4 Handy Android Apps To Be More Productive

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If you are in business then you have to push yourself towards productivity. More productive you are, the more profitable you can be. If you are a business owner then productivity can help you to grow your business and if you are an employee then a productive mindset can help you in your increment. So productivity is the most important factor in any business.

This is the reason we have created a blog that can give a piece of valuable information about the Android applications that can help you to be more productive for the business.

In this blog, you will find the various applications that can boost your productivity and help you to boost your productive power. These applications are best in their category. We will discuss 5 most useful applications that have different special features to help you to be more productive. We will discuss them one by one. Then after we will compare them with each other so that you get the best app for you within the list. Then you can get all the questions and answers that people usually use to ask on the internet. But as of now let’s take a look at the index.


  1. Hootsuite
  2. Trello
  3. Google Docs
  4. Grammarly Keyboard


Hootsuite is a platform where users can manage and schedule the post for various social media platforms. It includes almost major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all. This is one of the most used productive apps that can automate your social life of the business.

If you are using this platform from the computer, then you do not have to install any application to access the Hootsuite. Users can directly sign in from Browser. Hootsuite allows three social media platforms for free. It means a free user can schedule their social media post for a maximum of three platforms. Users can also get a different type of report as per their requirement, and also they can customize the report as per their needs. Users can schedule a post for a month for free. And also can select a time when they want to post on the social media platform.

Significant companies most trust the Hootsuite to schedule their social media posts. It is one of the thousand Fortune companies in the world. Hootsuite can measure conversion by separating it between paid and own marketing.

If you are planning to buy a Hootsuite premium, then you can get it from ₹1260 per month. With this plan, you can access ten social media platforms, and one user can access it. You can also choose a team plan for ₹6600 per month. With this plan, you can get excess up to 20 social media platforms, and three users can use it. Hootsuite also allows a plan for a business that costs ₹45000 per month. With this plan, up to ten users can access their accounts, enabling up to 35 social media platforms.



Trello is one of the most well-known project management apps in the Business category. Users can manage their projects efficiently and flexibly with this productive tool. Trello is an easy to use App that everyone can use without efforts.

Users can upload their project on Trello and share with team members to interact and collaborate. Other users can add comments, links, files, and photos to project cards. This App integrated with a variety of applications and has its Android mobile App and iOS too.

Trello has a kanban board that represents the project and cards that represent a task. Users can organize research materials in real-time. This App is open-ended; it means Trello can be used to hold any small, big, or business task. Trello allows users to collaborate with a large team. It has a stunning interface that everyone can interact with. It is easy to organize tags, levels, and categories. Trello is the best productive app to improve your productivity for managing your projects.

In the dashboard, the user can use drag and drop functionality to copy or move project files. Trello reminds the deadline to the user with email notification.

Trello comes with two various plans. One is monthly, and the other is for annual. If you choose the monthly plan, then it will cost ₹950 per month. If you pay for a yearly subscription of this productive app, it will cost you around ₹9110 per year. You can also choose a free plan, but it has some limitations. It will be beneficial if you choose a premium plan. You also can try a premium plan for 14 days, if you are planning to buy it.



Google Docs is a Browser-based App for a PC, but you have to download the app for Android mobile phone to access it. With this app, users can share a document with their team and can edit, give suggestions, or comment on a document.

It allows inviting a team with a single link. Google Docs is a cloud base platform that helps to upload documents on cloud storage. 5 million + businesses most trust this App. This Productive app allows exporting their work in various formats like Docx, PDF, ODT, pdf, TXD, and HTML.

Users can track the changes that another one made on the document with Google Docs is the kind of productive app. Google doc works with the iPhone, iPad, Android device, Chrome, Mac, and PC. Users can add photos, text, and links on a document with no effort. And can integrate Google Docs with other tools for their different purposes. Users can share the document and also can remove the excess of the other one.

Google docs are also available on Google Play Store for free. It has 500 million Plus downloads from Google Play Store. Users give this app a 4.4-star review out of the five-star review. It has 1216802 reviews on Google Play Store.



Grammarly is the most accurate grammar checker in the world. It may be possible that you already know about this platform. But let me clear if you are not aware of this tool. Basically, Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you to check several types of typing mistakes. But if you plan to use this platform on Android mobile phones, then Grammarly provides a keyboard for free that can help you to be more productive.

Grammarly keyboard is a productive app that can help you to reduce your writing mistakes, and it helps to avoid embarrassing typos and grammatical errors. This app is accurate to detect grammar and pronunciation mistakes from basic to advanced. Users can get real-time suggestions and guidelines on the Grammarly keyboard.

Grammarly app is useful for both users: native users, and if you don’t know anything in English. Mostly copywriters, authors, academics, students, content marketers, and bloggers use this platform to avoid mistakes for writing content.

Grammarly keyboard has many inbuilt languages like Canadian English, American English, British English, Australian English, and more. This app also comes with a vocabulary tool along with a readability score. The Grammarly keyboard integrates with all apps that work very smoothly. It helps users to understand mistakes and avoid them for the future. And the main point is that the Grammarly keyboard is entirely free to use for Android mobile.

You can download this amazing productive app from Google Play Store with given link. Almost ten million-plus downloads have already been done over time. Users give this app 4.2 stars out of the five stars. it will consume around 90 MB of your data if you are planning to install it on your Android mobile phone. It also has 69915 reviews that show its popularity.



1Hootsuite5,000,000+4.1Not FixAdvance
2Trello10,000,000+4.5Not FixAdvance
3Google Docs500,000,000+4.4Not FixIntermediate
4Grammarly Keyboard10,000,000+4.290MBBeginner


Ok, now you have all the information about the productive application that can help you to be more productive. Please take a look at them one by one.

Start with a Hootsuite. Hootsuite is the platform where you can schedule your social media posts for a month and be more productive. Trello is a project management tool that can help individuals to manage their projects. Google doc is a service that Google provides to manage and share documents with ease. Grammarly Keyboard can help you to communicate with each other with the mobile phone. It will reduce your spelling mistake by using this keyboard.

want to learn more about the apps that can help business? Luckily you can learn with us. We had created a blog on creating video and GIF for business. you can get more knowledge with this value.

You can choose all of them if you have a requirement for them because they are the best in their category. Now let’s take a look at what people usually ask a question about these applications on the internet.


How can I schedule my social media post for a month?

It can be very easy if you use Hootsuite

How many sizes can I attach to the Trello app?

You can attach files up to 250 MB in the Trello app.

Can I get a Grammarly keyboard for free?

Yes, you can use a Grammarly keyboard for free with limitations.

How can i be more productive with android mobile apps?

You can use Grammarly to reduce writing mistakes, Hootsuite for scheduling your social media posts, you can use Trello as a project management tool. all these apps can help you to be more productive.

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