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Best Android Phones You shouldn’t Miss Out!

Today, Mobile Becomes a part of our life. we can live without food a day but we can’t live without mobile a day. so, we are here to tell you the Best Android Phones.

So, Everyone want to purchase a good specs smartphones in cheapest price.

But the problem that still peoples are facing is to find the best devices that better suits their budget.

So, we are now here with our experts suggestions smartphones that fulfill your needs.

We categorized the phones in three parts

  1. Best Phones under Rs.20,000
  2. Phones under Rs.15,000
  3. Best Phones under Rs.10,000
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ’s

So,Let’s quickly Discuss All the phones one by One.

Best Phones under Rs. 20,000

Today, Are the days when you had to spend huge amounts of money to get a good Smartphone. Now, you can find great options even if you have a tight budget.

So, if you’re willing to spend up to twenty thousand rupees, we have great Suggestions for you for the Best Android Phones.

Here you can find some really impressive options. So, stick with us in this blog, we will tell you our top picks for the best smartphones available in India right now.(For less than 20,000 rupees)

Nowadays,Many of the people are worried about,”Which phones will best for him/her?”

But Don’t be tensed,We’re here to tell you the Best picks from Our experts.

One of the newest entries on this list is the:-

Redmi Note 8 Pro


This is the phone which is xiomi’s new king  of the popular note series during our review we found out the phone to be a capable performer and

We did not encounter any lag or stutter even when the smartphone was put under heavy load the phone’s 4500 mah battery offers decent run time and it lasted for 14 hours in our HD video loop test there are four ears.

Let’s Talk about It’s Specs:-


The Camera’s on this phone is 64MP(Megapixel) and the primary one, captures sharp photos with good detail in daylight, even in low-light situations,

The Redmi Note 8 Pro manages to capture decent amounts of detail, But we did notice fine grain on zooming in wide-angle shots. Now, Overall the camera performance is too good.

•Some Special Features of this Phone’s rear Camera:-

64MP HD | Night Mode | AI Scene detection | Smart ultra-wide angle mode | AI Beautify | Burst mode | Tilt-shift | Level display | Custom watermark | Pro mode | AI Portrait mode| 3D Lighting | Panorama mode

  • Front Camera:-20MP(Mega Pixel)
  • Some special Features of this Phone’s selfie camera:-

Panorama selfie | Palm shutter | AI Silhouette detection | Wide-angle distortion correction | HDR | Face recognition I Selfie timer | AI Beautify | AI Portrait mode | AI Scene detection | AI Studio lighting

•Variants:- Xiaomi sells three variants of the redmi note 8 pro in india which is given below:-

1.) First of All,  6 GB RAM with 64 gb storage.

2.) 6 gb ram with 128 gb storage and

3.) 8 gb ram with 128 GB  Storage.

•Processor:-Helio G90T Gaming Processor(Too good For Gaming As also mentioned in it’s name)


  1. 16.58cm (6.53)
  2. Dot Notch
  3. HDR Display

• Battery:-

  1. 4500mAh high-capacity battery
  2. 4,500mAh (typ) Li Polymer
  3. Built-in rechargeable battery
  4. USB Type-C connector port


Includes an 18W fast charger.

 In this budget, you can easily get the top-end variant of the smart phone.

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Next One,On this Budget is the:-

Poco X2


Its the successor of the Poco F1. As we all know Poco F1 is really very Popular handset among all the redmi Devices.But,along with the time Poco F1 will not be able to compete to Today’s high specs phone.

So, Redmi Decided to lauch it’s succssor and named it “Poco X2”.

Let’s Quickly tell you the Specs of this phone:-

  • Camera (Rear):20+2MP
  • Display:-HDR 10 Display(Corning Gorilla Glass 5)
  • Processor:Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
  • FingerPrint:-Yes(Side Mounted)
  • Storage & RAM:Up to8+256GB
  • Charger:27 Watt Fast Charger
  • Battery:4500MaH
  • Variants:-
    • Matrix Purple
    • Phoenix Red
    • Altantic Blue

Overall Recommendations:

If you have under the budget of Rs. 20000 Then, you must have to go with 8+256GB, But Here you have to compromise with the processor. ( if you are purchasing especially for gaming.)But, If you are purchasing for regular work then ho ahead with it Blindly.

Now,Let’s move to our last pick under “Best Phones Under 20k”

The Last One is:-

Realme X2


 A Fight between Realme & Redmi is always on. But, If we talk about Redmi phones, Realme will definitely come there & It’s also a very good Mobile Brand.

Realme X2 is also a very good spec Android-based smartphone that is very awesome specs that we will talk later. But first of all, let’s see some images of this smartPhone:-

This is the phone(Realme X2).Let’s quickly jump into its specifications:

  • Camera:64MP AI Quad Camera with Ultra Wide-angle, Macro Lens, and Portrait Lens.
  • Front Camera:32MP front camera
  • Display:16.2CM
  • Video Recording:

1.)4K video recording at 30fps

2.)1080p HD video recording at 30fps/60fps

3.)720p HD Video recording at 30fps/60fps.

