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There is a substantial growth in the usage of many online video platforms and youtube is one of them. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google with 3 billion searches per month (source Forbes). On an average 800 Crore, hours of content are uploaded on youtube in a single month and this data is increasing with the passage of time.

  1. Importance
  2. Content making for YouTube videos
  3. Overcome the fear of camera
  4. Learning the content for presentation
  5. Practicing the content
  6. How to use body language
  7. Message for new you tubers
  8. conclusion
  9. FAQ’s


=> online platforms like youtube give you a chance to present your views or talent to a larger audience.

=> If your channel grows then it will also support you financially by providing side income and many times, the side income of you tubers is way more than their mainstream income.

=> If the content of videos is good then it can also earn name and fame.

learn public speaking

Content making for you tube videos

=> There is a gigantic competition among the you Tubers, content is available for almost each and every topic so making a space for yourself in such a competitive platform is both challenging and exciting.

=> People with the best content usually win this race, so you must have the utmost focus on the content. Try to make videos on the topic on which you are most comfortable or having the greatest knowledge.

=> Research the content from various books, blogs, articles, or newspapers to get the best and appropriate knowledge of it. You can even watch the videos of the other you tubers who are making the videos on the same topic, but don’t try to copy their content (if it is not based on facts).

 => You can use free tools like ubersuggest and Google trends or paid tools like semrush and ahrefs to know the demand of the topic so that you can modify your content accordingly.

 => You can use tools like ask the public, to know some of the most common questions asked by people related to that topic. You should try to answer all these questions in your videos; this can increase your viewership drastically.

Overcome the fear of camera

First of all, I want to assure you that being nervous in front of the camera is very normal. Almost everyone has this fear and they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Speaking in front of a camera is as difficult as speaking in front of a large audience, but here you have an advantage that your mistakes can be edited.

In this section, we will learn about the ways to overcome the fear of camera

 => For about two weeks sitting in front of the camera talk about your day for 15 minutes and just record it for the sake of recording don’t show it to anyone. Then analyze your video do know what are you doing right and what are you doing wrong.

=> Think your camera as a person whom you love talking to. While you are recording treat it as your best friend with whom you share all your secrets you can even paste their small picture on the camera to get a more comfortable feeling.

=> Publish your one or two videos and send it to your close family and friends, ask them for their review. Don’t get demotivated or irritated if someone points out your mistake, this journey has just started so you should appreciate people who are helping you to realize your mistake.

Learning the content for presentation

Once you have created the content the next challenge is to feed it into your brain. Don’t worry we are not going to follow the old traditional ways of mugging up the content. I am going to share with you the techniques that most of the good you tubers use.

Follow these steps one by one

Step-1Read the whole content 2-3 times meticulously (just read, don’t force yourself to learn it)
Step-2Now read headings and subheadings only and then try to speak the content of these sub headings by yourself.
Step-3Again read the whole content 2-3 times
Step-4Follow step-2 again!!
Step-5Now leave the paper and just recall the heading, its respective sub heading and then speak the content by yourself. (many  of you won’t remember the exact content but most of you will remember the headings, it’s sub heading and the main points of sub heading)

Practicing the content

Once we have created the content and noted in our mind, now it’s the time to practice it in the most efficient way.

=> Speak the content 2-3 times in your mind and crosscheck it with your notes then Speak the content verbally 2-3 times in front of the mirror and look directly straight into your eyes.

=> Now record yourself in camera or mobile while speaking the content.

=> Analyse the video; ensure that you have delivered all your content in the video and no major point is missing. If you have made the mistake then record again!!

How to use body language

Body language is 6 times more effective than words.

Viewers will give attention to your videos or watch a whole video if they feel connected to it.

To make them feel connected it should appear that you are so deeply into the topic that no one can separate you from it.

This will happen if your body language is well synchronized with your verbal words, that is why body language is known as the essence of communication skills.

 => Whenever you start a video make sure you come out with the right energy which generally is the smile.

When you smile, it does something to your energy and the perception of the viewer

on the other hand if you don’t smile then there is a completely different vibe.

=> Have an open pose while recording, don’t speak while folding your hands, and just try to move them while speaking. Staying open makes a big difference to the viewer.

=> Try to pose up your chin a little high, it again puts of a message to the viewer that you are excited and happy. if you are happy and excited about the things you are saying then they are going to be more into it.

=> If you are saying an important point then slow down your speed and use appropriate pauses at appropriates places for an appropriate period of time.

=> Don’t look here and there while recording, Look directly in front of the camera. Looking here and there gives a bad impression to the viewers; they feel disconnected from you so they end up closing the video even before listening to the content.

  Message for new you tubers

Many new you tubers make their initial videos with lots of excitement but stop recording more due to less or no views.

You have to understand that in the beginning it is difficult to get views.

so rather than focusing on the number of views you should focus on the quality of the content and body language.

The more you learn and improvise in your initial period, the more you will be benefit in your later journey. You can even look upon some early videos of you tubers you admire; you will surely observe that they were not that good in those videos as compared to their recent videos.

For faster growth of your channel learn about keywords, hash-tags, attractive titles, Meta titles, and youtube marketing.

This will create awareness about your channel and bring your audience initially.

But whether you would be able to retain that audience or not depends on the overall quality of your video.


In this article, we learned the various ways and tricks using which we can speak confidently on YouTube videos or other similar platforms. Now it is time to apply and practice all these techniques.



Q-1 how much time it takes to make a perfect you tube video?

A-1 there is no video which can be termed as a perfect youtube video, you learn each day and improvise with each video. To make good youtube videos it might take 1-2 months or in some cases more than that so be patient.

Q-2 how do you tubers earn money?

A-2 YouTube income is generated by advertisements through AdSense, sponsorships with popular brands, and affiliate links.

Q-3 is it advised to make you tube videos in English language?

A-3 No you should make youtube videos in the language in which you are most comfortable. In India there is only 25% viewership on the videos made in English, on the other hand there more viewership in Hindi and other regional languages.

Q-4 should we run you tube ads?

A-4 yes you can run youtube ads to create more channel awareness and to increase the number of views. But before running an ad you should strictly know your audience so that each penny you spend gives you a positive result.

Q-5 is professional camera necessary to shoot a YouTube video?

A-5 No in starting there is, no need to buy a professional camera you can record with your phone, but you can set a target to buy a professional camera using your YouTube income!!



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