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Best 10 Amazing Ethical Hacking Tools in 2020 | Hacker Should know This

Hacking tools are a program and tools designed to assist a hacker while hacking. Because it helps to prevent a Network system and computer from being hacked.

Automation has made a mark on every industry. so that the area of Ethical hacking is no different. Because Ethical hacking occurred with the introduction of various tools in the industry.

Tools were created to convert it. But Ethical hacking helps in gathering information, creating a backdoor, creating payloads, cracking passwords, and many other activities.

Best ethical hacking tools

  1. Acunetix
  2. Nmap
  3. Metasploit
  4. Wireshark
  5. Nikto
  6. John the Ripper
  7. Kismet
  8. SQLninja
  9. Wapiti
  10. Canvas
  11. Conclusion
  12. Frequently Asked Questions



Acunetix is ​​an automated web application and software. Therefore are ethical hacking tools and security tests.

It is used to test SQL cross-site scripting injection and also other special information.

To audit your web application. Therefore, Acunetix can easily scan any website and web application.

But it is mandatory to access through the web browsers and use HTTP/ HTTP’S protocol.

Acunetix provides a robust and unique solution for analyzing off-the-shelf and custom web applications, including those using JavaScript, AJAX, and Web 2.0 web applications.

However, It can detect any file, as Acunetix is an advanced type of crawler. This is important because it is impossible to get the fila that are not available.



In other words Ethical Hacking Tools it sets very important steps to attack the target system. Therefore it is a very helpful tool.

Nmap – works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is cross-platform. Because hacking groups have easily enhanced powerful search and scanning capabilities using this tool, and also this has saved their time too. Hence it is quite popular.

You can use Nmap for also all these things

  • Network messing and mapping
  • Audit device security
  • Detect open ports on remote hosts
  • Go to any network and find the deficiency inside it
  • Investigate and launch large-scale DNS queries against domains and subdomains.



It’s very important to know because Metasploit is an open-source pen-testing framework. The code serves as a very good because of the public resources for developing and researching security vulnerabilities.

However, this tool provides security to the network administrator. Therefore allows penetrating your network to identify risks and Metasploit logos.

In other words, those who have to find weaknesses beforehand. So this is the basic ethical tool that the early hackers use for their practice. And in addition, Metasploit is a hacking tool written in Ruby.

The tool also allows you to replicate phishing, and other websites for social engineering purposes.

The framework consists of a large set of tools. So that you can use this framework for all these tasks

  • Enumerate networks and hosts
  • Run security vulnerability scans
  • Execute remote attacks
  • Evade detection systems

Here Supported platforms also include

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

This tool is free, you can download it from its official website metasploit.com and use it. Can practice.



Its one of the best tools because Wireshark is free open-source software. It also helps in analyzing network traffic in real-time. Its smelling power is very good So that thanks to which hacker groups.

So that Wireshark can detect any network security issues. Not only this, but they also have the effective power to solve common networking problems.

While sniffing the network, you can not understand the format. You can also read the format at this time.

Top Main features also here mention

  • Eads other capture files formats including also Sniffer Pro, Microsoft network monitor, Tcpdump Cisco Secure IDS IP log, etc.
  • Ich VoIP analysis
  • Packet browser
  • Saves analysis for offline inspection
  • Exports results to XML, PostScript, CSV, or plain text
  • Inspects and decompresses gzip files
  • Powerful GUI
  • Saves analysis for offline inspection

Windsor is compatible with over 2000 different Procol networks and is also available on all operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux



Nikto is another favorite hacking tool. Other favorite Linux distributions such as Fedora have long since been with Nikto available in their software repositories.

This tool is a very important security tool is used to scan the webserver. So that used to perform different types of tests against a specified remote host. However, Nikto is known as a black Linux distribution.

Its clean, easy, and simple command-line interface makes, therefore, it is really easy to launch any vulnerability test against your target.

