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5 Best Inverters to Buy This Year | How to Choose the Right Inverter


We all know inverters are useful for getting backup of electricity, but fewer people know about all features and types. If you want to purchase one, then you should know all these things.

It might be possible that you don’t know much about this, but don’t worry. Today, I will give you all the information about inverters in this article. Many times Inverters play an important role in our work life. It helps us to continue our work in the case of an electricity outage.

Inverters are used in offices, schools, colleges, hospitals and homes. They are more usable in tier one and tier two cities in India. So, let’s start and know some useful and interesting things about it, Read the complete this post till the end.

What’s in it

  1. How to choose the best inverter?
  2. Different types of inverter
  3. 5 Best Inverter to Buy This Year
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

How to Choose the Best Inverter?

Many people consider the best inverter using power capacity and pricing. But, it’s not a good thing because it is not the only thing considering the best inverter so many other things to buy the best inverter. Let’s get all the information about it.

1) Understand your Power Requirement

Before you buy an inverter, you need to calculate your power requirement. It means how much electricity your home or office appliances consume and how much electricity you need.

Suppose that there are 5 home appliances such as fan, tube lights, television, CFL, refrigerator, etc. one piece each one and their requirement is as follows.

AppliancePower requirement
Tube light40

According to this chart, these appliances generally consume a total of 510 watts of electricity. So, we need an inverter that can handle more than 510 watts.

2) Check the VA Rating of the Inverter

VA rating stands for Volt Ampere rating. Basically, VA implies the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the appliances, and VA Rating is a measurement of this.

VA = Power Requirement/Power Factor and Power Factor is nothing but the ratio of power consumption by equipment to the power supplied by the inverter. The average power factor of inverters is 0.7 or 0.8. 

VA = 510/0.7

VA = 728.57

So finally we can interpret that we need an inverter more than 728 watts.

3) Know the Battery Your Inverter Needs

The battery is the most important thing for an inverter to run properly. There is no importance of the inverter without a battery. It is the backbone of an inverter. So, before buying any inverter you should have a fair knowledge of the batteries.

The basic work of the battery is to store the electricity and battery capacity decides the backup hours. It is expressed in Ah (Ampere Hours).

Of course, inverter quality is important but also we need a good quality battery for the better performance of inverter. So, choose the best quality battery.

Various types of batteries are available in the market with different capacities such as 100 Ah,150 Ah, 180 Ah, etc. But, how can we calculate the capacity of a battery? Here is the formula.

Battery capacity = Power requirement  (in watts) and back up hours / Battery Voltage (in volts)

In this case as I have said,

Battery Capacity = (510 * 3) / 12 = 127 Ah

Value of Battery voltage is taken 12V

Hence, the batteries with a capacity of 130 Ah will work for you.

Suppose that you want to run 1 fan, 1tube light, 1 CFL and 1 TV for 1 hour during a power failure. For that, you will need an 800 VA inverter and 130 Ah battery. So, these are some important things for buying the best inverter.

Different Types of Inverter

The inverter is classified into many types depending on different things such as output, source, type of load, etc.

1) According to the Output Characteristic

The output inverter is classified into three types, the first one is Square Wave Inverter, the second is Sine Wave Inverter, and the last is Modified Sine Wave Inverter. So let’s start and get information on all these 3 things one by one.

1) Square Wave Inverter

The most used inverter and square wave inverter and it is a waveform of the voltage for inverter is square wave. 

These inverters mean problems are noise, these inverter generators have high noise, and another most important problem is all appliances default made for Sine Wave, so using square waves run any high voltage then this is tricky.  And last but most important problem is that it takes time to start.

So many people do not recommend square wave inverters because of those problems. But a square wave inverter is a low price inverter.

2) Sine Wave Inverter 

This is the best type of inverter because of so many advantages of this inverter. And sine wave inverter are that the output waveform of the voltage is a sine wave and it gives us very similar output to the utility supply. 

