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Top 5 Best Place To Visit In India


Endowed with many beautiful destinations and opportunities for marvelous things to do and enjoy. India is a tourist-friendly country in every aspect.

Whether it is a pilgrimage, heritage, wildlife, or adventure, there is no shortage of opportunities and options. I mentioned the best place to visit in India

From the Himalayan mountains to spotting the “Royal Bengal Tiger” in its famed national parks and from its vast seashore. That supports numerous water sports to ancient caves, etc.

Here I show you 5 best places in India

  1. A place to visit in Varanasi
  2. Things to do in Amritsar
  3. Best place to visit in Kerala
  4. Agra Taj-Mahal
  5. Rajasthan tour
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Varanasi place to visit in India:

There are people doing laundry, there are people having their breakfast, there are goats wandering around. There are people bathing in the Ganges. People are bathing. Their burning ghats are already happening.

People are cremating basically, So there is a lot going on and it is just a lot to take in. It is the kind of place where you stroll around slowly and you stop frequently. 

Along the way, we saw former palaces built by royal families. Cheap guesthouses that cater to backpackers, and plenty of temples.

Just a bit further downstream we come to Manikarnika Ghat also known as the Burning Ghat, where bodies cremate.

Hindus believe that cremation on the banks of the Ganges River. It breaks the cycle of reincarnation, which is why many choose to die here.

Fire Worship Ceremony

If you decide to visit the Burning Ghat. Be aware that the camera use not allow and you’ll have to keep your distance. This is a fire worship ceremony that takes place at Dashashwamedh Ghat burning candles and billowing incense.

You can watch the ceremony from the steps or aboard the boats for a small fee. But, either way, you’ll want to arrive early to claim a spot as it gets very busy.

One of my favorite things to do here in Varanasi is just wandering around like going exploring through the old town is just like a labyrinth, it is like a maze.

There are so many people watching. Here are a lot of animals, there are a lot of cows. There are also a lot of opportunities to shop as well.

Things to do in Amritsar:

Amritsar the city place to visit in India that still bears the scars of battle for Independence. It is known as the Jewel of Punjab. This place is so rich in culture and history attracting people to visit this amazing hub. To know more about India’s freedom and its deep-rooted history.

Golden temple is the epicenter of Sikhism and is the most famous place to visit in Amritsar.

It is a stunning complex with golden domes and hence is called the Golden temple. It is constructed by Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of Sikhs.

Other Places

Wagah Border It is the only road border that connects the two neighboring countries India and Pakistan. The ceremonial display of Beating Retreat and Change of Guard is what gathers the tourists here.

Jallianwala Bagh It is famous for the sad day that once our country faced back in 1919. When the British Army Soldiers under the command of General Dyer held an open fire on the people. Who were gathered there including women and children.

The firing lasted for 10 whole minutes and killed about 1579 Indians. Durgiana Temple This temple is a dedication to Goddess Durga; the place is famous for the detailed carvings of the Goddess in her different incarnations.

Akal Takht ‘Akal’ means Timeless and ‘Takht’ means Throne; hence the meaning of the name is ‘Throne of the Timeless One’.

It is considered as the highest seat of the Sikh authority, this is where the highest council of Sikhs sits.

Tarn Taran Sahib It was built in the memory of Guru Ram Das. Under Guru Arjan Dev’s (fifth Sikh Guru) orders adopting Mughal architecture.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh is knows as the Lion of Punjab as he freed the city from the cruel shackles of Mughals.

Bathinda Fort, It has an impressive architecture and resembles a sheep in the sea of sand.

The highlights of the fort are the stones that were used in construction which dates back to the Kushana Period.

Pul Kanjari The village is the same place where Maharaja Ranjit Singh used to halt and take rest with his troops while traveling.

Ram Tirath This place has great Hindu significance. Goddess Sita gave birth to her twins, Luv and Kush.

Also, it is believed that much learned Valmiki, the writer of the Ramayana started writing the great Epic here.

Kerala Best place to visit in India:

The plan is to explore Fort Kochi which is the old part of Kochi. So we finally made it to Fort Kochi we’re in this part of Fort Kochi called Jew town.

I didn’t actually know this but apparently many years ago a lot of Jews were settled in this area.

So there’s a famous synagogue here which is what we’re going to check out. But I have never actually seen a synagogue before.

So I was quite an interest in seeing one so we just saw the synagogue, unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed inside.

The history was quite interesting. So finally the Romans drove Jewish people away from Israel back in the day. And they came to India they came to this place called Kangin or and from there they came to Cochin. And the synagogue is built-in 1568 so it’s quite old.

So this building behind me is the Mattancherry palace and it’s a Dutch palace. The only other Dutch Palace I have seen is in the space called a shank bar. In Tamil Nadu and it didn’t really look like this at all so this is quite different.

