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Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture|Farming|2020|Technique|Machines


Artificial intelligence can be very helpful in agriculture. AI-powered machines and technology can improve the quality and quantity of crops.

It will also help in growing different species of crops. It will also benefit farmers as they are saved from exposure to harmful pesticides and insecticide.

The farmer put his money, time and energy in growing vegetation. He also invests a lot of money in this activity because of the inefficiency of farmers.

If robots worked for these farmers then they will not only increase the production of the crops but also be more efficient than then these farmers.

What’s in it for me?

  1. The topic at a Glance
  2. Artificial intelligence in crop selection and soil monitoring
  3. Artificial intelligence-powered robot in crop sowing
  4. Artificial intelligence in crop growth
  5. Artificial intelligence in crop harvesting
  6. Artificial intelligence in crop selling
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) about AI in Farming

The topic at a Glance

Artificial intelligence in crop selection and soil monitoring

In the farming process, the initial step of farming is selecting the best quality healthy seeds and the sowing process.

With the help of AI-powered robots, farmers can choose the best crops seeds and also monitor their harvest from time to time. But the major problem among most of the farmers is inefficiency in their technique.

However with exposure to this new technology, we can transform the farming sector. For instance with better knowledge of soil, artificial intelligence can suggest and farmers can adopt different types of crop patterns which will increase their yield.

These robots will be equipped with the latest technologies which will reduce the use of raw materials but will increase the yield. Further, one of the important tasks in farming is to monitor the crop and soil regularly.

Since different soil needs different types of monitoring hence we need to adopt different strategies at different places. But farmer’s knowledge is limited to their area.

Soil is a food source for the plants because many vital vitamins and elements are required for their proper growth.

Thus it is necessary to monitor soil time to time even before harvest and after harvest because it is very necessary for the healthy growth of these crops.

New technologies can monitor the soil very quickly and regularly they can check its minerals content and they can also suggest different strategies to increase the mineral content of the soil.

Artificial intelligence-powered robot in crop sowing

The major aspect of the proper growth of crops is the proper sowing of seeds. Therefore farmers have to sow plant seeds of these crops such that they get equal water and sunlight and he has to maintain equal spaces.

Thus, with the help of ai powered robots, the efficiency of these sowing processes increases.

They can even make different strategies so that they can give time to the soil to regenerate the mineral content.

Therefore, they can grow different crops in different seasons to increase their income. With the help of artificial intelligence they can get different plants so that they can grow 4 crops in a year.

Artificial intelligence in crop growth

The most important process of farming is the maintenance of crops. Therefore, the farmer needs to provide proper irrigation and spray insecticides and pesticides on the crops.


The growing period of the crops in farming determines whether the farmer will get a good yield of these crops or not. Hence it is necessary to properly maintain and grow these crops.

Irrigation is the most important task of the proper growth of crops in farming. Farmers have to water their crops such that they get enough water neither more nor less.

With the help of ai powered robots, they can irrigate their crop properly. It will not only save their electricity but will also save water.

Scientists have predicted that there will be a shortage of water hence it is very essential to save the water for future generations. Therefore, many new techniques are developed which directly supply water to the roots of crops.

Unnecessary Plants – Weeds

They will also prevent the growth of unnecessary plants like weeds with the crops which became competent of the crop for minerals from the soil, carbon dioxide from the air, and sunlight.

They also occupy space in the fields. Hence removal of such crops is very important and with the help of AI-powered robots, farmers could easily and safely remove these plants without damaging his yield

Pesticide and Insecticide

Pests and insects are one of the biggest problems in front of the farmers.

If Farmer sprays fewer amount of insecticide and pesticide on his crop, then pest would destroy his crop and if farmer sprays excess of these chemicals then this will be very harmful for the crop.

Moreover, the health of people who will consume this food will be worst affected. The excess of these Chemicals also affects nature. Moreover the water flowing from their field which will further merge with water streams will affect aquatic life.

The farmer who sprays these Chemicals on the crops is also affected because of interaction with these chemicals which leads to many diseases like cancer that’s why it is very important to spray an adequate amount of these chemicals.

