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Gaming Industry-Artificial Intelligence uses|Games|PUBG|2020|


Artificial intelligence plays a key role in developing the game as well as the gaming industry. it helps in making a game more interesting and looks real.

We all love to play different types of video games of different categories for example shooting, puzzles, brain games, board games, car racing, etc.

Have you ever wondered when you play any type of video game with a computer as your opponent, in reality who plays against you?

Whether it is a person or anything else? The straightaway answer to this question is AI. That is the player is powered by artificial intelligence. and he is trained to play that game.

Do you know GTA V developed by rockstar North invested $256 million US dollars and within 24 hours of its release the revenue generated was more than $815 million US dollars worldwide.

So that’s the craziness of video games all over the world that’s why game developers put their heart and soul to develop a single game and It takes many years and thousands of people hard work to make it successful.

What’s in it for me?

  1. The Topic at a Glance
  2. How artificial intelligence help in developing games?
  3. How artificial intelligence makes the game real?
  4. How artificial intelligence is used in pubg?
  5. Drawbacks of artificial intelligence in the games
  6. Future possibilities of artificial intelligence in gaming
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) about artificial intelligence in the gaming industry

The Topic at a Glance

How artificial intelligence help in developing games?

Game developers work regularly for many years to develop a game. In other words, every game developer invests their valuable time in the game, that’s why it’s making cost is very high.

So to reduce these costs, the company preferred artificial intelligence as compared to developers. However, artificial intelligence helps in writing basic code only.

We can also use it for gathering information from various sources (popular games) and use this data to develop several characters, modes, skin, maps, missions, etc. Therefore, this helps to reduce manpower and time.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is used to create obstacles in different missions. In other words, they are coded to perform specific tasks on stimuli specific action which makes the game more interesting and adventurous.

How artificial intelligence makes the game real?

In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, game developers develop neutral players known as bots in games like chess, solitaire, cards, etc.

The player which plays for a computer is a bot created by artificial intelligence. Also in most of the games powerful villains and your team players run with the help of artificial intelligence.

In short, the purpose of these neutral players or bots is to make game look real.

These bots learn to play the game over a period of time, which makes it easier for game developers to find their flaws and drawbacks in the game and improve it which will hence improve the user experience.

Also artificial intelligence helps the player to improve their skills in training mode in video games.

Artificial Intelligence can also be used to create different levels in a single game. Further, they can be trained to react differently in different situations to make video games more challenging and interesting.

How artificial intelligence is used in PUBG?

History, Maps and Bots

One of the most popular games nowadays is PUBG (playerunknown’s battlegrounds). And it was released on 23rd march 2017. In a very short time it gained Limelight because of if it’s interesting, adventurous, and addictive gameplay. Presently, PUBG Mobile has passed 400 million downloads, and has 50 million daily active users – excluding China.

Source: gamesindustry

Firstly there are four different maps in this game- Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar. Secondly there are five modes in pubg – classic, arcade, arena, and play lab.

The main aim of the game is to kill all the people and subsequently win the title “winner winner chicken dinner”.

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in developing as well as making this game a real success. Generally game developers used artificial intelligence in writing game codes.

Also game developers develop neutral players known as bots which makes the game look real and awesome.

However we can easily identify bots in this game. That is to say they constantly fire in different directions and only shoot two fire at a time.

Thus they are very easy to kill. The main aim of the bot is especially that the player should face the enemy irrespective of where he is present in the map.

Further it allows artificial intelligence to learn this game which is very useful in different modes.

Teams, Zone and Ammunition

In one single game there are a hundred players. However, every player plays in a team of 4 members. Since not every time a hundred players are present hence many players may be bots in this game.

Artificial intelligence is also used in making teams for the players. Therefore, the teams are made on a different basis like player level, region, and language players speak.

In 4 vs 4 games it makes the opponent team based on the same level and experience which makes the game even more competitive.

Every game of pubg has a play zone or safe zone which means if the player is out of this circle, his health will eventually reduce and he will die. Artificial intelligence is used to create this circle and reduce its radius also.

