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Artificial Intelligence in Google|2020|Chrome|Assistant|Apps


Today we are surrounded by Google apps. While searching for information an average person spends 11 minutes on this site and average 200 hrs of their life on this site.

Have you ever wondered how it always shows you the correct information you are looking for and how it always shows you the ads of the product you searched last night?

This all works on artificial intelligence. Moreover most of the apps developed by Google works on AI. Whether it is YouTube on Gmail, whether it is chrome or voice assistant every app works on artificial intelligence.

What’s in it for me?

  1. The Topic at a Glance
  2. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Google search engine and Chrome
  5. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Google voice assistant
  8. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Waymo (Self-Driving Car)
  10. Conclusion
  11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about AI in google

The Topic at a Glance

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Google search engine and Chrome

Whenever we search for any information on Google, we instantly get the most best answer for our question, this all works on AI. It has different types of systems and technologies which constantly improve themselves to show us the best results we want.

While searching on internet you see the same ads again and again which belongs to a website which you might have visited yesterday or ad displaying a product which you want to purchase.

All the above tasks are done by AI which gathers information from your smartphone and shows you the most relevant ads.

Similarly, the News tab in Chrome displays news about your favorite topics and your interested niche. In short, with the improvement in technology and the availability of sufficient data, it can show even better results.

Many times you search a question and you directly see its answer. Similarly, sometimes you search a query and YouTube suggest you to watch the video from a particular time, this shows the power of artificial intelligence


We all use Gmail. It has different sections for different mails like sponsored, promotional and spam emails.

With the help of artificial intelligence, it divides emails in different types and only shows us the most important emails on the home page.

YouTube has one of the best AI-powered system. According to the source, The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes.

The trending section on YouTube is based on AI and the app show videos based on the popularity among the region.

After the end of a video YouTube automatically plays another video which is according to him the most relevant video or based on your interest, this shows the power of AI.

Above all even on the homepage YouTube shows videos of creators that make similar content.

Moreover, Google has launched platforms similar to YouTube like Google Stadia which will change the gaming industry.

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Another app-based on AI is known as Google Maps. Firstly this application helps in navigation. Secondly, it displays our places of interest based on our data which include our past travel history.

Even if you search for restaurants or hotels near me, it will show you the best hotel based on our previous visits.

Have you ever wondered how these maps show a red line on a street and green line on another street which indicates traffic levels on a road? Whether there is a man present on that road or there is any other technology behind it.

Well This all is because of artificial intelligence. Basically it combines the data (speed of cars on that road) from different sources present on that road.

With this data and mind of artificial intelligence, it calculates their average speed on the road and based on these data it can predict the traffic jam on that road, and most of the time this result is correct.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Google voice assistant

There is another application known as Google assistant. It gets activated whenever we say “OK Google” and listen and understand our question carefully.

It doesn’t matter the language you speak – English or Hindi or you say a single word or a phrase it displays the most relevant answer.

With AI systems you can talk with this Voice Assistant and ask questions too. It updates us by providing us news of our interesting topics also it makes us laugh by telling us jokes.

It also teaches us by sending important and inspirational quotations and narrates motivational stories whenever we are depressed. To sum up it is like we have a virtual friend with us.

This voice assistant can also work as a language translator which is very helpful when we travel to foreign countries. Further it can convert our language to another language by just speaking the language.

Moreover, with the help of voice Assistant, it can translate words from any language according to our convenience into any other language which helps in easy communication all around the globe.


There is another application known as Google lens which is purely based on artificial intelligence. With the help of this technology we can easily get information from any QR code or any barcode.

It can directly show you information about any product by seeing its photo.  It can easily make visual searches. You can use this feature if you want to know the breed of an animal by just showing a photo.

We can use this app to translate words of different languages. It also works on AI. It can also be used in understanding the meaning of any signboard by just clicking its photo.


Android software developed by Google is based on AI. With the new versions of the software, there is a large use of AI.

Firstly, it has increased the efficiency of the chipset and the Smartphone and even increased the battery life of the phone. Secondly, and most importantly, many new features like smart reply which suggest you the most relevant reply to a message are introduced.

Further features like a family link which enables parents to keep an eye on their child by setting screen time and restriction on the content they can watch.

Moreover it is rolling out kid versions of different applications like YouTube kids displays content which is good for kids. With the help of AI, it removes content which is not good for kids.

Android also introduced different security versions like location sharing to the family members which help to reduce crime. Also it improves privacy issues by fixing it or by updating apps from Play Store.

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Google is also working on automatic driverless car Waymo which started in 2009 it is basically a self-driving car project which doesn’t require a driver to drive it.

AI plays a very important role in this project. It also helps in reducing accidents and death due to it. Further it is found that out of 3 person 2 died in an accident are drunk. It also ensures safety on the road.

There are many devices placed on the cars like 360 cameras, radars, and lidars. Further data from these devices and Google maps are combined and artificial intelligence is used to prepare the best route to their destination.

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Google camera in pixel phones is famous for its best photos and different modes taken with a single camera.

Further it has different types of face filters, beautifications modes, and 3D emojis which all are based on ai. It can also easily recognize any plant any animal. Further it can recognize different breeds of different animals. it can boost color in an image according to different scenes

It removes blur from our images. Also this camera application can take the best images using night mode even at night maintaining sharpness and brightness


To sum up, with improvement in artificial intelligence, Google will automatically update its all system with the latest technology which will help us to get better answers.

According to the source, Google’s Parent company alphabet spends $26.018 billion US dollars in 2019 on their R&D. Certainly this shows that it is investing a huge amount of revenue to unleash the true potential of artificial intelligence.

On the other hand their future products like self-driving cars, robots, and improvement in their present search engines all are based on artificial intelligence and it is investing a huge amount of their revenue on them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Google has a large amount of data about us. Can it prove a threat to our privacy?

Definitely there can be privacy issues if this amount of data gets leaked from Google. But since this company enjoys trust of billions of people, we can rely on it.

What are some best Google future Artificial intelligence projects?

Google self-driving car project – Waymo,  AI’s killer (whale) app (which aims to protect marine life), Google nest.

Does Google provide courses on AI and ML?

Yes, Google provides many courses based on the latest ai technology and they are very informative. Do check these courses.

What is the name Google humanoid (robot)?

Atlas is the humanoid robot developed by Alphabet company Boston Dynamics. It has hydraulically-operated joints. It can scan surroundings and can even walk in complex surroundings.

What is Google brain?

It is an artificial intelligence program started by Google in the early 2010s. There are many experiments under this projects like
Artificial-intelligence-devised encryption system
Image enhancement
Google Translate



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