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Are electric cars the next boom?


Are electric cars are capable to overtake the automobile sector in 10 years.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines.

In contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.

Leading AI textbooks define the field as the study of “intelligent agents”.

Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.

What is Electric Car?

An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

The first practical electric cars were produced in the 1880s.

Electric cars were popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Until advances in internal combustion engines, electric starters in particular.

And mass production of cheaper petrol (gasoline) and diesel vehicles led to a decline in the use of electric drive vehicles.

Source: Wikipedia

electric car charging station
electric cars

Here is a short Conversation between a professor and a student.

Mr. Chaturvedi is a professor in the electrical department at the University of Rajasthan.

“Are electric cars are capable to overtake the automobile sector in 10 years?”  

One of his students asked him a question while taking a lecture.

“Prof. Chaturvedi said-“

Why not if everything goes well then the world will shift towards the revolution of eclectic cars.  

“Student again asked” –

Is the whole world ready for the change?  

“Professor replied – “

Why the world will not be ready if their nations are moving towards an emerging technology. 

That’s the short story of Prof. Chaturvedi and his student.

Professor just gave him a drop out of an ocean in the answer. 

But we will discuss as many aspects as we can.

To deeply understand the electric cars.

And why they are so important in our lives we need to move further. 

electric cars detail infographic

What you get in this blog

  1. Why Electric Cars are important?
  2. The future is here 
  3. Self-driving cars 
  4. Role of AI in electric vehicles
  5. Conclusion 
  6. FAQ‘s

Why Electric Cars are important?

There is no choice left rather than adapting electric cars to fight air pollution.

As air pollution is increasing day by day,

Wait, but do you know vehicles don’t only pollute the air.

But the noise also creates noise pollution.

Mostly Japan and Singapore cities use electric vehicles.

Due to this noise pollution is very low as compared to other cities. 

Air pollution is the biggest reason for electric cars forcing the world to adapt to the change.

But how does pollution harm people and atmosphere?

Many health problems like asthma, lung infections, irritation in eyes, skin allergies, etc.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released from a fuel vehicle that goes into the atmosphere than in the nearby people.

The problem of air pollution is more in urban cities where as rural cities are much better in terms of pollution less life style. 

electric car

What is the most important thing in an electric car? 

Just like fuel is necessary for a petrol and diesel car, the battery is used to provide energy to an electric car.

But do you ever think, just like there are categories in fuel like octane 87, 89, 91, etc. in petrol.

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Similarly, there are different kinds of batteries that give different results in a different way. 

Let’s know some more about battery. 

Batteries are used to power the battery electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle.

These are rechargeable batteries and are specially designed for a high ampere-hour.

These are typically lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries and these two are mostly used for their high energy density. 

These batteries are different from SLI (start ignition light) batteries.

Which are used in every car for ignition, lights, etc.  

Buying an electric car is a good option for the environment but these batteries are very expensive. 

Coming to age, everything dies so does battery.

The real problem is one has to pay a handsome amount for changing these batteries.  

When you buy an electric car (although not available in India).

For e.g. –

In America, buyers have to pay more upfront than a normal fuel-powered car because of its expensive battery. 

The future is here 

Electric cars are the game-changer of the entire automobile market.

There is a change in few years whether in buses, trucks, cars, etc. reason being pollution.

Are electric cars acceptable in the industry? 

Every new innovation until it became a habit in our day to day life looks a little bit awkward.  

For e.g. –

When cell phones were invented, it’s like magic people can carry their phones everywhere they want.

But they won’t carry the wired telephones.

But over a period of time, it became a necessity and no longer awkward and became a part of a human’s life.

Now people feel awkward when even not using a cell phone for 2-3 hours. 

The same thing is to electric cars.

There is no doubt that it takes time to shift towards electric cars.

Because some car riders like the vibration of the car, exhaust sound, etc., in a fuel-powered car.

But technology is not far from these things.

