make right decisions in life


Decision making is the most important and crucial part of life. A right decision can make you rich and a wrong decision can bring you to the road. Only one good decision can make your love life better and only one bad decision can ruin your relationship. 

According to a survey, 95% of people get confused while making an important decision and due to which they make a wrong decision.

Should I invest in mutual funds or Fixed deposits ? Continue my studies or get married ? Buy a car or not ? Use my credit card to buy a mobile ?

There are a lot of confusions when you have to make tough decision either a financial decision or emotional. So it is very important to take care of the pros and cons of a decision while taking it.

There are Seven main rules which you should keep in mind while making a decision explained below:

  1. Make a clear Goal
  2. No means no
  3. Ask right questions from yourself
  4. Don’t be selfish  
  5. Take Advice from your elders
  6. Think as a third person
  7. Learn from others mistakes
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Make a clear goal 

While making a decision you have to be clear what you want to achieve because your decision will decide the outcome of the situation. A clear goal decided before the decision is very important. 

For example, If you are going to do a job of 20 thousand rupees per month and your wish is to become financially free in the next 10 years then you have to be clear that you cannot earn as much money to achieve your goal in this job.

You have to make the decision to either improve your skills and get a higher package or leave the wishes. 

No means no

Sometimes you are in a situation in which you have to hurt someone by saying no because it is better for your future and them.

A right decision cannot be taken emotionally. Emotionally weak person cannot always make the right decision. They can be easily manipulated. If you remember your day when you took the worst decision, you will agree that every person takes the worst decision of his life when he is either very happy or either very sad.

So it is highly advisable to not make any decision when you are emotionally driven.

For example, If you are with your child in a confectionery shop and your kid demands for a chocolate and cries for it and as a parent your emotions don’t allow you to see your child crying, you will accept his demand and buy him a chocolate.

Then my friend, your child will play with your emotions every time when he wants anything and use the same tactic to make you emotionally weak and fulfill his demands.

So it is very important to say no irrespective if your decision hurt someone. 

Ask right questions from yourself

When people have to make a decision they mostly never ask questions to themselves as they are not in the habit of doing it or when in the rare chances they do , they end up asking wrong questions to themselves which end the questioning session in just one question which makes their decision worse.

When you have to make a decision about your career, you have to go deeper with yourself in the conversation instead of asking a question which will end up in just yes or no.

Let’s take an example, Assume you are going to do your higher studies and you have decided to get admission in the best college in your city. For that you have to give the entrance exam.

You have to ask a question to yourself about How can I clear the entrance exam ? Instead of “ Will I clear the exam or not ?” After asking the first question to yourself, your brain will give you steps to pass the exam but in the second question, it will create doubts in your mind which will end up making negative thoughts in your mind and you will get confused.

So, Asking the right questions to yourself is more important than just asking questions.

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Don’t be selfish   

A selfish person never succeeds in life and history proves it. Many rich persons end up on roads due to their selfishness. A right decision cannot be made in selfishness.

You have to take care of all aspects when you take a decision as your decision can impact the lives of other people also.

If you are a owner of a company, your decision can also impact the lives of hundreds of employees working under you.

So, you have to be very straight when taking a decision and leave your selfishness aside while taking a smaller to smaller or a bigger decision because a selfish decision is always a wrong decision in the long run. 

For Example, If you have 30 thousand rupees which you have saved to buy a flagship mobile phone but at the same time, one of your family members met an accident and his treatment needs money then you cannot be selfish and buy yourself a phone at this time. It will be a very wrong decision at this time to buy a phone.

Take Advice from your elders

You are not a god that what you think will always be right.

Sometimes, taking advice from elders becomes useful for you when you are confused because they have crossed your age and have tackled mostly the same kind of situations which you are facing now.

Your parents are the only persons in the whole world who wish that you become more successful than them.

Due to this reason they will never give you wrong advice but they will also not give you advice to take risk because they want you to be safe. It doesn’t mean you have to blindly follow their advice because only risks can give you growth.

It can only give you a different angle to think about your situation and it can help you to make the correct decision in your life.

For example, if your parents have done job in their whole life and you will ask your parents that what you should choose a career a job or business, they will only recommend you job as it a safer option according to them because they have never done business and they don’t know the difference that job can give a stable income but  business can create wealth.

Think as a third person

Have you noticed that when you are in a confusion about making a decision about yourself and you take many days to make that decision but when your friend is in a similar situation you take only a few seconds to decide what he should do.

It is because you are a third person in your friend situation. You have seen the situation from outside by leaving the emotions aside. It is the same thing which you have to do in your own case.

You have to think as a third person. Then you will be able to make the right and fast decision. It happens because a person never includes any type of emotions in a situation of another person.

For example when your friend gets ditched by his love, he will be emotionally broken and will ruin the next upcoming life in the trauma. He will not be even able to understand what to do but you can easily decide and advice him in a few seconds to leave that matter and go ahead in his life as a single incident don’t ends the life.

If your friend would have understood thinking as a third person perspective, he can easily come out of the depression in a few minutes.

Learn from others mistakes

It is not necessary to commit every mistake to learn from it. It is more advisable to learn from other people’s mistakes. There is a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”.

Many people have faced the same situation which you might be facing now. It is always better to know what they have selected in that situation and the consequences now they are facing. After analyzing, you will be clear about the outcome of your decision which you might have to face in future. This thing will always help you to make the right decision in your life.

The people who eat a lot of junk food face heart diseases at very young age due to a lot of cholesterol and harmful fat in the junk food. So you can learn from their mistakes and avoid it instead of getting sick due to repeating the same mistakes.


I hope you are clear now about what you have to take care of while making a decision in your life now. I wish you a great future ahead.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop in the comments section below and I will be very happy to help you.


1. Is it hard to take right decisions ?

Not every time but yes, Sometimes it is very hard to take right decisions especially when decisions are against your love ones.

2. How to make right decisions as a christian ?

You do not need to be in a specific religion to make right decisions. It doesn’t matter you belong to which religion the steps to make right decisions are the same in every case.

3. Why is it important to make a right decision always ?

As described in the article, One wrong decision can ruin the life. So it is very important to make right decisions always.

4. Who should make decision in a relationship ?

There should be no priority in this. Both have to actively discuss the matter and then make a mutual decision.

5. What is the best time of the day to make a decision ?

There are many studies done on this but all are useless. You should make a decision when it is necessary. Time doesn’t matter at all in this.



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