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Best Headphones You should Buy that are Value For Money-[2020]


Nowadays,Headphones is one of the most required tech accessory which is needed by everyone and Everyone buy it also but due to the lack of known for a good & long-term headphones.

They choose a bad headphones & waste their money.

So, Today we are here to tell you the Best Headphone You should Buy in different price ranges.

We will Discuss the following

  1. Best Headphones under INR 1000
  2. Under INR 500
  3. Under INR 200
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ’S

We brings the costly & cheapest both the suggestions in front of you.

We will give you three suggestions of headphones with their specs of each of them in each topic.

Let’s start the list with:-

Here’s our top 3 suggestions on-

Best Headphones under 1000

 we’re gonna start off our list with the:-

 Panasonic RP HF 100 series

Panasonic over the ear stereo headphones is available in a series of colors from red,blue,white

and black. Anywhere You will get these Headphones from 800 to 1000 of rupees (Online/Offline).

Now, It is entirely made of plastic. These headphones are really comfortable to wear over the head and the ear pads even though a little hard and comfortable and can be used for long periods of time.

You do get 30 mm neodymium drivers and it does fold up into flat style headphones.So, you can carry them easily in your backpack or bag and they also fold up inside to make it a compact fit.

There are a 1.2 meter cable and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and they work easily with all sorts of music.

Playing devices including smartphones as well as computers as far as the sound is concerned you get a solid and smooth base, so it’s not overly pitching strong vocals from the headphones even though the treble is a little dim or the high end is a little dim,

But these headphones are overall equipped with a good sound stage and our bass heavy for those who are looking for a good bass heavy headphones and these are also good for sound isolation.

So,The ear pads are a little stiff and they isolate the outside sound quite well if you are looking for a good durable pair of headphones with an good amount of bass under 1000 rupees then,  the RP hf 100 from Panasonic are definitely worth the

effort. Check it out.

It’s easily available on Amazon, Flipkart & also in Their official Site.

Moving to the  next product on our list are the:-

Edifier H650

Now, these are really nice retro looking headphones that are priced just under the Rs, 1000 to be price bracket.

 They are available in a So many Different Colours:-

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • White And
  • Black

They have a nice metal and plastic design so at the top of the head, that holds the headphones together and they are really compact on a style headphone so they look great with retro design and they do have a comfortable wide expanding headband which also fits all sizes of heads you also have memory foam inlays on the headband as well as really comfortable ear cups on the headphones themselves.

 And so, as the sound stage is concerned the high speak beautifully and you have bright vocals on the headphones. You’re a little low on bass so while the bass is there it’s extremely subtle it’s not solid or punchy and the headband is a little stiff being there.

 It is of plastic and it is also not designed for extremely large heads so while it did fit my head and it was comfortable it may not be comfortable for long periods of time.

You do get a one-point three-meter cable and a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack with 32 ohms of impedance and a sound pressure level of 103 decibels which is fantastic. So, they are loud & if you’re looking for retro-looking headphones these are the best in the list definitely go check these out.

next product on our list are the:-

Boat Bass heads 800

Now these are super extra bass headphones and they do have an inline microphone, they do have again a retro style design, where the headband is spring-loaded .

So, it does tend to pull up from your ear or it tends to pull up towards the top of your head, when you wear them for long periods of time the ear cups are really soft and comfortable and even though they are perforated, they’re not very well ventilated the inline microphone sounds great and the headphones have a large amount of space so they’re extremely bass-heavy vocals and highs seem to be a little dim.

On,the overall experience if you are looking for extremely bass heavy headphones the Boat race heads are definitely going to be your pick the metal headband is extremely durable and is extremely wide.

 So, it will fit all sorts of heads the ear cups are also nice and sound isolating so you won’t hear any of the outside sound and people won’t hear your music that much especially

Because it’s so bass-heavy you wouldn’t want people to hear it the cable is braided and the headphone jack is gold-plated if anyone’s interested in that cable is nice and long at 1.2 meters. if you’re looking for a bass-heavy pair of headphones these are going to be yours. Check it out Now. Also available on Amazon & other eCommerce websites.

Now, Let’s move on the Second part of this blog:-

Best Headphones under 500

Now,I am going to tell you best headphones under 500

Boat Bass heads 152 & 162

Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • Super Extra Bass
  • 10mm Drivers
  • Crystal clear sound
  • In-line microphone
  • Braided Tangle free cable
  • Price:-499/-

MI Basic Earphones

Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • Ultra Deep Bass
  • Powerful 10mm drivers
  • Silicone Earbuds
  • In-Line Microphone
  • Price:-399/-

Realme Buds

Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • Louder Bass
  • 11mm Drivers
  • In-Line Microphone
  • Braided Tangle free cable
  • Price:-495/-

These are some powerful suggestions that you can afford easily in under 500rs./-

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Now,moving on to the next part of this blog:-

Best Headphones under 200

Now let’s talk about the best headphones in the online market that you can purchase under Rs.200 only.

Intex Mobile Stereo Earphones Rock-02

Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • With a closed in-ear design, It offers a snug fit to your ears to eliminate all noises thereby producing crystal clear audio.
  • Featuring soft ear cups, this pair of canalphones feel comfortable and ensure a soothing music streaming experience for long,without causing ear pain.
  • Amazing Sound Quality & Earpiece Design comes with an integrated Microphone.   

Generic YR Earphones

       Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • Best Sound Quality
  • White colour
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Compatible with all Android, iOS and Mobile devices
  • Listen to music and control calls in stereo sound with this headset featuring an on-ear design.

Midyya Wired Headphones

Let’s Quickly tell you the specs:-

  • Deep Bass
  • Domestic warranty for 3

You will find only 2 specs for this headphones because the price is very low.

Price is 99/-only.


Here you got the Complete Knowledge About “Best Headphones”.We told you the Suggestion of the headphones in different Price ranges.

We also talked about each & Every headphone Specs.

Comment Down”Which Headphones You are going to Buy First”?

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Which brand is best for headphones?

There are Lots of Best Headphones Brands.Some of are Mentioned are:-
& much More……….

Is Sony better than JBL?

Answer of this Question is may be “yes” or may be “not”,Because in some of the cases or the Specs Sony is Best.But Somewhere JBL is Best.So,Both are Best.You can go ahead with anyone of Them.

Is JBL long Lasting?

Yes, Of course JBL Is one of the best & Long lasting Product that you can choose.So,You can choose it blindly if you want to use a speaker for a long Period of time.

Is Cheapest headphones good?

No,It doesn’t because they doesn’t come with any type of guarantee. So,I prefer to go ahead with the high or mid-range headphones.



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