Many auto ancillary companies are working on technologies.

That give you a feel of riding a fuel-powered car in an electric car. 

electric car
electric car charging point

Self-driving cars 

Isn’t it amazing to see that a vehicle is driving automatically?

All by itself looks like some sort of magic happening.

But have you ever wondered how this thing even works? 

This technology is not available for now to purchase because it is under testing under various algorithms. 

Self-driving technology is under testing so they cannot take you anywhere you want.

No one assures you that they are fully-abled to do the same with the manual driving cars. 

Well, in some cars, features like aspects of self-driving are available.

Which automates the process if drivers sleep by mistake.

Then it slows down the speed and even stops the car if no one is behind. 

Electric vehicles are said to be more reliable when it comes to self-driving.  

Role of AI in electric vehicles 

Every industry is using AI in their own terms.

AI is redefining the whole market.

Whether its educational, finance, e-commerce, automobile, agriculture, etc. Every industry has its own benefits with AI.  

For e.g. –

Tesla is the greatest example among all.

it’s amazing to understand how Tesla is using the running car data to improve the performance of future cars.

What basically tesla is doing?

It gets the data of the existing Tesla users through sync mode.

Sync mode gets data like how much car travel.

How cars sensors are working in different climatic conditions, etc.

By using that data, tesla analyses its car performance and behavior and on a mutual understanding.

Tesla made changes in its algorithm for better performance for its customers. 

I am making this short because if I go deeper that’s only theory and its completely useless if you don’t know practical things. 

tesla electric station
tesla car

Why and how electric cars take so much boom in the market by people’s interest? 

There is no doubt about this that Tesla being the biggest reason for people’s interest in electric cars.

Tesla is the only company in the electric car field which has an aim to define and shape the electric market completely.

Currently, no other car company has guts to compete with tesla.

Tesla’s technology because they are far ahead of any other company in the electric car field. 


Electric cars are undoubtedly the future of the world in automobile sector.

As increasing pollution and decreasing the petroleum resources. 

If we can conquer the pollution problem somehow?

Is there any other way to produce more petroleum?

However, we need electric cars to enter the market as an option.

Because the usage of the vehicle is increasing day by day which means more consumption of petroleum. 

The advantage of evolving electric vehicle technology is when the world is shifting towards electricity.

These cars are so developed whether it is battery or motor.                                                                

Example: In India, Hero (cycles-manufacturer), launched its first electric scooter several years ago.

And now it is the most selling electric scooter in India because of its dynamic nature.

They developed almost everything and make scooter better than before and now they have few models in their list. 


1. Are self-driving cars safe? 

Yes, they are safe. Actually, this is not an ordinary technology.

This technology is made by many automobile engineers who are working in this field for a very long time.

The whole car is managed by one technology. Self-driving is depending on artificial intelligence.

It may not be safe in crowded places but it is successful in highways, expressways, etc.

Where roads are clear for a longer distance and vehicles make a recommended distance. 

2. How artificial intelligence and the self-driving feature is interconnected in an automobile? 

Not only artificial intelligence but machine learning, neural networks are used to make this possible.

But yes, artificial intelligence plays a major important role in successfully driving through this mode.

If you know about artificial intelligence, you understand it better. 

3. Is self driving really the future of Indian as well as other countries too?  

Nobody knows the exact answer to this question.

Because if we take India as an example then my answer is it cannot survive in cities because of traffic and rash driving.

But technology is evolving over time and nobody knows what can be happened through inventions. 

4. It is possible for someone who hacks my car and run its own way? 

Somehow, it is possible for a hacker to hack your car systems.

But to run a car it actually depends on the car systems.
If it is fully automatic and to make it more simplified.

If you can access your car from your phone.

Then it’s a huge possibility that your car may be hacked by someone who knows how the work is done.

Also, there is some security provided by the company itself because they also know that this can happen.

They provide features like your car is permanently locked after running a few KMs until its original key will not be used. 


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