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Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) Basic Hack 2020


“The capacity to learn and apply in future action called Intelligence and implement into a Machine is called Artificial Intelligence

Let’s find out

  1. Introduction
  2. Type of A.I.
  3. History
  4. Current Status
  5. Goals
  6. Applications
  7. Advantages and Disadvantage
  8. Career & Future Scope
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

Introduction of A.I.

We understand in a simple way Artificial mines what, not a human and Intelligence mines what, “Mind”. We are going to fit the mind into a not human body like robots is called Artificial Intelligence.

The ability to solve problems, act rationally and act like humans.

A human can learn anything and everything at any time, but it is not possible to learn like a human. We are going to tell or teach any machine to the recognized cow. Then, how it is possible.

We are going to tell them a different – different type of cow then machine or its algorithm is going to the made pattern to understand how it is sow cow then we are asking for the cow. then it is easily recognized from past expression.

But when we are going to show dogs then we are going to tell them for recognition. What is this then they cannot recognize this animal. For understanding animals for this machine,

We have to be different – different types of animals to show them then machine was understood what is this.

For understanding animals for this machine, we have to be different – different types of animals to show them then machine was understood what see them. It is also called machine luring.

We are showing a different — different types of objects then after that, this machine or algorithm understands what is this. And we are provided intelligence to this machine to easily it is understood what is this then we are called it is A. I (Artificial Intelligence) Machine.

If we are doing machine learning in only now playing football, but we are giving them to play hockey sticks, if it is machine learning algorithms them he cannot play this hockey stick.

But if it is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) then he does not recognize but it is trying to play hockey stick and after some time it is playing learned. It’s all about called A.I.

Types of A.I.

There are three types of A. I (Artificial Intelligence)

  1. Narrow or Week Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Strong Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Super Intelligence Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s discuss all topics.

1. A week or Narrow A.I.

It’s all are the week A.I. who is done simple works like searching crowing. It’s their names come from natural language processing. Week A. I do not replace the humans thus these are making our work is simple.

 Example: Google searching, Self-driving cars, A.I. Cameras, Drowns.

2. Strong A.I.

Strong AI

It is going to replace humans, and they do repeat work. It is not having emotion like human intelligence and it is truly understood, human has a lack of compressive knowledge.

Example: Human Robots

3: Super Intelligence A.I.

It’s had to think like a human, and he is decided. It has multi-focused intelligence in which robots. It is apically all work does like a human.

This is not having an example, but we all see transformers it is the best example of Super Intelligence A.I.

History of A. I

In 1956 – 1974

The term “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” was introduced in 1956. This term was given by “john McCarthy

The day of summer Dartmouth college is organizing a Workshop about artificial intelligence. Who attained this workshop?

All are the leader of the industry. Some people were said after some time we are made an intelligent machine like a Human.

John McCarthy Stanford

After sometimes very much have money in this field for research. It was the best time for growing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

These times make who solve basic problems like algebra and other mathematics problems. Is the name of WASADA university he makes a robot called WABOT?

It is the first robot of the whole word called about WABOT– 1.  And after sometimes make about WABOT– 2 who’s also called Android. This time we only know the Android operating system.

In 1974 – 1983

This start AI Winter this time some scientist is called not have more resources (like more computer,

Some task solves but consumes more time) to make better artificial Intelligence. And after some time comes an expert system whose specialist in one type of Domain that not required data then

After meeting some power to implement and A.I. system after that makes some A.I. Robots.

In 1987 – 2011

Well, it is the very slow growth of A.I. it is also called A.I. Winter. Sometimes make the computer of A.I. fully loaded who play a game of chess.

Playing two people game first was the champion and second was the computer. It plays 6 Times 1-time win the first player and 2 3 4 5 times match draw after that 6 times win computer and take a toffee is our name.

In 2011 — now!

That was a very powerful computer and all are used A. I powered and research all are companies in A.I. it has to implement A.I. Then A.I.’s research is going faster than faster it’s all about the history of data science.

Current Status of A.I.

  1. We all are used in this A. I based camera like Mods all are use A.I. to make our photo is beautiful it is all possible from the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. In this time all are use bots like PUBG mobile / PUBG mobile lite are sent bots to make the game more interesting.
  3. I talk about image recognized then we all are known about google lance (it is going to recognize all photos). It is how to identify mango or apple and how it identifies it cats or dogs. This is all possible because of A.I. Artificial Intelligence.
  4. If we are going to talk about the medical industry solving a variety of problems of patients, hospitals & healthcare industry overall. Using avatars in place of patients.
  5. Analyses satellite images to identify which areas have the highest poverty level, and then we go and solve their problem.
  6. Gate allocation for plane while landing and also a self-mode of the plane and also determination the price of the ticket. It has various factors of designs a ticket price then it makes the importance of Artificial Intelligence. Companies are creating robots to teach subjects.
  7. Robots have become very common in many industries. It can do repetitive laborious takes.
  8. In stock market algorithmic trading market analysis & data mining.
  9. Personal finance and portfolio management it’s all possible form A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).
  10. We are a self-Drive car and this where is stopping and where is the speed limit and it is also tracked by GPS.

Goals of A.I.

Deduction, Reasoning, Problem-solving:

  • To develop algorithms that human uses
  • Algorithms can require enormous computational resources and problem goes beyond a certain size

Knowledge Representation:

  • To build a machine with the capability of making working assumptions and common sense.


  • In classing problems, the agent can assume that it is the only system acting on the world.
  • Multi-agent planning uses the cooperation and completion of many agents to achieve the given goal.


  • Machine learning is the fundamental concept of A.I. search.
  • Unsupervised learning is the ability to find patterns in a stream of input.
  • Supervised learning includes both classification and numerical regression.

Applications of A.I.

  1. Competition & Prizes
  2. Automotive
  3. Healthcare
  4. Finance & Economics
  5. Video games
  6. Teacher
  7. Programmer
  8. Daily Works

Advantages & disadvantages of A.I.

Cr.Advantages of A.I.Disadvantage of A.I.
1:The chance of error is almost nil.High Cost of making this and manganese.
2:It can be used to explore space, depths of the oceanThe decrease in demand for human labor.
3:Smartphones are the greatest example of A.I.A.I. may be programmed to do something devastating.
4:It can be used in time-consuming tasks efficientlyMachine Ethics.
5:Algorithms can help the doctor asses patients. Their health risks.The storage and access are not as effective as human brains.
6:Machines do not require sleep or break and can function without stoppingNo improvement with experience.

Career & Future Scope in A.I.

If you want to make a career in this all field then these are very important to know:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Python programming language
  3. Logical Thinking

You can do B. Tech from CS or you also do BCA and many types are courses are available in India related to A.I. and Machine learning.

You can do all the above courses and you also learn the JavaScript, python but before you do this, we need to do learn c language and C++ language, it is a base language of any language.


If these are all things that are applied to the robots mines we are made artificial intelligence Robots then our many of the work going to make simple and easy. These are possible from Artificial Intelligence Robots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Machine Learning?

A: Machine learning is a subset of A.I. machine is learned from many different – different types of objects data then it is the response it is called Machine learning.

Q: What is Deep learning?

A: It is a subset of Machine Learning; the machine is how it is Lauren from data it is called deep learning. It is created a multi Narwhal architected like a human.

Q: What is Data Science?

A: We are collecting data from everywhere and anything then we take any type of Designs.

Q: What are robots dangerous for humans?

A: Yes, it is dangerous for humans. When it has got the Intelligence power but this time it has not any robots to see this power.

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