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Basic Step-by-Step Products List for Professional Makeup Artist Kit – 2020


In this topic you will get to know about the essential products you must have in your makeup kit as a professional makeup artist.

Proficient makeup kits/units play a vital role in some effort to build and are a money related speculation.

It’s not wrong to say makeup professionals mostly invest bunches of energy/time inquiring about makeup products, their results, choosing their brands, and deciding the shades according to the skin color.

Questions related to different brands’ product quality and offers that can suitable for them economically.

In addition, if it’s your beginning as a makeup artist then advisable to only focus on quality, focus on mid-run valuing, and adhere to the base.

However, you have to smart enough when it comes to building your makeup artist kit checklist by including every shades and option to mix and match them according to the customer’s skin type.

Every time it’s not possible to buy a new product and try new brands without having any knowledge about the results of that particular product.

In reality, a professional makeup artist, can’t be an expert until and unless you have a deep passion and creativity towards makeup.

If you choose to be a makeup artist then it can give you a name and opportunity to earn well for yourself.

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Here are a few points to be noted for sorting out makeup products list that are good and effective options for a tenderfoot makeup professional to sort out their products in their makeup vanity.

They are also proficient in covering up all the requirements.

List of makeup products for beginners.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Skin and Eye Primer
  2. A Foundation and Concealer Palette
  3. Contour Palette
  4. Eyeshadow Palette
  5. A Basic Lipstick Palette
  6. Eyeliner and Lip Liner
  7. Good Eye Brow Kit
  8. Baking / Setting Powder 
  9. Makeup Fixer
  10. Makeup Artist Kit – Brushes Set 
  11. Beauty Blender 
  12. Furthermore, in addition, here are some extra products to consistently keep close enough
  13. Conclusion
  14. Frequently Asked Questions regarding Professional Makeup Artist Kit

For Makeup
, you are going to need various products that accompanying things to make you go! 

1) Skin and Eye Primer

For limiting pores, keeping away from wrinkles around the eyes, and helping the skin to prep and increase the stay of the makeup.

2) A Foundation and Concealer Palette

A professional makeup artist always prefers to choose foundations and concealer palettes to range from fair to dark complexion tones.

When it comes to foundations and concealer palettes you will find them in a cream base.

If there is an event and you favor utilizing fluid/ liquid foundation on your customers, then make sure that you must have these 3 shades, (Neutral toned ivory, one medium warm-conditioned tan, and one warm-conditioned ultra-dark shade.)

This will gives the option to combine these to make a counterpart for your customers. The skin can be differentiated as warm or rosy.

The warm tone has an increasingly yellow tint, while ruddy complexions are pinker.

Many people have a warm skin texture. So it advisable to steer away from such a large number of more bronzed tone shades while looking for your first makeup kit.

3) Contour Palette

You will need to put resources into a palette with a few different shading conceals.

For shape, you will need three-tone matte earthy shades, one for fair complexion, one for medium skin, and one for the brown complexion.

For your highlighting options, two unbiased/warm-conditioned matte alternatives, one fair/medium and one medium/dark, and one shine feature.

These shaping/feature palettes can be available in powders or cream bases, whatever your preference.

4) Eyeshadow Palette

Eye shadow is Love!

It’s a dream of every makeup artist to contour with perfect eyeshadow Platte which can fulfill their requirements for different looks and events.

For a starting pack, you are going to need a, for the most part, a matte base palette with more options of neutral colors in addition to a few brighter shades palette and a few pressed glitters and shimmery colors.

5) A Basic Lipstick Palette

You can begin with a few lipstick palettes with a lot of reds, corals, pinks, and nudes.

A lot of matte and sheer options are ideal. A lipstick palette always permits you to effortlessly combine a few different shades to create a perfect shade according to your customer outfit.

In some cases, if you love and prefer a specific brand of lipstick that doesn’t arrive in a lipstick palette then you can consider ousting into a Vueset palette. 

6) Eyeliner and Lip Liner

It’s a necessity!

Fluid, gel, pencil, or cake liners will all do. It’s very important for you to discover what product you’re most happy and comfortable while using it.

Make a range according to the shade chart and requirements.  

7) Good Eye Brow Kit

It is possible that you need shades extent ought to be from mild light beige to profound earthy colored, and maybe dark.

You can go with various shades in pencils, powder, and cream palettes.

Always prepare with options with various forehead shades to flawlessly coordinate meager temples on your customer.

 8) Baking / Setting Powder   

Likewise, ensure you are utilizing Setting Powder and not Finishing Powder.

Baking Powder is intended to set the foundation and ensure the skin isn’t look shabby after concealing.

Finishing Powder is intended to polish off the makeup after it has just been set with baking powder.

Finishing Powder is used with a soft or fan brush and apply a light layer is to clear over the face to decrease the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles.

A minor sum is all you need; we have usually those honorary pathway photos of the ladies with white circles around their eyes.

That is because their makeup artist used finishing powder to set their foundation base as opposed to setting powder.

Try not to commit that error!

9) Makeup Fixer

Makeup ‘setting‘ shower is figured to be move evidence and keep your makeup right where you left it, while ‘completing‘ splashes are used to soak the skin.

Splashing a touch of makeup fixer over your face prior, before you start applying makeup followed by after your look till finished, genuinely holds the makeup for the whole day.

10) Makeup Artist Kit – Brushes Set 

Here are the eight makeup brushes that you really need.

A level concealer brush.

A feathery face powder brush.

A medium-sized blush brush 

A level highlighter brush

A stiff angled brush for eyebrows

A little eye shadow brush

A medium-width eyeshadow brush

A crown eyeshadow brush.

A lip brush 

11) Beauty Blender 

Beauty Blender is used to blend foundations and other fluid bases.

To keep in your makeup kit, you may need to add a few.

This is on the basis that you should have a spotless one for every customer, and on the off requirement that you have 3 customers that day, you would prefer not to need to continue washing them in your applications.

12) Furthermore, in addition, here are some extra products to consistently keep close enough. 

  • Cotton Balls / Wet Wipes
  • Toner  
  • Face oil/mist (for dry skin)
  • Isopropyl alcohol for sterilizing
  • Medium size spray bottle
  • Face wash
  • Lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Disposable Tissues
  • Lip Scrub/ blam
  • Micellar Water / Makeup Remover   
  • Cosmetics Wipes 
  • Cosmetic spatulas and steel palettes 
  • Disposable mascara and lip wands 
  • Hair clips
  • False eyelashes and lash glue  
  • Brush Cleaner
  • Paper Towels
  • Ziploc bags
  • Sharpie
  • Business cards


In the last, I conclude that to make any professional makeup artist kit it always required experiences and real-time product reviews.

Remember your experiences

Put resources into a vanity case to keep every product clean and set up things in order.

Delicate sided are easy to carry in comparison to customary train cases for customers in a hurry.

A lot of compartments for makeup products and don’t forget to maintain the hygiene of your makeup brushes.

If you are a beginner makeup artist then read all the above steps to make your own vanity in affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Professional Makeup Artist Kit

Why makeup artist needs a professional kit?

As a professional makeup artist, you can’t be an expert until and unless you have a passion and professional makeup kit with basic essential products.

What is the use of a professional makeup kit?

If it’s your beginning as a makeup artist then advisable to only focus on quality.
Make your professional makeup kit to organize everything on a prior basis.



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