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Artificial Intelligence in Smartphone|Mobile|2020|Technology|Camera|


With the improvement in technology in mobile and development in Artificial Intelligence, they are becoming smarter than humans. Moreover, we all have a smartphone in our hands and more the 80% of the readers are reading this blog on a mobile.

Every time you take a selfie using AI beauty mode from your smartphone, it beautifies your face increasing glow on your skin. Have you ever thought about how he does so?

When you are taking a picture of a plant it boosts green color and when you are taking a picture of the sky it boosts blue color. This all is because of AI in your smartphone. When you want to buy a mobile every company says that their product is AI-powered.

So how AI works in smartphones? In this blog we will answer it.

What’s in it for me?

  1. The Topic at a Glance
  3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE powered hardware and software
  4. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in the voice assistant
  5. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in cybersecurity
  6. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in face filters
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about AI in smartphones

The Topic at a Glance


Today the quality of cameras in smartphones is increasing day by day. Besides, Smartphones are packed with triple rear or quad rear camera.

Megapixel count has reached 108 megapixels and Samsung is further working on a camera sensor of their smartphone which is 600 megapixels. On the other hand even our eye’s resolution is 576 megapixels.

But that doesn’t mean it will take a clearer photo than our eyes because more megapixel leads to better image is a false notion.

However, the major role in the smartphone is played by the image processing. Even Google’s Pixel smartphone line up is equipped with only a single camera but it takes clear photos as compared to other smartphones.

Even iPhone 11 pro max camera is of 12 megapixels but it is one of the best cameras. This all is because of image processing which is powered by AI.

AI in your smartphone automatically improve blur image. Also It can boost a particular color according to the scene. Moreover it can easily detect between humans, dogs, cats, etc.

With the help of AI beauty mode in the smartphone, it enhances the skin tone, increases beautification, maintains white balance and exposure.

With the help of night mode, we can take clear pictures at night. The AI in the smartphone takes many photos of the same subject at different contrast and exposure and combines them as a result we get a better quality image.

We can also use AI to take 3-D pictures from your smartphone.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE powered hardware and software


Meanwhile, every smartphone chipset manufacturing company is trying to increase the efficiency of its products by enabling different AI options. Also the middle ranged smartphone is packed with different AI options.

AI also helps in increasing the battery efficiency of the smartphone by keeping an eye on the user’s usage pattern. Thus, it improves user experience.

According to the source, it is estimated that 75% of the processors in smartphones will be AI-powered by 2022. Hence, it will increase the efficiency and speed of processing and improves battery life.


Firstly, you might think about how the applications in your smartphone show you the most relevant data? Secondly, how did you see the same product on every site which you browse yesterday? The answer is because of AI.

Whenever you install a new application it asks you to log in through your email id. Why? It is because they want to gather information and with the used of AI they show the best result.

With the help of AI, they combine all the information stored for instance your name, age, gender, date of birth, your interests, sites you visit, places you traveled.

Advancement in AI also does various work like indicating spam messages and calls. They do so by collecting data of call duration from different people. Also, it can easily identify your OTP messages.

Moreover, every smartphone operating system whether android or IOS comes with loaded artificial intelligence features which is backbone of a smartphone

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in the voice assistant

We all have different types of Voice Assistant in our smartphones like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. But have you ever wondered how it works? Basically it works on AI.

It keeps an ear on our voice and whenever we say ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Siri’ AI activates them and they solve our query.

Further, their intelligence get enhanced with time as they get to know about ourselves through information from our smartphones

It doesn’t matter whether you speak in any language – English, Hindi or Hinglish. Whether you say your problem in detail or one or two words they understand our problem.

When you just say to play the music they play your favorite track. How they do so? This is because of AI.

With the improvement in technology of mobile and voice assistants you can ask them to message, call, and send mails someone even from different platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Also every phone has Google lens. For instance, if we just show him a photo of a dog, it will tell you his breed. Moreover, it can scan any QR code or Bar code and extract all information from it. If you show him a product it will show you complete detail about that all is because of AI.

Further if you want to know more about the artificial intelligence in Google, check our blog-Artificial Intelligence in Google|2020|Chrome|Assistant|Apps


Smartphone Security

With exposure to such information there is a fear of hacking and a threat to privacy. Numerous times our data is leaked on the dark web. 

AI plays a very important role in cybersecurity.

With the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple set a trend of facial recognition security powered with Artificial Intelligence and after that every Smartphone company manufacturer introduces this face unlock feature in their device.

If any person tries to unlock our phone by our photograph or image in any device then AI will instantly recognize it and will prevent unlocking the phone. Therefore, it increased the security of devices.

Sometimes we decide to grow a beard or started using spectacles or sunglasses then also we can easily unlock the phone. It doesn’t matter whether our face is covered or not. This all is because of AI 

Samsung Company took this to another level by combining its Face Unlock along with iris scanner. This increased safety as well as reduced unlock speed.

Hacking and Spamming

AI also helps in maintaining privacy by preventing any malware or virus to get installed in your Smartphone along with other files.

Besides they prevent hackers to look at your activities and prevent any data leak. They prevent spamming in your device as well as stop some applications to look at your personal data. 

For example, if a music app seeks to have permission to look at your contacts or take permission to open a camera and microphone you will you might allow him by chance.

But AI will warn you about this and will suggest you about the permissions which must be given to an app preventing any type of privacy issue or data breach. So it takes security to another level

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Nowadays we see children using dog filters or some cat filters and enjoy a lot.

We all use Snapchat on our phone and it is famous for its different types of face filters. Further Apple’s emoticons are a very good example of artificial intelligence-powered face filter.

It basically detects our face movements and gestures and then display different filters. Subsequently Apple emoticons make our 3D face design and capture our face emotions and using AI develops different face emojis.


In the end I want to conclude, every Smartphone user should try to use different AI features in your phones. Because it provides applications accurate and sufficient information about your interest to enhance our user experience.

Every user should also check the data they provide to different applications. Because many applications try to steal your data. Thus, we should not store sensitive information on our device.

Even every Smartphone manufacturing company or app development company should try to implement AI in their products because AI is the future.

In short, artificial intelligence plays a very significant role in making today’s mobile smarter. Further, if you want to know more about artificial intelligence (AI), check our blog- Artificial Intelligence Meaning|2020|AI vs ML|Ultimate Guide


What is some best AI-powered chip manufacturing company?

Some best chip manufacturing companies are Apple, Huawei, Qualcomm, Samsung and Mediatek.

Are AI-powered smartphones a threat to privacy?

We can’t say yes. Like every coin has 2 faces, this statement also has 2 arguments.
On the one hand AI improved cybersecurity by improving biometric and facial recognition systems. They try to prevent the installation of Trojans and malware.
But on another side, there is a possibility of a data breach.

What is the future of AI in smartphones?                            

There is a bright future of AI in smartphones in the future. Every hardware and software company is introducing different features in their products which run on AI.

How artificial intelligence helps in increasing the efficiency and battery life of our mobile phone?                                                                                                 

AI constantly stores data about your usage pattern of your device.
For Ex: while using your Smartphone you first open Whatsapp then Instagram and then YouTube. So AI will store all this information for the future.
Next time when you unlock your phone and start using Whatsapp then AI will automatically open Instagram and then YouTube in the backend of the device which will increase the efficiency of the device and also improve battery life by stopping apps which you don’t use.

What are some AI applications in our smartphones?

Some applications are
1) Google Assistant and Siri
2) Google Lens
3) Socratic
4) Doubtnut
5) Animoji



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