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What is the Best Hacking Operating system

A Hacker needs an Operating System that has no limitations, that can install testing viruses as well as some other exploitation tools.

So, considering these as the main reason, Kali Linux Distribution is considered as the best hacking operating system.

What do we have for you

  1. History Of Kali Linux
  2. How To Install Kali Linux
  3. Making Live Bootable
  4. Creating Persistence Kali Linux
  5. Installing Kali Linux on Virtual Box
  6. Installing Kali Linux as your primary Operating system
  7. Setting Up Environment
  8. Some Basic Commands of Kali Linux
  9. Comparison between Linux and Windows
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ

History Of Kali Linux:

Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux operating system which is used for forensic and penetration purposes. Linux was initially released on March 13, 2013, and it is developed and maintained by offensive security.

Kali Linux is a successor of Backtrack. Backtrack was found in 2006 but later on, in 2012 its organization offensive security decided to rename it as Kali Linux.

Backtrack was renamed to Kali Linux because Backtrack 6 was not justifying the efforts made in offensive security. So, the organization came up with a name Kali.“It does not relate to any Hindu goddess or any religion”. It has been stated in the Kali Linux official website.

Kali Linux is handled and maintained by “offensive security certified professionals[OSCP]”.

Kali  Linux came up with lots of security and tools as Kali Linux is a Debian based operating system while Backtrack was a Ubuntu-based operating system.

How to install Kali Linux:

Kali can be installed in many ways depending on our system and our need.

Making Live Bootable:

Making Kali Linux live bootable means you can use Kali Linux on any system and anywhere. This is done by using software named “RUFUS” it allows us to make any Pendrive / DVD / CD drive bootable. This can be done as follows :

Rufus setting up the parameters

Step1: Download Kali Linux .iso file from Kali Linux official website

Step2: Download Rufus

Step3: Open Rufus and Select The iso file that you have downloaded and select the drive in which you want to live to boot it.

Step4: If there is any data in Pendrive/DVD/CD drive then store it into some other location as installing Kali Linux will remove all your data from the respective chosen drive.

Step5: After you get a successful popup, Restart your computer and now you can also work on Kali Linux Along with your Old Window.

Creating Persistence Kali Linux:

Creating Kali Linux persistence is almost similar to creating a Kali Linux live bootable drive but In Kali Linux persistence drives the work is saved and on the next startup you can continue from where you have left. While in Live you would have to start from the beginning.   

To create a Kali Linux Persistence USB drive you will need a USB drive with a minimum of 8GB of space in it. As the Kali Linux image would take up a minimum space of 3GB on the drive.

In the remaining space, we are going to create a partition for persistence so that we can store our work in that space and will not be erased until we select it to delete it.

Installing Kali Linux on Virtual Box:


A virtual box provides an environment in which you can install as many operating systems as you want. You just need to have enough space and .iso files of the operating system you want to install.

Installing Kali Linux on the virtual box may not be the right choice if your system does not have enough storage and RAM. As this will result in system slowdown, Lagging, and some time may fail while working on Kali Linux.

Installing Kali Linux as your primary Operating system:

Installing Kali Linux as an operating system is probably a good option as you can have all the data secured in your drives. After installing the best hacking operating system as your primary OS. You get access to a lot of tools and also without entering into the memory usage problems, you can install as many tools as you want.

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Setting Up Environment:

Customizing Colors in Kali Linux

First of all, there is the default username and password of Kali Linux i.e. Username: root And Password: toor

We are classifying Kali Linux as our best hacking operating system. So, you should customize the Kali Linux like the way you want by changing the themes, username, and password and Changing the interface of the terminal.

Starting with Kali Linux everything in Linux can be done by using the terminal window only. It will not be odd to say that the terminal window is the heart of Kali Linux. Using the terminal window you can open/close anything. You can install packages and remove packages.

Before using Kali Linux firstly you have to update your Kali Linux so that if there are any updates you can install them. For this you have to open your terminal window and type apt-get update This will let you know which are the packages that need an update and by writing apt-get upgrade your packages will be updated to the latest version.

