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Best Eco-Friendly products to buy in the year 2020


Time and again, we are reminded of the simple fact that Nature was, is and will be the supreme force that shapes the lives of all the living beings. May it be in the form of floods, wildfires, tornado, or as the recent case of a deadly virus outbreak.Our Non Eco-Friendly practices have made us suffer in one way or the other.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Rise of Eco-Friendly Products
  3. List of Eco-Friendly Products to buy
  4. Conclusion


Use of plastic like there is no tomorrow has cornered us in a not so comfortable place.
Fortunately the sane minds of this world have realized the need of an Eco-Friendly lifestyle. I will explain with few points that why the Eco-Friendly products have become the need of the hour:

  • The Carbon footprint would get reduced considerably. And thus the rate of Global warming would get reduced, which in turn would lead to a decrease in the rate of melting of the polar glaciers.
  • The use of Eco-Friendly products will help us to not dig a landfill over a landfill to dump the majorly plastic waste or to dump the plastic into various waterbodies. Also, the hefty recycling cost could be brought down.
  • When you buy Eco-Friendly products you help the use of sustainable materials, fair labour wage, and environmental friendly practices and more importantly you support a better future for coming generations.
  • With Eco-Friendly products we are looking at birth of a sector with capability of major employment generation. This would help in more labour flow in not only the product manufacturing companies, but also the labour required in farms as well. There is a big chain behind which works to deliver the product at your doorsteps.

Rise of Eco-Friendly Products

The availability of Eco-Friendly products few years ago was not that easy, only few were fortunate enough to use such products. As it was not a big thing few years ago we didn’t have a YouTube channel explaining how you can make yourself a Reusable Bag at home with nothing but a t-shirt.

There were only few Eco-Friendly products and brands available which we could use as an alternative to non-decomposable products.  The biggest factor in restricting the ease of access was the expensive price and there were various reasons like lack of raw materials, low demand etc. behind such high prices.

Coming back to the present scenario, things are way different now. There are 1000’s of Eco-Friendly brands around the world contributing into various market segment like packaging, cosmetics, accessories etc. and it’s an ever-increasing list. 

Today you can pick such product from your supermarket or just click on cart is enough to deliver one at your home. Below is a list of few brands which have made a name for them in the field:

  • Soma: A reusable bottle and filter company.
  • Reformation: A clothing company.
  • New Belgium Brewery: A beer company.
  • Lush: A cosmetic company.
  • Veja: A shoes company.
  • Whole Food Markets: Sustainable and Organic produce.
  • Bio D: Household Products.
  • Goldfinger Factory: Interior designing company which uses furniture made up of waste materials.

List of Eco-Friendly Products to buy

Reusable Bags:

Instead of collecting plastic bags for future use and eventually throwing most of it, why not move to something with longevity? Unlike plastic bags reusable has lot to offer in terms of variety.

You can find reusable bags made up from jute, canvas, denim jeans etc. Not only they are pleasing to eyes, they are very sturdy. It’s not necessary to buy one; you can make one out of a t-shirt or jeans in your home.
Some brands in this segment:

Water Bottle:

It’s not easy to recycle a water bottle; you have to separate the cap from it. Just search the term BPA on the internet and that would be enough for you to say goodbye to plastic water bottles.

You can opt for a more Eco-Friendly stainless steel bottle or the much talked about copper bottle. The copper bottle is not only good for environment, but it’s good for your body too as it helps in a better immune system and other health benefits.


There is too much you can do in this segment. Start with the biodegradable, compostable leaf plates. Generally they are made up of Palm and make no mistake these plates are sturdy.

Even you can use banana leaf as a plate, just like they do in southern part of India. Next you can go for the Bamboo towels, not only they perform similar as the paper towel, they are reusable too.

Natural Cleaning Products: 

The traditional cleaning products we have been using since ages consist of chemicals which are not only harmful to our planet, but are also harmful to our body.  Cleaning with natural products helps in improving air quality inside your home and is safer for the people.

Solar Powered Phone Charger:

Fortunately the Sun doesn’t charge is for using its energy. So, why not use the energy available in abundant to charge our phones in an Eco-Friendly manner.


Though we have our cell phones with us every time but still wearing a watch is still in the trend.


It doesn’t take much to order a product online or pick one from the market. Have you ever wondered what are the process involved and their effects on the environment?

This might not be an important question few years ago, but all that has changed now. People very much conscious about what they are putting on their body and what affects the product cause to the environment.


The next time you get something to drink, just say no to that plastic straw and take out your cool looking bamboo straw or reusable straw.

Biodegradable Trash Bags: 

No needs to use those black plastic bags which will take another 500 years to decompose. Using a plastic trash bag defeats the purpose.


The first thing we put inside our mouth is that long stick of plastic. Bamboo is the future and it will play a major role in replacing plastic. There are toothbrush made out of bamboo in the market, go get one.


There is more to explore in the field. The world is picking up its pace in the Eco-Friendly revolution and new brands are arising to be a part of it. The increased demand by the conscious generation will help us to completely eliminate the Non Eco-Friendly products from our daily life. 

The age of internet has introduced us to the DIY (Do It Yourself) concept and this will help most of us to make Eco-Friendly products at home. This will not only help in the ease of access, in upcoming future it will also revolutionize the industry for good.



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