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4 Best Puzzle Game That Can Boost Your Mind Power

4 Best Android Games To Boost Your Mind

Boost your mind by just playing android games. Yes, guys! it is possible only if you choose the right game.

In this digital world, almost 70% of people have a mobile that is smart. And 50% used to play games on the mobile phone, but most of the games just waste the time of the user. You can improve your brainpower and improve your mind power by playing puzzle games. It also can help you in your professional life. It is possible if you choose the right game to play.

With the reason of helping the youth, that is just wasting their valuable time with the best puzzle game that cannot grow their skill. So we have decided to give the knowledge of the games to the youth that can also help in their professional life.

We have collected the best puzzle game from the internet that can boost your mind power by playing them. We will discuss detail over you on this blog then after we will get to the conclusion. And then, finally, we will take a look at the creatures that users usually asked on the internet.


  1. Maze and More
  2. Unblock ball block puzzle
  3. Chess
  4. Brain out


Mazes and more is a game for people who enjoy solving maze puzzles. This is the best puzzle game and a fantastic game for testing intelligence.

This game helps you to improve time of your thinking and helps you to improve your speed of getting a conclusion. This game has so many levels from easy to hard that it is amazingly addictive and challenging. Kids and adults can play Maze and more games.

If you play this game, it may be possible you may get tweaks and surprises in this game. This game is too easy to play and hard to solve. You just have to swipe your finger and get the dot through the walls to find the way and escape the Maze. The maker of this game claims that hands make this game, and no randomized level was created in this game.

There are six types of categories in this game. Categories are classic, enemies, ice floor, darkness, time trial, and traps. You may get more categories in the future.

If you want to play Hard games, then you don’t have to forget about the complicated 3D Maze. There are in total 450 levels you have to complete, and you will become king of the Maze. This game contains ads and is also available offline. You can remove ads by paying ₹160 for lifetime access to the game.

In Google Play Store, this puzzle game has been downloaded more than 50 million-plus times. This app has a 4.2-star rating out of the five-star rating, and it will cost 20 MB if you plan to install it on your Android mobile phone. This App has 524912 positive reviews on the google play store.



The Unblock ball block puzzle is quite an excellent and exciting puzzle game. It has a lovely and sweet sound. Some of the levels may take time and require a time of thinking to solve it, and it will challenge your mind and boost your mind power.

You have to watch an advertisement when you complete a level.  You can get a clue by watching an ad.

This game is simple to play and an addictive puzzle game. If you are planning to install this game on your mobile, then you will get around 300 Plus excellent levels, and you will get more levels in the future as well. At every level, you have to collect three stars. This game is free to play; it does not have any time limit, and it does not require any Wi-Fi connection. Unblock ball block puzzles are easy to learn in the game, but it is hard to master.

Unblock ball block puzzle game available in Google Play Store. Already 50 million-plus users have downloaded this game on their Android device. It has a 4.3-star rating out of five stars. It will cost around 27 MB on your mobile phone. Users of the Unblock ball block puzzle game give 477559 positive reviews to this game.

We suggest you install this game on your mobile and play a single level of the game once in a while. You will find the download link below.



Chess is the world’s oldest strategy game. This game is a board logic game that comes with beautiful graphics and progressive levels.

You can develop your skills, tactics, strategy, and visuals with the chess game. This game has the rules as a typical old chess game. You have one goal of this game to checkmate The other king. In this game you will get the difficulty up to 10 levels.

This game comes with a game assistant that will help you to play the game. You can also undo your move if you think you have made the wrong move. The game assistant will help you with the hint of moves. This game comes with seven different themes, you can choose whatever you like. You can view your board, either 3D or 2D. You can also save the game for the next time. Users can play this game with a two-player mode.

The chess game has realistic graphics and sweet sound effects. This chess game is one of the best chess games among the other games. This game contains ads. You can remove ads by paying ₹290 once for a lifetime.

You can download this game from Google Play Store by clicking on the link given above. Already more than 100 million-plus users had downloaded this game. This game has 1110534 positive reviews that users of the games given to the Chess game and have a 4.4-star rating out of 5 stars.

We suggest you install your game on your mobile if you want to boost Your mind capacity.



Brain out is the game for a person who wants to improve their IQ level. After playing this game, you will blow your mind, and you can show your friend that you are not stupid.

Brain out game comes with free tricky puzzles and tricky riddles. This game can evaluate your logical thinking ability to the next level. You can also improve your accuracy, reflexes memory, and creativity by playing this game.

This game says that you do not have to answer the questions ordinarily if you don’t want to be tracked. Normal thinking’s subvert solution is the most interesting part of this game. We can say that you will definitely get a different game experience by playing this game. Brain out is the game that no one can imagine.

Brain out is the game full of spoof, fun, and subvert your imagination. This game has very funny sound effects and witty game effects. You will get the answers that are unexpected in this game. In this game, you will find so many questions that can boost your mind power.

You will get the perfect combination of creativity and knowledge in the Brain out games. Brain out is the game to exercise your mind and improve your mind power. To solve the puzzle, you just have to think outside the box.

Brain out game available on Google Play Store. More than 100 million + users already download this game and give this app 4.4 stars rating out of 5 stars. This game has Tu 833203 positive reviews on the Google Play Store.



1Maze and more50,000,000+4.2201MBIntermediate
2Unblock ball block puzzle50,000,000+4.327MBBeginner
4Brain out100,000,000+4.448MBAdvance


Now you have all the information about the games that can improve and boost your mind power. Now let’s take a short over you on them one by one.

Maze and more is a game where you can find Maze to solve. Then after we had talked about the Unblock ball block puzzle game, this app is a game for solving block puzzles.

Next was a chess game. You already know about this game. In this game, you can set levels from 1 to 10 in that one is easy, and ten is hard. In the end we talked about brain out games. This game is unique in all puzzle games.

Isn’t this blog is useful for you as a student? Very useful. We also have more valuable information that can help you in your carrier path. Please go and check this out our blog on Learning android apps to grow your skills. it will definitely suggest you choose the right platform to learn and grow your skill.

Now let’s take a look at what people usually ask a question about these games on the internet.


Which is the best Maze game to Boost my mind power?

Mazes and more is the game to boost your mind power.

Which is the best game of block puzzle?

Unblock ball block puzzle is the best game for block puzzle types.

Is Chess game available in a 3D view?

Yes, the Chess game is also available in a 3D view.

Which is the best game to think out of the box?

Brain out is the game in which you have to think out of the box.



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