After that it‘s important features you can see here

  • Detects outdated software applications
  • Run cross-site scripting vulnerability tests
  • Execute dictionary-based brute force attacks
  • Integration with Metasploit Framework
  • Detects default installation files on any operating system
  • Exports results in plain text, CSV or HTML files

John the Ripper

John The Ripper

John the Ripper is one of the best and most liked tools of all time. Because this password is the best of the hack.

It is Ethical Hacking Tools is the most powerful tool in your operating system. you can also to audit remotely is one of the best security tools available to test.

This tool is very much preferred because a password cracker is capable of automatically detecting any type of encryption used in a password.

Their password cracking tools change the testing algorithm accordingly, making it one of the best intelligent password cracking tools ever.

This tool uses brute force techniques to break passwords, retrieve and understand algorithms such as

  • DES, MD5, Blowfish
  • Kerberos AFS
  • Hash LM (Lan Manager), the system used in Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003
  • MD4, LDAP, MySQL (using third-party modules)

Another bonus is JTR open-source which is multi-platform. And also it is fully available for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android.



Kismet is one of the most commonly used hacking tools. It can perform network detectors for 802.11 wireless LANs. It works on packet sniffer and intrusion detection systems.

Kissmate will work with any wireless card that supports raw monitoring mode. 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n can smell traffic.

The program runs under

  • Linux,
  • FreeBSD,
  • NetBSD,
  • OpenBSD,
  • Mac OS X.

The client can also run on Microsoft Windows.


SQL Ninja

SQL Ninja is another SQL vulnerability scanner bundled with the Kali Linux distribution. Websites that use MS SQL Server as the backend database server.

This Ethical hacking tool plays a very important role to hack those websites and web apps. Is dedicated to exploiting them.

Using SQL Ninja you can

  • Test database schema
  • Fingerprint remote database
  • Brute force attack with a word list
  • Direct shell & reverse shell

Unix distros where the Perl interpreter is installed, SQL Ninja is available in multiple OS, including

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X & iOS
  • FreeBSD



It is a hacking tool written in Python. Wapiti is a free open-source command-line based vulnerability scanner.

However, this tool is not very popular in this hacking field. Many of them play a good role in finding security flaws in applications.

Using Wapiti gives you a lot of help in finding security holes

  • XSS attacks
  • SQL injections
  • XPath injections
  • XXE injections
  • CRLF injections
  • Server-side request forgery



The canvases are an outstanding good, offering over 800 feats for mort-related testing. It has a great and powerful alternative to Metasploit.

It provides, immunity CANVAS

  • Hundreds of exploits
  • An automated exploitation system
  • Development framework to penetration testers and security professionals worldwide for comprehensive reliable exploits

Important feature of canvas

  • Takes screenshots of remote systems
  • Downloads passwords
  • Modifies files inside the system
  • Escalates privileges to gain administrator access
  • Remote network exploitation

This hacking tool allows you to write new platforms or use its famous shellcode generator.

It also helps in integrating the name option while scanning.

A useful middle port for large networks works specifically for scanning and host discovery.

Important supported platforms

  • Linux
  • MacOSX
  • Windows


In conclusion, After reading the article, you have come to know that each tool has a unique feature.

Nowadays hacking has become a concern for businesses. Because this is a statistical point at which the company may have to face the risk of a violation.

The pressure for security is increasing rapidly. However, pathetic security does not pay much attention.

To make more profit, they give up thinking about security but they should not do so.

You should select the tools according to your training. So that Tools save you a lot of time.

Users and developers- Who employs them, For them to be able to see the flaws and weaknesses inherent in the systems.

However, all these tools are used by Hackers. If you also want to become an Ethical Hacker. You can also read this too. How to become Ethical Hacker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hacking tools real?

No, If you keep or use a hacking tool as a weapon, then it is like having a weapon like any traditional, non-cyber weapon.
Because you need to have a hacking tool for your security

Hacking tools for windows 10?

Best hacking tool for windows 10
• Social-Engineer Toolkit
• Aircrack ng
• Metasploit
• OclHashcat
• Nmap

Hacking tools for mac?

Some best tool for it
• Metasploit Framework Nmap.
• SQLmap.
• Burp Suite.
• Nessus.
• SSLScan.
• Wireshark.
• Netcat.


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