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Top Best Places To Visit In Shimla


Here is one such tour package of Himachal Pradesh. Which includes some most popular places to visit in Shimla. Tourist attractions of India like Kasauli, Shimla, Manali, and Rohtang Pass. Let’s start the tour.

  1. Toy train
  2. Christ Church
  3. Calm and Peaceful place
  4. Micro museum
  5. Old market
  6. Shimla Heritage Walk
  7. Monkey point
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs

Toy Train

Places to visit in Shimla the base rent to start with is Toy train which runs between Shimla and Calcutta. This journey gives you the best view of the Himalayas. And the greenery surrounding it in winter you can also get the view of snow-capped mountains.

Visit this place you can come here through trolley or by car also. So do you really nice place it’s situated on height. And this is a very tall harmonica statue which is the main attraction.

Places to visit in Shimla to take you so the very popular statue. And this place is a lot of monkeys and a lot of warnings given here and there. Which is breathtaking and very beautiful.

Moving our to next destination is the ridge once a similar you would like to go to Ridge through the Mall Road. It is the center of Shimla and a place for shopping.

Christ Church

Nieto Ridge is a Christchurch of Hemlock it is a very old church with the influence of British architecture. One capful for the visit Donar condom which is about 65 kilometers from Shimla.

It is the place which experiences first snowfall in this region you can go around in dark under or go for a trek to the car. During winter this peak covered with a thick sheet of ice which makes it difficult for trekking.

After trekking through heart op1 you can reach the heart of a temple. Which a very beautiful place with a small temple dedicated to goddess Kali.

Calm and Peaceful place

You can spend a peaceful time here and enjoy the views next you can plan a visit to now Adara. This place is 25 kilometers away from Shimla city and is famous for the nine-hole golf course. You can either trick in this area or hire a horse there are two small temples in the caldera.

You can also plan a visit click on the next on our list is the Tapani. This village is 45 kilometers away from Shinoda. And situates on the backs of reverse approach people come here for experiencing river rafting.

So if you are an adventurer loving person then this is a must waste place. Moving on to the next place we have coffee go free is a famous spot to visit in Shimla.

It is 25 kilometers away from the station, a city it is famous for. A national park was riding to Mahasu peak in winter. When Kufri covers snow a lot of people come here for the scheme. We are here in the month of November but no snow yet.

Our next destination is choco devil this a famous temple dedicates to Lord Hanuma. It has a big statue of Lord Hanuman of about 108 feet long.

Micro Museum

This best temple has the self-existent statue of Lord Hanuman. And this place is accessible by Road and copra from the rich. There is a micro Museum in Shimla videography and photography inside.

The museum strictly prohibits so we have just covered our way towards the museum. Next Indian Institute of Advanced Study set up by the Ministry of Education Government of India in 1964.

The building that houses the Institute was originally built as the home for Lord. Our friend the Viceroy of India from 1884 to 1888 and called the vice-regal Lodge.

Vice-regal housed all the subsequent Viceroy and governor-general of India the last place in the list is chairing. It is the hill station 44 kilometers away from the Shimla. It is famous for greenery and forests there are many resorts to relax and stay.

The place is very calm very beautiful and you must come here whenever you come to the symbol. It’s all lies and the church is decorated with Christmas and everything is sold.

Old Market

So there are ways to market one is the local buzzer. This is the Old Market where all the good items. And one is the new market with all the branches and all the stuff that you want.

You can do anything they’re a lot of options, a lot of food options, rather awkward right. Now you have tea whatever you like so just remember. When you come here do come with a lot of titles, close this place and have fun.

Shimla Heritage Walk

The main road of Shimla with a smile well it’s a bit of me. So I’m able to experience the countryside properly. So this is doing in Shimla. Today we are headed to now kinda and it will take us around we’re half hours to reach there.

By leaving them nicely completely snow-covered. Replies in your idea how to explore some more places simply have few options around it.

Now to see Joe Pikul. That point and there are a lot of activities and words no there so this is the highest point in either.

Now where I have reached and there’s not a lot of snow here. Because it snowed like 10 days back and this actually not a lot of snow but. If you are coming here for the first time and you want to see snow then this is the point for you.

Another place to visit

It’s got snow it’s got a lot of snow activities that you can do zorbing or skiing and no sledding and a few other things.

So if you are that adventure junkie and you have not seen snow. You eagerly wanna see snow so you can gamble Shimla and then definitely visit in kinds.

Places to visit in Shimla is Kasauli. It will take almost 6 hours to reach Kasauli from New Delhi by road. Upon reaching Kasauli check in to your hotel.

In the afternoon go to visit the most popular yet. Very quiet place Sunset Point and enjoy a spectacular sunset from there.

In the evening walk around the Mall road and enjoy some shopping. go to visit Timber trail. Timber Trail is a quiet little hill station in Kasauli. This pine backed hill station is famous for natural beauty.

Monkey’s Point

Next, go to visit Monkey’s point. Kasauli’s Monkey Point is the highest point of the town Shimla from Kasauli. It will take around 3 hours to reach Shimla from Kasauli.

Upon reaching Shimla Check in to your hotel. In the evening take a walk around the famous Mall Road of Shimla and enjoy shopping. Of the locations nearby to Shimla. First, go to The Ridge.

It is located on the Mall road, at the heart of Shimla. The Ridge is the most popular tourist spot in Shimla. People enjoy the stunning views of surrounding areas.

From there go to Christ Church. It is built-in 1845 and considers one of the most religious places in our country.

From there go to visit Himalayan Bird Park. It is a beautiful destination and house of many rare species of Himalayan Birds. In the morning go to Manali from Shimla.

Manali is nearly 250 km away from Shimla and it will take almost 8 hours to reach Manali from Shimla.

A local sightseeing tour around Manali. First, visit Hadimba Temple. This Greatest temple is dedicated to Hadimba.

The Club House is also one of the most popular tourist places. Manali is famous for adventure activities and indoor games.

Solang Valley is located from Manali, Don’t miss out Solang Valley lies between Solang village and Beas Kund. It offers a beautiful view of glaciers, forests, and mountains.


Shimla is known for the beauty of nature. If you interested in the coolest and coldest place to visit then it is the only place in India. And if you want to ski then you must go to Kufri best places to visit in Shimla.


What is special in Shimla?

Toy train, The ridge, Museum, and other tourist spot which is not mentioned.

Which month is best for Shimla?

The best season to visit Shimla for snow is the winter season, which is between November and February.

What are the places near Shimla?

Kasauli, Shimla, Mcleodganj, and Narkanda.



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