However, with the help of AI-powered robots we can spray the proper amount of these chemicals on the crops which is just enough to destroy the pests and insects and which do not harm the crops and its consumers.

This will also save farmers from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Artificial intelligence will also help farmers to be updated with the latest technologies and news. Further they can regularly update farmers with the weather forecast.

Artificial intelligence will also update farmers with the latest inventions in this field. Further it will help farmers by introducing them to newer species of the crops and they can even grow different breeds of plants.

The farmer cannot remain always on his farm. Artificial intelligence will also act as security for his farm. Further these robots will not allow any animal to enter his farm which will destroy his crop. Further, he can keep an eye on his farm with the help of drones.

Artificial intelligence in crop harvesting

After the crop is grown, the next task in farming is to cut them properly. Farmers often took a long time to cut their crops because improper cutting of Crops will ruin the hard work of months.

Thus, with the help of AI-powered robots, farmers can properly cut his crop. It will increase the efficiency of his workers and will also reduce harvesting time.

Further robots will cut the crop in a proper pattern. They will also ensure that the unnecessary growing weed should not be mixed with these crops.

After the crops are harvested another task in farming is the crop storage. Inappropriate storage of these crops will lead to damage to the crops and wastage of space. Farmer’s crops are also often destroyed by animals like rats.

Thus, with the help of AI-powered robot crops is secured even in the warehouse. They will also prevent any type of damage to these crops.

Artificial intelligence in crop selling

After the crops are grown and cut, the next task in farming is selling crops at the proper price.

Artificial intelligence will also help farmers in selling their crops for the best rate. For instance with the latest technology, they will be updated with every scheme announced by the government for prevention from exploitation by middlemen.

Therefore, they will be regularly updated with the market demand and supply and this technology will help the farmer to store their yield for longer time safely. Transportation will also become easier with this technology. 

This technology will also help farmers in using their profit in different raw materials which will again increase their revenue.


To conclude, it is very necessary to update yourself with the latest technology. With the use of artificial intelligence in farming, farmers can increase their crop yield multiple times and hence their revenue.

This technology will increase their efficiency, reduce damage to the crops, and also get the best price for it.

Therefore, with the latest technology, they will be regularly updated with pieces of information like weather forecasts, government schemes, and minimum crop prices and market rates. Hence, this will prevent the exploitation of farmers by middlemen.

Also, the people working in the farming industry will be getting benefits of Kisan welfare schemes For example:

  • E-NAM
  • National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)
  • Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY)
  • Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY)
  • Gramin Bhandaran Yojna
  • Livestock insurance Scheme
  • Scheme on Fisheries Training and Extension
  • National Scheme on Welfare of Fishermen

`Source: Indiatoday

To sum up, artificial intelligence plays a very significant role in making the agriculture sector successful. Further, if you want to know more about artificial intelligence (AI), check our blog- Artificial Intelligence Meaning|2020|AI vs ML|Ultimate Guide

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

How AI-Powered robots help in agriculture?

The AI-powered robots are very beneficial in agriculture. They help in every process of agriculture from sowing, maintaining, irrigating to harvesting.
They have increased the efficiency of every process. Therefore, increasing the crop yield.

Can AI-powered robots completely remove the farmers from agriculture?

Yes, in future there is a possibility that these robots can replace farmers from agriculture. But there is a lot of time for this situation.
For this process we have to develop robots that are waterproof and can even work in harsh conditions.

What are some examples of Israel companies which are implementing artificial intelligence in agriculture?

1) Taranis
2) Prospera
3) SeeTree
4) Fruitspec
5) AgroScout
6) Seedo
7) SkyX
8) BeeHero
9) Tevel Aerobotics Technologies
10) Sciroot
Source: Tracxn

How AI help in selling crops of farmer?

With the help of AI, farmers are regularly updated with the demand, supply and market price of crops. Therefore, they are not exploited by middlemen.
Also they get updated about different government Kisan welfare scheme which is very important for them.

How robots help in security of farms?

AI-powered robots also maintain security of the farms. They prevent any animal or bird from destroying farmers crops in the field as well as in the warehouse.



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