Sine wave inverter wave is similar to an appliance’s difficult wave so why not need to face a problem like square wave inverter. But some people say that they face noise problems after heating the inverter.

3) Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Modified sine waves are very complex. A modified sine wave inverter has a waveform more like a square wave. It comes with an extra step because a modified sine wave inverter works well with all the appliances and efficiency or power will be reduced with some or so.

2) According to the Source of the Inverter

There are two types of an inverter according to the source. The first one is Voltage Source Inverter and another is the Current Source Inverter. So, let’s start and get information on all these two things one by one.

1) Current Source Inverter

This type of inverter runs from current and this is used for medium voltage industrial application, CSI would be needed, high-quality current waveforms are compulsory.

2) Voltage Source Inverter

This type of inverter input basically uses voltage source system. It is the more popular and more powerful than the current source inverter.

3) According to the Type of Load

According to the types of load inverter classified in two types. The first one is single-phase Inverter and another is three phase inverter

1) Single-phase Inverter

This type of inverter is basically useful for residential and commercial load and uses single-phase power. It is divided into two types. The first one is a Single Phase Half-bridge Inverter and the second one Single a Phase Full-bridge Inverter.

2) Three Phase Bridge Inverter

This type of inverter includes three phases and that is 3 phase ac supply is used and for this, we have to use a 3 phase inverter.  It is more powerful and more efficient than a Single Phase Full-bridge Inverter.

And this inverter uses six thyristors and six diodes and it is also divided into two types. The first one is a 180-degree mode and 120-degree mode.

4) Classification According to Control Technique

According to the control technique inverter classified into four types-

  • Single Pulse Width modulation (Single PWM)
  • Multiple Pulse Width Modulation (MPWM)
  • Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM)
  • Modified Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (MSPWM)

 5) According to the Number of Levels at the Output

According to the number of levels at the output base, it is divided into two types. The first one is a regular level inverter and the second is a multi-level inverter. So, let’s start and understand this one by one.

1) Regular level inverter

This type of inverter uses only 2 volts. The first one is a positive peak voltage and the second one is a negative peak voltage. Sometimes we have a zero voltage level also known as a two-level.

2) Multilevel Inverters

This types of inverter used many or multiple levels of inverters and this is classified into four types first one is Flying capacitor Inverter, the second one is Diode-clamped Inverter and the third one is Hybrid Inverter and last is Cascade H-type Inverter.

5 Best Inverters to Buy This Year

These are the 5 best inverters according to our research. We try to give the best recommendations that have high quality and high efficacy at a reasonable price. So now, we discuss them one by one.

1) Luminous Zolt 1100 

Price -Rs. 5,799.00


  1. ECO/ UPS mode 
  2. Bypass Switch
  3. Safety Alarms
  4. Extra Protection
  5. Pure sine wave 

Other Product Details:- 

  • WEIGHT:- 9 kg
  • WARRANTY:- 2 Years
  • PRICE:- INR 5,799/-

Luminous zolt 1100 is 12V Sine Wave Home UPS, UPS is an uninterruptible power supply it means it gives break or gap-free operation, and this inverter most important thing is you will not even realize when the power went off. 

It gives ECO and UPS both options. ECO mode is not broken free operation. It takes time and that time is 1 second.

And those inverters display all important things like charging time, battery type, ECO / UPS mode, backup time, system fault and low battery.

This provides some important Features, that is Extra Protection, Safety Alarms, Bypass Switch, and last is Eco/UPS Mode. We already discussed ECO/USPS mode. So now we discuss a little bit about other features. 

First, we discuss Extra Protection so extra protection is An Inverter with MCB and MCB  mense Miniature Circuit Breaker it protects your appliances against faults, short-circuits which may occur due to sudden power surges or improper use of the device.

Safety Alarm features provide a system that warns about short-circuit, wrong wiring, battery overcharge, overload, and low battery. 

A bypass switch system ensures direct power supply from mains to household in case of any fault in the system and allows power supply directly without any wiring change.