Don’t Forget Francis Church and Boat Ride

The boat ride and on such a knife in hiding even though I’ve done it before. I really enjoyed it the food was really nice. And the views were stunning and now I think we’re just gonna drive back.

Francis Church and that’s the first pot we’re checking out. So I just go inside the church photography not allowed inside.

But apparently, this is the first European church to be built-in India, and Vasco da Gama’s. The body buried inside this church and later transferred to Lisbon. I think the best thing to do in Fort Kochi is just to walk around. Because the lanes here are really nice.

Agra Taj-mahal – one of the seven wonders:

one of the seven wonders

That is the Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the world. And definitely the prettiest see the Agra fort. We’re gonna see some gardens what else. The palace of the royal family I’m ready maybe I don’t need too much today.

I had no idea this place to visit in India even existed I guess they don’t promote it. In India most of the buildings you can see. It built by emperors actually like Taj Mahal Agra fort foot.

Baby Taj-Mahal

The baby taj the real name of the building is its mascot Donna this is the finest architecture. Similar to the Taj Mahal but it was been earlier than the Taj.

Well we believe that they got the idea to make the Taj Mahal from this painting that time.

But this is the building built by an empress. That is a big deal during duck diving actually.

Baby taj built by the whole Mughal Emperor’s wife her name was Noor Jahan. The construction of this building began in 1622 and is complete in 1628.

It built by emperors when her father passed away. His name was it, Moscow Darla, you can see the main entrance to the building just we have.

One actually and the rest of the gates which you can see there. These all are just to balance it from all the side. Actually this is one of the main things about Mughal architecture.

They balance the building from front to back and from life to writers right. So basically those gates have no purpose except to give balance to the complex.

This is a beautiful look at this these are the writing of the Quran in the Arabian language. Start from the right and to the left and the roof also over here but the thing is in the Tasman.

The roof and flooring have been decorated actually. So this building is more intricate from outside and inside hydrants compares it to the Taj Mahal.

Rajasthan tour – “Land of Kings”:

Rajasthan means the land of a king true to its name. The place stands as a symbol of palaces, forts, sand, and desert fair festival food and culture. Let us take a look at the top attractions that you must see in Rajasthan.

The place to visit in India Ranthambore national park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts; it has various wild species like tiger leopards, hyenas, sambar jackals, and over 260 species of birds.

Pushkar is a 2000-year-old city and is world-famous for the camel Fair. Which happens in the month of November during the period the population of the city rises from 15,000 to 500,000.

The Brahma temple is said to be the only temple for Brahma lord of creation. An entire India and Pushkar Lake is a holy lake for Hindus.

It believes that one dip here is equivalent to meditation and prayer for a hundred years.

Mountable being the only hill station in this desert state. It has been a popular retreat for the residents. As a place away from the scorching desert heat and is a must-visit attraction.

Chip Touareg our fort one of the oldest forts in India. Which is built-in the seventh century during the Mauryan period? This fort is yet another magnificent architecture that arrests the eyes of travelers from all over the world.

Rajasthan Forts

Marin gar fort this is one of the largest most impressive and best-preserved forts in India. It stands a hundred feet on a perpendicular cliff 400 feet above. The skyline of Jodhpur and was a very difficult fort to invade.

Sonar fort is built-in the massive yellow sand. Town walls that complement the golden stretches of sands with the evening.

It fades to honey gold and camouflages in the desert. First, of its gold-like appearance, this fort is known as sonar fort or a golden fort.

Dal mahal palace this palace is considered as an absolute beauty constructed in the Rajput and Mughal style architecture.

As for its name water palace. It is situate in the middle of the beautiful man Sagar Lake.

The Amber fort is one of the most visited tourist destinations of this state. Situate on a high hill this beautiful Palace can reach by taking an elephant ride.

From the bottom of the hill the reflection of the fort. And the pretty metallic provides a beautiful double image and makes it look like a magic castle in a fairyland.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur this architectural wonder means palace of winds. And is an optimist tourist place in Jaipur. True to its name it has 953 windows to provide ventilation and allow. Royal ladies to take a look at the city without being seen as a Umaid Bhavan Palace.

This is one it serves as a museum and Heritage Hotel pampering guests with exquisite delights. The building of this palace has an interesting tale behind some needy people approached.

Maharaja Umaid Singh who generously commissioned a new palace just to give them employment. Therefore, the palace stands not only as a symbol of beauty but also as hope.


There are many tourist places to visit in India. But if asked about the best place to visit in India among them, So it is the religious places of Varanasi, the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the beaches and lake of Kerala, the Taj-Mahal of Agra, and the Forts of Rajasthan.


Which are the best places to visit in India?

1. Taj-Mahal in Agra 2. Hawa Mahal in Rajasthan 3. Red fort in Delhi and many more.

Which season is best to visit in India?

October to March.

How many religions India have?

Major religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.



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