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5 Best Apps To Store Your Business Data Online

5 Best Apps To Store Your Business Data Online

In this digital world, data is more valuable than any person. If a person doesn’t have data, then he/she cannot decide how you are doing your job. So you have to be sure that your data is more secure. It means if you lose your data you can use your business too. So it is better to store them very safely or backup data online. We suggest the second option, So users can get back all your data online, and also can access them from anywhere.

In this blog, we will cover all about the apps that can help you to store data online and you can access them by Android mobile phone. You will get all the information about the most popular apps that will fit into the category. In this blog, we will cover them one by one then, we will discuss the app that is the best among the list, and finally we will take a look at a FAQ that people usually asked the questions on the internet. But before we start our journey let’s take a look at the index.


  1. Evernote
  2. CamScanner
  3. Dropbox
  4. Google Sheet
  5. LastPass Password Manager


Evernote is handy-notes making app that helps you to create notes instantly. Sometimes it is not possible to be with pen and paper. at that time Evernote helps you to create notes instantly.

Evernote allows us to create not only text but also attach audio files, handwriting, and images with the Evernote app. It will also be able to remind you of any data for future use. There is no better substitute for handy cloud storage like Evernote. It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

Evernote allows connecting two devices in a single account for free. Free users can create a note in a maximum of 25 MB size. And can upload data online like notes up to 60 MB in size per month, but users can get more benefits by getting its premium plan. In a premium plan, the user can connect unlimited devices to the single Evernote account. Premium users can get access to the file offline that they have to save data online and also it allows them to scan business cards.

Premium users upload up to 10 GB per month with a maximum of 200 MB per note.

Evernote also has integrated with Google Drive so that users can directly upload files from Google Drive to Evernote. Now let’s talk about pricing. Evernote comes with two various plans to access and store business data online, just like others, monthly and yearly. If the user wants it for a short time, they can pay per month. It will cost them ₹190, and if the user chooses the yearly plan, it will cost him ₹125 per month for a year. 



CamScanner is an offline app that allows users to scan photos, store data online, sync, and collaborate on various platforms like Android phones, iOS devices, tablets, and computers. This app is mostly used to scan documents like bills and business cards.

CamScanner is too easy to operate. Just open the camera, scan your document, and Capture it, and it’s done. Now it is ready to save your data online. CamScanner gives the most precise and sharp result, among with other scan applications. CamScanner allows users to save and share files in PDF and JPEG format. It also has a feature to protect your data with a password. CamScanner also comes with OCR(convert images to text), but the user must have a premium plan to use this feature.

Premium users can use 10 GB cloud storage to upload their data online. In that premium plan, users are also able to use book mode, E-signature, and Batch Mode. Free users always have a limitation on all over the world compared to premium users. Same here, a free user can use the OCR tool 4 times in a month, and they can use cloud storage up to 200 MB.

CamScanner has a 3 days free trial for premium. After a free trial, it will cost around ₹3100 per year. It will auto-renewal after the end of the period. Users can discontinue it anytime.

CamScanner has 100 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store, and it has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars. It is free to download on Play Store, and 2544779 users give positive reviews to the CamScanner. According to us, this is the most user-friendly application compared to other apps for scanning documents and storing them online.



Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage platforms that launched in 2007 on web and Android platforms. Businesses use this App to store their data online because it has excellent security that can prevent evil wishers from the business.

Dropbox allows us to backup, access, and share all data like documents, photos, videos, and files. The user also can automatically backup the data on this platform. Dropbox allows sending files by creating a unique link. To use this feature, the user has to upload the file, and Dropbox gives him a shareable link, and it is done.

Dropbox comes with access to connect with three devices for free to store data online. And free users can upload files up to 2GB for a lifetime. It can be upgraded by free and paid both. For a free upgrade of 500MB, users have to refer Dropbox to others who do not already have an account on Dropbox. And the other way is to make a payment to Dropbox.

It will cost users around ₹990 per month, and premium users can use 3TB cloud storage to store your data online with Dropbox. There is only one benefit for a premium user that they can use more cloud storage on the Dropbox. Dropbox will auto-renew your plan if you will need a premium plan, so no need to worry about reminding every month.

