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Backlink Checker Tools to Steal Your Competitor’s backlinks 2020


Off-page SEO is an integral part of any SEO campaign. The main target to use the off-page SEO is to build as much as quality backlinks. The more quality and relevant links you get to your website, the more your website will rank in search engines. You can track and record the backlinks for your website. But if you need to track the backlinks of your competitor’s website, you need a good and trustworthy backlink checker tool.

Backlinks are the backbone of any search engine campaign of any website. Nobody will share the backlink list of his website with you. Even, when you will hire an SEO expert to work on your website rankings, he will also hesitate to share the backlink data with you. Why people are so possessive about the backlink source data? Because it is the real asset for any online business.

Let’s understand this with a simple theory.

Suppose you are having a website and you have put a lot of effort and resources for organic traffic. You have built a decent amount of high-quality backlinks. But, due to any reason, you have flipped or sold your website. Now, if you have the list of your backlinks with you, then you can develop a new website from scratch and replace your SEO campaign. Very soon you will be able to get the search engine rankings.

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I have used the term ‘Quality Backlink’ quite a time above. You must be curious, what actually is a quality backlink?

A backlink is a link that points to your website from another website. A high-quality backlink comes from an authority website or a quality source. For example, when you get the link from .gov or .edu websites or from the website which has high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) these links are called the high-quality backlinks. The content of the source website from which you are getting the backlink should be relevant to your web content. In the nutshell, the backlink should come from a High-quality & Relevant source.

A backlink checker tool is an advanced application that can give you check the links of any website. By using a backlink checker tool you can access the backlinks of your competitor’s website or web content. It is a very vital data to plan your SEO strategy. Imagine if you can access steal your competitor data, you will be way ahead even in the planning phase of your online marketing.

The backlink checker tool is used to access the backlinks of any website. But this definition may be incomplete. Because a backlink checker tool does much more than this.

The Backlink Checker tool is used

  • To plan and analyze SEO campaign
  • Get the estimated traffic on a particular webpage
  • Check the number of do-follow and no-follow links
  • Check the backlink anchor text
  • To check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of backlinks
  • Remove the suspicious backlink activities

The backlink checker tool is a power-packed application. It is capable to execute the backlink research task. For any SEO professional, it is a dream tool to work on.

Now let’s discuss what are the best backlink checker tools?


Ahrefs has the best backlink checker tool. The official website of Ahrefs claims that they have the ‘second most active web crawler after Google’. Ahrefs update their backlink index in every 15 minutes. The tool gives you tons of features which include:
Domain and page-level matrics
Monitor the trend of backlink profiles
A complete breakdown of the target’s backlink profile
Estimated traffic on referring domain or page
Websites linking to your target page
Most linked-to pages
Breakdown of outbound links
Complete link analysis.
To check the broken links Arefs offers the backlink checker tool with a free 7 days trial. After the trial period, this tool will cost you USD 99/month. It may seem costly to you, but if you really want to run your SEO campaign successfully and want to get ahead of your competitor then this is the tool worth investing.


Moz offers its backlink checker tool. It has a database of over 600 million domains and 6 trillion pages. Moz has a very versatile backlink checker tool. It’s easy to use tool helps you compare and track your competitor’s backlink profile. You can understand from where your competitor is getting the most of his backlinks.

You can find a list of broken links. It will enable you to make the strategy for fixing broken links. It can check the spam score of your backlinks and helps you in making a plan for reducing the spam score for your domain. ‘Link intersect’ lets you find the potential backlinks. It will help you to find which domain or web content is ahead in the SEO race. You can monitor the trends of your backlink profile, anchor text and domain authority of the backlinks.

Moz backlink checker will give you a free trial for 30 days and after the trial period, this tool will cost you USD 179/month.


The backlink checker tool by SEMrush gives you the flexibility to conduct an in-depth link audit for your domain. It is a very powerful tool that will show a deep analysis of all the links pointing to your website.

SEMrush can check all the backlinks to a targeted URL or domain. You can check the domain and page authority of a link. It will show the anchor text of the backlinks. You can check the URLs and the title of the backlinks. Most importantly you can check the weight of backlink on your competitor’s domain.

SEMrush backlink checker tool is very easy to use and you don’t need to have any expertise to use this tool. It can check the backlink types and give you the graphic representation for your easy understanding. With this tool, you will be able to fetch your competitor’s data of do-follow links and the potential sources that might be interested in your web content.

You can point the geo-location of your links. SEMrush tool will show the IP address from which your backlinks are coming. This will help you to find the location of the backlinks.

SEMrush offer backlink tool will cost you USD 99.95/month.

Ubersuggest Backlink checker tool

It allows you to fetch who is link data towards your website or to your competitor’s website. You can use this tool to build links and boost the rankings of your website.

Ubersuggest gives you the backlink overview analysis of a webpage. You can find the new link building opportunities just in a few mouse clicks. You just need to search your competitor’s URL and click search. It will give you a precise list of links linking to your competitor’s website. You can add those potential links to your SEO campaign to boost your website rankings.

Ubersuggest comes with the advanced filtering options to sort your backlink data in various ways. You can download the data in CSV format if you want to analyze the same later.

The best part about the Ubersuggest is totally free. If you are an SEO beginner or having a low budget then this tool is definitely for you.

Small SEO Backlinks Tools

It is a free backlink checker tool still it will give you a detailed report on backlink analysis of your website. This tool uses the Ahrefs engine to pull out results. So, there is no question on the credibility of this tool.
You can track the list of backlinks and site audits for the targeted domain. It is able to find your best performing content. able to give you a view of which keyword is bringing the most of the links. It can steal your competitor’s most valuable links and fetch the possibility of new link buildings.

This tool will show the exact anchor texts that your competitor is using. This way you will be able to spy your competitor’s keywords. It will give you the do-follow and no-follow link counts and a total number of referring IPs, organic traffic and organic keywords.

I rate this tool as the best available backlink checker tool. It’s free to use. No matter if you are a beginner or an SEO expert, this is the tool worth trying.

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As per the above discussion, it is very much evident that you need a good backlink checker tool for running a successful off-page SEO campaign. But you need to choose this wisely. Some of the available tools are too costly and they can make a hole in your pocket, while others are free but may not work as expected. I personally recommend Small SEO Tools (SST). It’s totally free plus it provides results as Ahrefs paid version do. You should try SST at least once. I can assure, you will love this tool.


1. Do I need any expertise to use the backlink checker tools?

The backlink checker tools are not difficult to use. You just have to put the targeted domain in the search box and press the search button. That’s it. But to analyze the data and take the appropriate action based on the data you need a good level of skill and experience. No teacher or book can give you this experience. The only way to get this is by practicing more and more.

2. Can I trust the available free backlink checker tools?

You cannot trust all the available free backlink checker tools. But few free tools are really doing well. If you are a beginner and want to develop your skill without paying much, then you should go for free tools like the Ubersuggest and Small SEO Tools.

3. Can backlink checker tools create backlinks automatically?

Absolutely not. Backlink checker tools are meant for research and comparison of backlinks. These tools can help you in planning your SEO strategy. But these tools do not provide you the facility to create backlinks.

4. How backlink works

Suppose you are having a website and you have put a lot of effort and resources for organic traffic. You have built a decent amount of high-quality backlinks.



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