4.)Slow motion up to 960fps

  • Processor:-Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
  • RAM Variants:4GB/6GB/8GB
  • Battery:4000MaH(Typ)

Here are the image that you will get with this Phone’s box:-


Overall Recommendations:-

First of all,I want to say that this phone is quite better than Poco X2.You can go with this if you have a high Budget.

And all the specs are quite good.

But Somewhere you have to compromise with the battery because In,Poco X2, you will get a 4500MaH battery.

Now Let’s Move on the second Topic:-

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000

Best Phones under Rs.15,000

Now,we will talk about the smartphones which you will get with high Specs & Low price:-

The List is going to be start with Redmi.So Let’s quickly tell you about Smartphones.

Redmi Note 7 Pro


Redmi note 7 pro is really a very successful handset by Xiomi,Just because of its high Specs & Low price.

Let’s Quickly tell you about the smartphone’s Specs:-

  • Camera:48MP + 5MP dual camera(Flagship Level)
  • Display:16cm (6.3) Dot Notch Display
  • Processor:Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 675
  • Battery:4000mAh Battery(Typ)
  • Quick Charging:-Yes,Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge

Overall Recommendations:-

The First thing is,If you want to buy a phone for game , especially for heavy gaming Like:-PUBG Mobile,Call Of Duty.

Please don’t go further with it.

I will give you more suggestions below which have a high processor (SD 865) & only under Rs 15k.

Now,Let’s move on our Our 2nd Smartphone:-

Poco F1


This phone is a mind-Blowing Smartphone If you are a gamer & wanted to purchase a phone for gaming. This will be the Game-changing smartphone for you.

Let’s Quickly tell you the Specs, so you can relate with this smartPhone better.

  • Camera:12MP+5MP Rear Camera
  • Front Camera: 20MP(Portrait Mode Supported)
  • FingerPrint: Yes
  • Display: 6.18″ display
  • Battery: 4000MaH
  • Processor: Snapdragon 845

Overall Recommendations:-

Purchase this Phone,If you want to purchase a smartphone for gaming.

It has the fastest Processor comes from Snapdragon(SD).

But,You have to compromise with the dot notch & the battery somewhere.It’s also our favourite Best Android Phones.

Let’s Move on the last suggestions. Under 15k is:-

Honor 9X


I know you all thinking about that why I included Honor In my list.The answer is, just because for its high specs provided by Honor in just under 15k.

Let’s me tell you the specs:-

  • Camera:48MP AI Triple Camera
  • Front Camera:16MP Pop-up Camera
  • Battery:-4000MaH
  • Display:-6.59″ Display
  • RAM:-6GB
  • Processor:-Kirin 710F chipset

Overall Recommendations:-

 If you are looking for a regular smartphone this will    be the best Smartphone.

Now,Let move on the next Part:-

Best Phones under Rs. 10,000

Now let’s see the best smartphones under 10k.

Normally,Everyone wants to buy a good specs smartphones under 10k.

So, Let’s start,

Realme C3


Now,As we all know Realme C3 is the successor of Relame C2.

As the Realme C2 Successful, Realme C3 also become successful.

Now,Let’s talk about Specs:-

  • Camera:12MP AI Dual Camera
  • Front Camera:-5MP
  • Processor:Helio G70 Processor
  • Variants:-3/32GB or 4/64GB
  • Battery:5000MaH(Typ)

Overall Recommendations:-

You can go with this smartPhone because it is the best phone that I used under Rs. 10k, because everything is mind-Blowing. Just you have to compromise with the camera. But if you didn’t need the camera most of the time. You can go further with this.

Redmi 8


You can say this phone a alternative of Realme C3, Because about everything will be same.But , we included this phone in our list, because we found some major difference that you know about between Realme C3 and Redmi 8.

Let’s Tell you the specs:-

  • Camera:12+2MP
  • Front Camera:-8MP
  • Processor:Qualcomm SD 439
  • Battery:5000MaH(Typ)
  • Display:15.8CM(Dot Notch)
  • Unlock Features:-

1.AI face unlock (Available)


Overall Recommendations:

The phone is good but not for gaming because the processor is just SD439.

Samsung M30


M30 is one of the successful most brand from samsung.

Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • Camera:-13+5+5MP Triple Camera
  • Front Camera:16MP
  • Display:16.21cm
  • Ram & Storage:- 3+32GB

These are the some Information & suggestions which will be a game changer smartphone if you will go further with anyone of This.

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After all,I told you the Best Android Phone which is your query.So,You can choose any phone according to your Price range

All the Phones,I introduced you in this blog will give you super performance of you play games like:-PUBG,FREE FIRE Etc.

Now”Tell me which of the phones you like the Most”?


What is the best Android phone in 2020?

There’s a lot of Answer of this Question.It’s Totally Depend on your Price Range”. There’s are different best Android Phones in every price.

Which is the Best Android Operating System?

This depend on your Mobile phones because operating system always gets changed by regular updates to make your Phone better .

Is M20 a good Smartphones?

Yes,It is.

Is Samsung smartphones good for gaming?

Yes,But choose the heavy & good processor smartphone to get the smooth & light gaming experience.


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