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BENNGALI THALI – 27 Most Famous Dish In The Bengali Thali


Bengal or Kolkata is famous all over the world for it’s Misti Doi or Sweet Curd, Bengal is also known for it’s rich literature and singing, besides Misti Doi Bengal have Bengal have much more to offer in the contribution of food, Bengali Thali is the Perfect example of it.

In This Blog I will through the journey of flavours of Bengal present in it’s Thali starting from the appetizer ending with the popular sweets I will take you through the 27 famous dishes of Bengal.

What’s in the blog

  1. Food Items in Bengali Thali
  2. Descriptions About Food Items in Bengali Thali
  3. FAQ
StateWest Bengal
Number Of Food ItemsVary from 10 to even more than 30

1. Food Items In Bengali Thali

  1. Luchi
  2. Alur Doom
  3. Bhat
  4. Pulao
  5. Saag Bhaja
  6. Sukto
  7. Macher Matha dia Daal
  8. Papor
  9. Dhonkar Danlla
  10. Potoler Dorma
  11. Mochar Ghonto
  12. Vetki Macher Paturi
  13. Macher Matha Bhaja
  14. Katla Macher Kalia
  15. Chitol Macher Muitha
  16. Illish Macher Bhapa
  17. Sorsae Illish
  18. Chingri Macher Malai Curry
  19. Dab Chingri
  20. Murgi Mangshor Jhol
  21. Pathar Mansour kosha
  22. Chatni
  23. Misti Doi
  24. Payesh
  25. Rosogolla
  26. Jol Bhora Sandesh
  27. Lancha

2. Description About The Food Items In Bengali Thali

Luchi Alur Doom

Luchi and Alur Doom is srverd as a starter in the Bengali Thali, Bengali people normally used to have Luchi and Alur Doom as a breakfast usually on weekends

It is a Bengali version of Puri and Dum Aloo,

While making the dough of luchi bengalis used give moyan the process of mixing the flour with sugar, salt and white oil to give it a better flavour we usually the puris are of small size and deep fried in white oil the luchi is puffed from both side.

Dum Aloo is a traditional Potato Based Kashmir Pandit Dish Alur Doom is the Bengali version of it where we usually not deep fry the potatoes first we just sautee the onions and tomatoes with spice like bay leaves, cinnamon, cumin bengali special spice panch foron and add just the raw potatoes give little amount of water and slow cook it.


Rice is known as Bhat is Bangla the Bengali language rice is a staple food Bengal is amongst the largest producer of rice in as we produce much we also consume much there are some families in Bengal who consumes rice three times a day we choose long grain rice for special occasions and thalis.


Pulao or Pilaf is optional in thali Bengalis cook pulao in a different manner we use the rice we called Gobindobhog Chal for making pulao we usually do not add vegetables to the pulao we add turmeric powder for yellow colour in the pulao we Bengalis also add additional sugar in pulao to get a sweet flavour throughout the pulao in Bangla we called Pulao as Polao.

Saag Bhaja

Saag Bhaja simply refers to fired saag Bengalis use to have it traditionally with boiled rice it is made almost in every traditional Occasions of Bengalis.


The most important dis of Bengali Thali is Shukto without Shukto Bengali Thali is Incomplete is considered as the most traditional dish of Bengali even it was the favourite dish of the great Poet Rabindranath Tagore he used to it by himself and give it to his foreign friends for having a taste of the dish, it consists of 6 to 9 types of Vegetables no Chillies some karelas and Bengali use a special Masala the Bhaja Masala or the fried Masala for a great taste in the dish.

Macher Matha Dia Dal

It is bold lentins with vegetable and with the head of fish.

Dhonkar Danla

It is a type of Curry made with deep fried cubes of Dal.

Potoler Dorma

It is kind of dishes where we staff parwal with keema Stuffing and steamed it and then used it to make curry of it.

Mochar Ghonto

In this dish we cook the Banana flowers of a Banana Tree with Bengal Grams and Crushed coconut.

Vetki Macher Paturi

We used to steam the Vetki Fish with spices and sorsae bata or mustard paste in a folded banana leaves inside the rice when the rice is cooking and we use to eat the dish plain boiled rice.

Macher Matha Bhaja

It refers to fried head of fish we deep fry the head of a fish usually we use big size fish for it

Illish Macher Bhapa

Illish Mach refers to Hilsa Fish it is the most famous fish of Bengali we used to Cooke the dish where we steam the fish mustard paste and mustard oil.

Dab Chingri

Dab Chingri wit Rice and Kasundi (mustard sauce)

It is famous dish in Bengal where we used to cook the shrimps inside a green coconut with mustard and dahi and sometimes with cream we use slow cooking method for cooking Dab Chingri.

Pathar Mangshor Jhol

It simply denotes the cooking of Mutton Curry in a Bengali Style. We always use Potatoes in Mutton Curry cooked using Mustard Oil, Bengali’s prefer kochi patha or Young goat for preparing the curry.

Misti Doi

Misti Doi of is a famous dish of Kolkata across The country even internationally it a sweater version of Yogurt. In most Occasions of Bengalis we use to serve Misti Doi to our Guests.

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3. FAQ

1. In Which Places Bengali Thali is most Famous ?

In West Bengal and Bangladesh Bengali Thali is most famous.

2. Thre are usually how many dishes served in a Bengali Thali ?

It’s depends from person to person it may be 10 even 30.

3. What are the most important dishes in a Bengali Thali ?

Bat or Rice, Shukto and Mach or Fish are the most important dishes in the Bengali Thali.



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