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7 Benefits reading Book | Make it your Habit Today


You may have a lot of questions regarding book reading.

How it is going to benefit us? Is reading a waste of time?

What should I read? I am not able to maintain the habit of a reading book?

In this blog, we are going to discuss the problem were the beginner reader attempt, how they can overcome it.

What’s in it for me?

1. How the reading book is going to benefit me?
2. Which is better reading books or watching videos?
3. How to enhance comprehension?
4. How should I develop the daily habit of a reading book?
5. Summary
6. FAQ

How the reading book is going to benefit?

1. It helps to know yourself better.

Reading books grows you emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

It will help you to understand others point of view, which will help you to communicate with others.

It makes you a humble person.

You would have the ability to control your own emotions.

Overall makes you a better person in your life.

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2. Improves focus and concentration.

• In this world of distraction, reading is the most interesting way to improve your concentration.

• Reading is an active process, once you get addicted to book reading you won’t be able to step back from a catchy book.

3. It improves imagination and creativity.

• While reading about any character or particular scene you put effort into imagining it in your own way.

• Practicing this process over time, you will see a great change in your creativity and imagination.

4. Memory

Memory power is another area where most people losing their ability.

• Every time you read a new book you have to store that content in your memory.

Do you know this other ways through which you can boost your memory?

5. Knowledge and experience.

• Books are the result of the overall life experience of the person. You can read it in a few days or weeks and know about the author’s experience.

• Books are a great source of knowledge, you can understand the thinking process of the great people who had to change the world.

6. Reduce stress.

Reading helps your mind to focus on the book instead of a source of stress.

Reading keep your mind peaceful.

It helps you to get better sleep by soothing your distracted mind.

7. Improve vocabulary.

Every time we face new words, we get to know it’s meaning through reading context or searching it in the dictionary which adds new words in our vocabulary.

We do get to know the sentence structure, use of phrases which overall improves the command over any language.

As well we learn the art of writing which enhances our writing skills.

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Which is better reading books or watching videos?

• There can be an endless discussion on this topic. From my point of view, they both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

It is an active type of learning. It is a passive type of learning.
Reading speed gets increases over the period. Watching speed is not get change.
Reading improves imagination, as the reader converts the text into pictures in its mind. It is more like a feeding process, information is feed by the creator, no creativity, no imagination.
It takes more time. Take comparatively less time.
Should be used if the concepts have to remember for a long term perspective.Watch video concepts are less informative and have to remember for a shorter period.

How to enhance comprehension.

Comprehension:- Ability to understand the text clearly while reading.

Use the pointer: You can use the pen if it’s a book and your finger itself if it’s an ebook.

It also increases your reading speed. An act of regression is drastically reduced.

Before starting with reading book ask yourself “What can you get out of this book?”. As you read your mind will grasp all the possible answers.

After reading each chapter prepare the short notes. Write down the important points related to the chapter.

Taking notes after reading makes your mind to focus on and understand the concepts more clearly.

• Before starting to read get some brief idea about the concept of the book.

For that, you can be referred to watching a summary of books on YouTube.

• And the last tip, if you feel bored while reading, you can read aloud which improves your focus ability.

As you become addicted to reading there is a need for it, your craving will assist you to read more.

That’s it, for the tips to improve comprehension. Read more about Comprehension.

How to make the habit of reading?


It acts as an initial trigger for the reward. Let’s say if you have a habit of smoking.

So, any cigarette shop on the street is the cue for you.


It can be called as the motivation behind taking any action on behavior.

Considering the same example, the feeling of stress-free is a reward for your mind, it craves for it more, desire to have a smoking increase.


It is your responsibility, in other words, it is the action you take on the behavior.

The act of smoking is a response. It gives pleasures or say reward.

You take repose not because you like smoking but your craving for pleasure of stress relief.


The last stage, wherein finally you desires get satisfied.

And this reward creates more desire more pleasures and you take the action in a similar pattern.

Making habit of reading is simple, you just have to stay away from the feeling of boredom.

This is 4 Law, on the basis which habit formation works using the same law we going to suggest you how you can develop the habit of reading.

Read in more about 4 Law of Habit.

Applying the 4 Law

1. Cue: MAKE THE BEHAVIOR OBVIOUS, in our case what you can do is keep the book you want to read on pillow, the next time you go to sleep cue will remind of of your habit.

Reading in the morning as you get up is also a best time to time read books.

2. Craving: BY MAKING IT ATTRACTIVE, give yourself some reward which will put you in the action mode.

Like, “After reading for just 10 minutes, I will be watching my TV show”.

3. Response: KEEP IT EASY. Set the goal so small that it should be as fun to you.

You can use 2 minutes of the rule. You just have to read for 2 minutes not more than that. It will make you take action on your habit daily, which makes consistency.

4. Reward: It should be something which can SATISFY YOU. The best way is using habit tracker, tick ✔️ each day you take action on your habit.

Seeing something visually progress feels a sense of achievement which encourages you to take the action.

Here we end with blog hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to act on strategies we learned on habit formation.


1. Reading book improves concentration, focus.

2. Your communication as well as language and vocabulary improves.

3. Reading makes you emotionally and psychologically aware.

4. Abundance source of knowledge.

5. Ways to improve comprehension.

6. Use pointer, ask yourself how this book is going to benefit you, get the summary before reading any book, take notes after completing each chapter.

7. Make daily habit of reading using 4 Law’ CUE, CRAVING, RESPONSE, REWARD


1. Why book reading is decreasing?

reason for a decrease in reading habits per say is that books nowadays tend to be available in audio form; making it easier to consume the book’s contents while attending to other activities. This remains controversial, as it often impacts the quality of both activities you are trying to multitask your way through.

2. Which app is best for reading ebook?
This are the 5 app that I found are the best:

1. Kindle app
2. Play Book

3. Aldiko Book Reader
4. Cool Reader
5. Anybook app



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