You must have noticed why playing pubg, not every location has the same amount of ammunition that is one house contains many guns and another didn’t contain any.

The above task is performed by artificial intelligence. Firstly AI calculates the average number of players on a location, then AI chooses the number of ammunition to be placed at any location.

Guidelines and Rewards

It is not possible for the game developers to keep an eye and ear on the activity of every player but it is possible for Artificial Intelligence.

For instance if any player is found to violating guidelines like the use of abusive language, using plugins, playing using a hacked version, etc then he is banned from the game.

Moreover every player in the game is given daily missions and in these missions, the task and reward are appointed by AI based on the game level of the player.

Every player can get a gift from the crate or airdrops. However this is random. Hence artificial intelligence plays a very great role in making this game successful.

Drawbacks of artificial intelligence in the games

There are many positive sides of artificial intelligence in the game but there are some negative aspects also.

Some game developers use unnecessary AI in their games thus it makes games look unreal. Also, it is very easy to identify a bot in these games.

One of the major problems during the game development phase is that artificial intelligence cannot think.

They can’t perform creative work. Hence even if game developers want some suggestions from AI they cannot rely on it. Therefore Artificial intelligence can only write basic code

Also, AI makes game more challenging and engaging which make people addicted to a game.

For instance this video shows how a person can be addicted to a game and even break his personal belongings.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains use of abusive language (18+).
SOURCE: Carryislive

Future possibilities of artificial intelligence in gaming

There are unlimited possibilities where we can use artificial intelligence in this industry.

For example one of the most interesting possibilities is the development of games within a very short duration similar to the software through which we can create mobile apps in a few hours.

In the future, we may have software through which we can develop games within a few hours. Thus, people who know basic coding can also develop their games.

Secondly, game developers are trying to develop motion-based gaming in the future. So in this game, the person wears a suit VR headset and headphones and feel like that he is present in the game.

Moreover, he can be antagonist or protagonist. Thus this idea will take the gaming industry to the next level.

Meanwhile a revolution was brought by Google by the introduction of a Google stadia gaming platform similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus Hotstar where a user has to pay a subscription fee.

Undoubtedly he can even play games without having high-end computer hardware. Particularly he needs a good internet and a basic computer.

Further, if you want to know more about the future of artificial intelligence, check our blog-Future of Artificial Intelligence|21st-Century |Human’s Future|Boon or Bane


The gaming industry is growing rapidly. To clarify according to a source, It is estimated that by 2025, the gaming industry will grow up to $300 billion US dollars with billions of profit. Certainly this shows the huge potential of the gaming community.

If we apply Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in gaming, then we can unlock the next level from what we are today.

For instance with the help of artificial intelligence we can create games in a short duration and with better graphics. Artificial intelligence can also be used to train players to play different types of games.

To sum up, artificial intelligence plays a very significant role in making the gaming industry successful. Further, If you want to know more about artificial intelligence (AI), check our blog- Artificial Intelligence Meaning|2020|AI vs ML|Ultimate Guide

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

What is an example of a game that works completely on artificial intelligence?

Akinator is a game that completely works on artificial intelligence. You can find this game on google assistant.
This game asks you to choose a character and then ask several questions about that character and guesses its name.
This game completely works on AI.

What is the future of gaming industry?

The gaming industry is growing day by day exponentially. VR gaming and motion-based Gaming will be the future.

Can Artificial intelligence used to develop games?

No, AI cannot develop games completely on its own. It can write only basic coding.
Developing a game requires creativity and emotions which lack in artificial intelligence.

What is GOSU AI in PUBG?

GOSU AI is a program that provides training to players to improve their PUBG skills.
It provide them training, suggest ammunition to chose, and provides the strategy.

Does AI make games more addictive and made gaming a part of our lives?

Yes, with improvements in artificial intelligence games are becoming more addictive. AI increases the difficulty level and make games even more attractive and engaging. Thus, it is difficult for a person to quit it.



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