2) V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S

Price -Rs. 7,500.00


  1. App-Enabled Smart Inverter
  2. Solar compatibility
  3. Uninterrupted Lifestyle
  4. Battery Water Topping Reminder
  5. UPS MODE sine inverter

Other product details

  • Weight:- 9.5 kg 
  • Warranty:- 2 years 
  • Price:- INR 8799/- 

This inverter is awesome because it provides solar compatibility and so many other features like App-Enabled Smart Inverter, Uninterrupted Lifestyle, and Battery Water Topping Reminder. So now we discuss all these features one by one. 

App-Enabled Smart Inverter means all main about inverter things displayed in your smartphone like changing status. Also, you control power, check the backup time, switch through different modes according to your needs, review the power cuts and duration and charge up to 30% faster using Turbocharge.

3) Microtek Hybrid HB950

Price -Rs. 4,100.00


  1. In-Built Bypass Switch
  2. Intelli Battery Gravity Management Technology
  3. Hybrid Technology for Noiseless and Better Performance.
  4. UPS MODE sine inverter

Other Product Details

  • Weight:- 8 kg
  • Warranty:- 2 years 
  • Price:- INR 4100/-

Microtek Hybrid HB950 inverter is noiseless because it uses hybrid technology for noiseless and better performance, if you want to buy a noiseless inverter then that is the best choice at a lower price.

Battery Gravity Builder Features for charges even those cells of the battery which gets completely discharged and those really important features, and because of this will enhance the output.

4) V-Guard Prime 1150 

Price -Rs. 5,798.00


  1. High-Performance Selection Switch
  2. Battery Gravity Builder
  3. Battery Topping Reminder
  4. Mute Buzzer Option
  5. Visual and Audio Indicators
  6. Reliable protection for your appliances
  7. Battery compatibility
  8. Dual Mode Operation

Other Product Details

  • Weight:- 8 kg
  • Warranty:- 2 years 
  • Price:- INR 5798/-

V-Guard Prime 1150 is affordable and the best inverter at this price range because it provides so many options like High-Performance Selection Switch, Battery Gravity Builder, Battery Topping Reminder, Mute Buzzer Option, Visual and Audio Indicators, Reliable protection for your appliances, Battery compatibility and it also provide ECO and UPS mode. 

We already discussed many features so now we discuss another feature like Mute Buzzer Option and Battery Topping Reminder. 

Mute Buzzer Option is for noiseless inverter means it helps to decrease the noise of inverter.

And the second feature is battery topping reminder means it reminds inverter water levels.

5) Luminous Zelio + 1100

Price -Rs. 5,990.00


  1. Noiseless Operations with the help of low harmonic distortion
  2. LED Display
  3. MCB input 
  4. ECO/UPS mode 
  5. Easy Bypass Switch 

Other product details

  • Weight:- 9 kg 
  • Warranty:- 2 years 
  • Price:- INR 6199/-

Luminous Zelio + 1100 is the number one inverter according to our research because it is a value for money product. We already disused all these features in previous products so you read that information and get information about it.


In this blog post, we get all information about the best inverter and gave a proper checklist for buying the best Inverters. And most important things we select the top 5 inverters from our research explaining all their features. 

Those top 5 products are Luminous Zolt 1100, V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S, Microtek UPS SEBz, V-Guard Prime 1150, and Luminous Zelio + 1100. so If you like this post, then share the post with your friends and read our other blog posts also.

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Which inverter is best for home use?

According to our research best for home is Luminous Zelio + 1100. Because using this inverter you easily run all your home appliances. But not any claire cut answer to this question because depending on ours uses and budget.

  1. Does the inverter increase the electricity bill?

No, the inverter does not increase the electricity bill because Because Inverter converts direct current (DC) power to standard home alternating current (AC) power. And then ac power use after power cuts.

  1. Which is the best inverter from 12v vs 24v?

No clear-cut answer to this question because it depends on your home appliance’s power need. If you need high electricity then you choose a 24v inverter otherwise you choose 12v for less power.



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