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10 Amazing Business Books Every Businessman should read in 2020


Today, I’m sharing with you the best Business books which every entrepreneur and businessman should read so that they can know what kind of mentality the world’s biggest businessmen have, and which habits are to be opted for becoming a successful businessman. By reading such books, you can know the differences between a failed business and a successful business. You will also know how such successful businesses are made and run.

If you are interested in business, then instead of wasting your time and money in trying several approaches, you should always think about knowing the right approaches to get success in business. So, by reading books about business, you can know about the experiences of already successful businessmen and can learn the strategies that you can use in your own business to lead it to success.

However, there are many books on business and business lessons. But today I’m sharing a list of books which I recommend everyone for starting their journey of reading business books. Have a look!

List of my picks of Best Business Books

I’ve divided the list into 2 parts. Part-1 is of those books which I think everyone should read. These interesting business books will help you develop your reading habit. Part-2 contains those business books which you can read if you develop your reading habit and want to learn more about business.


This part contains those Business Books which you should read while starting your journey of reading such books. It will make you take some interest in business and knowing and understanding it deeply.

Think and Grow Rich

This book is written by Napoleon Hill on the advice of Andrew Carnegie, the richest man of America at that time and the world’s first billionaire. He suggested Napolean to meet some most famous businessmen of that time, know about their learnings and mental pattern, and then write a book on it.

Napolean collected data by studying over 500 successful people for 20 years. The book contains such laws which if adopted and implemented, will make anyone think like rich and successful people, and the mindset is all that anyone needs to be rich.

After researching many successful people of that time including Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison, Alexander Graham Bell etc., Napolean stated 13 steps in this book which anyone can use to improve his mentality and thought process.

This book will help you in correcting your thought pattern. It is the most essential thing, according to the author, to be rich and successful. It offers the power of thoughts in feeding your brain to achieve financial success and personal satisfaction in life.

The E-Myth Revisited

Michael E. Gerber is the writer of this book. The title E-Myth stands for Entrepreneurial-Myth. Anyone who wants to start his own business must read this book. It explained several such factors because of which 80% of the small businesses or startups fail.

Some of the great lessons from this business book are like:

  • There is a huge difference between a businessman and a technician. A businessman works on the business, but a technician works in the business.
  • A good businessman always has a desire to know more and more about everything.
  • A business is a reflection of the business owner. And any limitation of businessmen regarding organization, knowledge, etc. can also be seen in their business.

Along with these, there are many other principles that you can learn from this amazing business book. Gerber said that most of the business owners fail because they did not focus on the right things. He insists that one should create a system-dependent business and not a people-dependent business.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The author of this book is Robert Kiyosaki. Financial Education is the most important skill in today’s world, and there is no better book to understand the concepts and importance of financial education than Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book tells about the life of the author, who has two fathers, one was his real father, whom he used to call his poor dad and the other one was his friend Mike’s father, whom he calls his rich dad. The poor dad was an educated man and a government employee. On the other hand, the rich dad was not that educated and was a self-employed businessman.

Robert got the guidance and advice of both of his fathers and in this book, he shared his experience about what the rich people teach to their kids about money, which poor and middle-class people do not.

This amazing business book offers you knowledge about money, which develops your mindset and makes you build a life of financial freedom.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

The author of this book is Gary Keller, the world’s biggest real estate investor of his time. For writing this book, Gary meet to 100 successful real estate investors of that time and ask them questions about the strategies they follow for their success. With such great knowledge, you can think about how impactful this book is.

In this book, Gary gave a very detailed explanation about the business of real estate. He simplified each and everything to such extent, that someone having no knowledge of the business can even become a real estate investor.

Gary explained everything in the book with the point of view of real estate business but one can learn to make models of business, and can apply it to any of his business. Even I recommend this book to everyone to read once as it is helpful not only for one who wants to start a real estate business but also for one who is willing to buy even a small property.

The $100 Startup

Chris Guillebeau is the writer of this amazing business book. This book could be considered as the best business book for those who are willing to start a small business with very less investment. Chris wrote this book after identifying about 1,500 such people who have made enough earning business with very modest investment at all.

As per his research, Chris, then, gave a step-by-step method which anyone can use as a framework for his business. Chris teaches the way of developing your passion as a skill, and then make business out of it.

If you are running a micro-business or if you are thinking to build your business, but do not have enough funds to start, then this is the book for you. I, even, suggest this book if you want to build a big business in the future because this book gives you an idea about small-level execution which is very necessary to know.


The Lean Startup

In this book, the author Eric Ries teaches about the strategies that should be adopted and followed by startups at an early stage in order to manage it more effectively. Readers can take good knowledge about running a startup from this book.

The Intelligent Investor

The author of this book is Benjamin Franklin. He teaches the techniques and strategies of value investing in this book. This is one of the most famous books for investing, if not the most. Even Warren Buffet, the world’s richest investor, described this business book as the best book for investing.

4-Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss the author of this book. In this book, he explained the framework of building such a business that can run without you. You just need to work on the business, not in the business. The author had laid a proper blueprint on setting up such business.

Zero to One

This book is written by Peter Thiel, an American investor and entrepreneur, with Blake Master. Peter Thiel is the co-founder of a billion-dollar company, PayPal, and in this book, he also shared his experiences. The title Zero to One is explained in this business book as innovation, and the author focused on teaching the importance of going from Zero to One.

One Thousand ways to make $1000

Last but not least in the list of business books, this book is very amazing. The writer of this book is Frances Minaker in 1936. Although, this book is very old but it is impactful in developing your mindset yet. In this book, the author gave 1000 examples of such individuals who have started their business with very little investment, and the book encourages readers to do the same. Warren Buffet himself started his first business by getting an idea from this business book. However, this book is quite old and some of the ideas are not feasible now, but the book will develop your creative thinking and suggests some good ideas as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Should only a businessman read these books?

Not at all, anyone can read these books. These books are termed as business books only because their teachings and principles are related to business.

How should I read these books?

You can either buy the books or even can download the PDF of these books from the internet. You can even listen to the audiobooks of these business books on audible or on Youtube or on any other site.

Who should read the books of Part-1, and who to read Part-2 books?

Although, there is no such compulsion, but I suggest that those who are just starting their journey of business book reading should first read the books of Part-1, and then if they want to get deep insight on their business knowledge, then they should read the books of Part-2.

Can a person will succeed in his business by reading these books?

Obviously not, these books only help the person developing his mindset and deepen his knowledge about business, but the reader himself has to take the actions and implement the knowledge to succeed in his business.



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