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4 Best Android Graphic Business Apps to Create Graphics

4 Best Android Apps For Create Graphics For Business

So you have decided to create graphics for business. Great choice! You will be a master after reading this blog and after applying it to your business. In this digital world, every business person wants to expand their business to the next level. To expand their business, they have to take steps toward technology. For this reason, they have to be available on social media platforms and run campaigns on the internet. So they have to create some exciting and engaging visuals that can grow their business.

We have decided to create a blog that can help them to choose the right graphic business app for creating Graphics for business

In this blog, you will find reviews of the four best graphics business app that allows creating graphics. We will discuss various applications that we can use for multiple purposes. These graphic business apps are the best collection of 50 other applications. Then we will compare them with each other, and finally, we will talk about the questions and answers that used to be asked on the internet. Before we get to dive into it, let’s check the index. And then check them one by one.


  1. Canva
  2. Flyer Poster Maker
  3. PicsArt
  4. Adobe Lightroom


Canva is an Australia based company specially designed to help business. It is an online graphics tool that allows creating graphics for a business like flyers brochure, poster, business cards, logo, and more.

Most of the online businesses and marketers use Canva as a social media graphic maker. Canva has their personal library of fonts, stock images, and background. You will get so many online platforms for create graphics. Still, Canva is one of the best ones.

Canva is a platform for graphics creation where you have to pay per template for their premium templates. If you are using it as an individual. It also has a premium monthly and a yearly plan for business. It will cost around ₹770. Per month. This graphic business app has a powerful drag and drops editor so that newbies also can use it with ease. This app allows their free users to upload their own images on it and also give 1 GB cloud storage for photos and assets.

Canva has been downloaded by more than 50 million users from google play store. It shows their popularity. Not only downloads but also got reviews on number 2404884 till the date. It consumes 29 MB size on any android mobile phone. It is also available on iOS devices. Canva has a 4.7 rating in the play store out of the 5 stars.



Creative flyers and posters can attract the audience very fast. It will be more beneficial if professionals create flyers and posters. This is the reason apps for create graphics design based apps come into the place. And the flyer-poster maker app is one of them. It is an India based app that provides a massive range of various templates.

This app has large numbers of categories as per business and uses. Categories like marketing, event, party, restaurant, sales, fitness, etc. with this tool, anyone can make high-quality flyers or posters easily. It provides a different layout for various social media platforms. Every category contains more than 500 magnificent templates. And it also allows users to create their own template as per their requirement.

Flyer-poster maker provides basic templates for free to use, but for more detailed and well-designed templates, users have to pay. This app has a monthly plan that costs around ₹350. ₹1400 For six-monthly plan and ₹2100 for annual plan. It has an auto-renewal program as per policy. Users can discontinue it if they want to do so.

If any individual wants to create templates for free with this graphic design tool, he/she has to be ready to watch the ads. Overall, this app has a good quality of graphic templates.

This graphic business app has one million-plus download in the google play store, and it has 87278 positive and valuable reviews. This app got 4.7 stars rating out of 5 stars. And it consumes only 9.8 MB in size.



PicsArt is all in one photo and video editor on a mobile phone. This Graphic Design app is one of the creator’s choice apps that prefers to edit photos from mobile phones.

PicsArt is known as a video editor and image-maker tool. This graphic design tool allows users to create stickers so that they can use them as per their needs. PicsArt is allowed to create an account on their platform so the user can upload their photos online and spread their creativity. It seems like a social media platform. Where users can see others’ creativity and like, share, and comment on it.

Users can follow each other on the Picsart platform. PicsArt allows users to save images in different formats, and users can directly share on the social media platform. PicsArt has a very easy to understand editor that helps beginners to create images without extra effort.

PicsArt is an almost free app to edit photos, but to use a ready-made template, users have to pay for it. It costs around ₹600 per month if the user chooses a monthly plan, and it costs around ₹3650 for the annual plan.

PicsArt is one of the most downloaded apps from the list. It was downloaded more than 500 million times from google play store. PicsArt consumes various data as per android mobile. It has a 4.3-star rating out of the 5 star.and gets 9324220 reviews from its users.



Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing platforms in time. Company named Adobe is the most significant company in the world that makes applications and software to create graphics. This Company has its list of the platform for creating images, videos, animations, and all. Adobe Lightroom is one of them. If you had used any one of the Adobe products in the past, you would love the lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom mobile version has almost all editing functionalities that Adobe provides on their windows or mac versions. Many individuals and companies use Adobe Lightroom as their first tool as a graphic business app. Companies use Adobe Lightroom because it is effortless to use compared to any other tool. And it also reduces the cost that is very fast in creating images.

It has so many functions; it is like a histogram module, basic module, tone curve module, lens correction module, split toning module, black and white module, and effect module. Lightroom allows creating a library so that the user can use it for later.

It has one unique function known as preset where you can save filters and settings of the image and directly apply it to other photos. Adobe Lightroom does not charge any penny on Android or iOS mobile.

Looking good right? Let’s take a look at what Google Play Store says about it.

As per its popularity on other platforms, it also downloaded a massive number of times on Google Play Store. It is downloaded more than a hundred million times from Google Play Store, and it will consume various data as per mobile phone. Users give 4.3-star reviews to the Adobe lightroom out of the five stars.



2Flyer Maker1,000,000+4.79.8MBIntermediate
3Picsart500,000,000+4.3Not FixBeginner
4Adobe Lightroom100,000,000+4.3Not FixAdvance


Ok, now we have good enough knowledge about the best graphic business app. Let’s compare them with each other. First, start with canva.

If you own a business and have to create various images for the various platforms Canva will be best for you. But if you just have to create flyers, posters, and banners then you definitely go with the Flyer poster maker. It also helps you to reduce your cost compared to Canva.

PicsArt is also one of the choices you can choose. But it has a Limited option to choose the template as compared to the Flyer poster maker.

Choose PicsArt to edit premade images but Adobe Lightroom is best in editing and it is also freely available for Android phones.

Not only create graphics can helps to grow your business. But also need to have a proper Business mindset. that can helps to think about the business. so we had created a blog that can give proper knowledge on boost your mind power by just playing a game. We are pretty sure that you will like that blog. Go and check this out our blog on games to boost your mind power.

You can choose all of them if you have a requirement of all. Choose the graphic design tool as per your need. That’s all from our side. But before you go to another choice let’s find what questions are people asked on the internet.


Why is graphic design important for any business?

Graphic design is important for reach out to the prospects and new audience of the business.

Which is the best tool to create Flyers For Business?

Flyer Poster Maker is the best for creating flyers and posters for any business.

Is Adobe Lightroom free available for android?

Yes, Adobe Lightroom Is Free For Android mobile phone you can directly download it from Google Play Store.

What is the best use of the app Canva?

Canva is most useful to create social media posts.

Can I share my photos on Picsart?

Yes, you can share your photos on Picsart, just like any other social media platform.



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