Dropbox is available on every platform, just like Google Play Store. From Google Play Store, Dropbox has downloaded more than 5 million times. And has 2005341 reviews. Dropbox consumes 40 MB size if you download its latest version in Android. It has a 4.2-star rating out of 5-star rating, and it is free to download available on Google Play Store.



Google sheet is an online spreadsheet service provided by Google for free. There is no need for any extra software to access it online; if you are using it on a computer. You can access it from the browser of the computer. To do so, you only need a google account, and you can access and store your data online. But to access it from a mobile, you must have a Google Sheet application on your mobile and have access to the internet.

Google Sheet is specially designed for business so that businesses can organize their unorganized data. The Google sheet has an inbuilt chat and comment feature. It can be shared with email and links. The user always has control over the Sheet, If they share with the unknown for a short time of period.

The owner of the sheet can control permission for others like They only view, can share with a person, or can also edit or remove all access. Google Sheet comes with built-in formulas. So that it will help users in mathematical problems. It also has a feature of custom conditions for custom uses.

Google sheet also allows for editing in real-time. It means if two users are on the same Sheet, then a bath can edit in real-time. Users can get their online data in various forms like that pivot table, filters, and more.

Google sheet is free software that everyone can manage their data online. Google sheet allows users to create unlimited seats; hence it is free software. And it is the main benefit of all the uses.



In any business security of the data and accounts is the main priority. In this point of view, LastPass is one of the best options you can choose. Some Businesses have to create many accounts and they have to give access to someone or an employee. In that situation, the responsible employee can not share the password. At that time LastPass comes to play.

LastPass allows sharing access to any account without sharing a password or ID. According to some experts, LastPass is a more secure password management service then Google. It is the biggest name in the password management category.

Users can use LastPass for free with some limitations, but LastPass has an excellent free plan user can choose. Users can save unlimited passwords and share access with any LastPass user by sending an email. LastPass comes with a yearly subscription plan of ₹3000. In a premium plan, the user can share single account details to multiple users. LastPass works in Android, IOS, and Windows.

One of the cons of LastPass is it does not have any refund policy. But the user also can get 14 days free trial of the premium plan of LastPass. LastPass has created a Chrome extension that allows users to autofill the details of any existing account. And if the user does not already have a created account, it helps to create a powerful password. Users can save Not only passwords but also users can save other data online like notes, addresses, payment cards, and bank accounts.

If the user forgot the master password of the LastPass account, it gives other options to reset the accounts. Now let’s check what Google Play Store says about the LastPass.



1Evernote100,000,000+4.2Not FixBeginner
2CamScanner100,000,000+4.7Not FixBeginner
4Google Sheet500,000,000+4.3Not FixAdvance


Now you have all the detail of great tools that can help your business to store data online. Now let’s take a quick overview of them one by one. Start with Evernote. Evernote is a free and paid platform that allows users to create instant notes and store them online.

CamScanner is an app that will enable users to create documents like bills and business cards. Dropbox is a cloud storage platform where users can upload any kind of data online as per their plan.

Google sheet is the facility to create text data and store this data online by Google. And LastPass password manager is a password management tool that users can access any site without a password within the users’ list.

Wow! you had read the full article it means you are a good learner and very enthusiastic about this topic. Get a valuable guide on apps to improve productivity for business for free. we think you should check that out.

You can choose any platform as per your requirement if you have a requirement of the store and square your business data online.


How can I create a quick note from Android?

Evernote can help you to do so.

I want to convert an image to text, how is it possible?

CamScanner can convert images to text. Not only text but also PDF format.

How much storage can I get free from Dropbox?

Dropbox gives 2 GB free space that can upgrade up to 16 GB by referring others for free.

How many sheets can I create with a single Google sheet account?

Google sheet allows creating an unlimited sheet with a single account.

How can I give access to a social media account without sharing a password?

LastPass Password Manager will help you to share access without sharing the password.



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