Setting Repositories

Setting Up Kali Linux Repositories

Setting up Environment is quite an easy process until we face an error like repository not found. For this error, you should visit the Kali Linux repository webpage.

There is some line of codes, you need to copy-paste them on your operating system terminal window as stated on the website and that’s all. You are now done with the repository error. Also, you can install Non-Kali Repositories.

Enable file sharing so that you can transfer files between your live/virtual machine to your windows or main working machine if you are using a live-boot/ virtual machine.

These steps need to be done for smooth use of Kali Linux and also after this, you won’t face problems like how to copy Kali Linux files into your main system as you have now set-upped a sharing option.


Some Basic Commands of Kali Linux:  

CommandWorking of the commandDescription
clearTo clear the terminal windowThis will remove all the text from the terminal window and will provide you a fresh terminal window
historyTo know all the commands you have typed in the terminal window in the current sessionThis will give you all the commands you have typed
rm demofile.txt  To remove anythingThis will Remove / Delete the text file named as demofile.txt from its destination
cp demofile.txt /root/Desktop/Kali_TutorialsTo copyThis will copy demofile.txt to the Kali_Tutorials folder which is in desktop
cat demofile.txtTo read the data of a fileHere cat is the command and after that, there is a space and then we have named the file that we want to read
lsTo list all the data of a directoryThis ls command will print all the items present in the current working directory
cal      To open calendarcal command stands for Calendar, this will open the calendar of the current month
pwdTo know your current working directoryThis command will print the name of the directory in which you are currently working
dateTo know what is the date todayBy typing date, you will be displayed the date that is set up in the system
cd..  For coming back from any folder or directory typeThis will allow you to come back from any folder or directory
mkdir/Kali_TutorialsCreating a new folder typeThis will create a folder in your current working directory with name Kali_Tutorials
cd/Desktop/Kali_TutorialFor changing the working directoryThis command will put you in Kali_Tutorial folder in Desktop

Comparison between Linux and Windows:

Linux Vs Windows
ParameterKali LinuxWindows
Open Source Project / Closed Source ProjectKali Linux is an open-source project. That can be modified by anyone and the source code is available over the internetWindows is a closed source project. That can be modified by Microsoft authorities and also its source code is not available over the internet as it is the private property of Microsoft
PrivacyBeing Open Source Kali Linux does not involve in any privacy breach as anyone can track down if it is violating the user’s privacy.Microsoft makes users choose between having privacy and security in how the Operating system handles the data collection.
UpdatesInstalling updates on Kali Linux is very easy as the updates can be installed with a single command. The User just have to reboot the system after the updates are installed to start working on an updated platformInstalling updates on Microsoft is a tough and irritating task as we have to first reboot it and accept that ‘install and update’. Also, it takes a lot of time and consumes a lot of power.
Hardware DependencyKali Linux can even work on low-end devices it does not requires a lot of RAM and ROM. It can even run on 512MB and with storage of 4GB.Windows, however, needs new system requirements every time there is any update. If you want to do a simple task like word processing also you will need a minimum of 4GB of RAM.
PriceKali Linux is free to use and it does not require any special purchasing license. It can be accessible by anyone, just by downloading the file from their official website.Windows is a paid operating system. It requires a license and also it needs renewal after each interval of time.


So, Judging on all the parameters, The best hacking operating system for Hacking is Kali Linux. Using Kali Linux as the operating system gives access to lots of new features and tools that are preinstalled on Kali Linux or can be installed through its Repositories.


Why do we have to do Information Gathering?

Information gathering is done to collect the victim’s data.
For Eg. Suppose your victim is searching regularly for Earning Money Online. So, now it’s easy for you to get the victim as you will now have a better plan to execute the hack.

How to remove a directory using terminal command

Type: rm -d <name of the directory> This will remove the particular directory

How can we delete all the folders, subfolders, files with one command

To do so you have to first go to the folder where all this data is located and then type: rm * this means that remove everything in this folder.

Why do we use Virtual box instead of Vmware?

Virtual box is a free software while in Vmware we have to purchase license.


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