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10 Best Time Travel Movies of All Time


Time Travel Movies are the best movies for exploring the fascinating worlds They made some of the mind-fucking sci-fi movies. It has been a very intriguing and interesting subject since 1950. It is very hard to find its origin.

Time Travel concept has started since the rise of comic books when writers have started experimenting with their craft and finding ways to define the future and characters in it.

You must have seen some movies based on this concept and every time, it has made you surprised. So, in no time, we have compiled the list of 10 best Time Travel movies ever made.  

What’s in it for me

  1. Donnie Darko
  2. Interstellar
  3. About time
  4. Edge of tomorrow
  5. Looper
  6. Arrival
  7. Source Code
  8. Predestination
  9. Primer
  10. Back to the future
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQ

This list is not either perfect nor will be by anyone. The list is created keeping you in mind to explore the different possibilities of time travel which is attempted by our great directors.

You can say that it is kind of a list that is selected on the perimeter of a compelling story and how it evaluates the creativity and overall film’s enjoyability.

 Donnie Darko

For a whole day, we have so many thoughts going on in our minds. You might be thinking of dinosaurs, witches, or anything else.

What if one day, you started seeing them as a real object. Richard Kelly’s mind trembling movies that gain cult status is most involving time travel movies.

Darko, the high school kid who is having hallucinations of a terrific and bizarre rabbit, has told her that the world is going to end soon.

All this has started to make things more weird and creepy. This low budget movie has a very straight approach, no one will be able to get it on the first watch.  


This movie is a masterpiece. No one would be able to pull such a detailed yet interesting movie other than Christopher Nolan. This one is crafted at such depth with visual brilliance that will drop your Jaw.

This is a one-time travel film of 4 scientists who explore the possibilities of life on another planet traveling through a wormhole with shifting of the genre from love to space and ultimately become a time travel movie.

The thought of faster than light travel and theories that are surrounding as accurately as possible. It showcases the concepts of space and physics in a very understanding way though it will be hard to digest at first glance.

The movie is about sacrifices we will make in the future if we don’t sustain this world. Interestingly, the movie works as an inspiration to so many scientists that around 23 theories have been proved since its release.

 About Time

Hey, what if I told you that you have a chance to live with your love again using the time travel concept. What you will do to propose that person in a different dimension.

About Time is a romantic comedy movie that uses this concept to define and explore the varieties of life. A young man who got to know about a person in his family who has the power of time travel.

With his help, our character wanted to use this power to improve his life in the future. In that process, he meets a young lady he has fallen for. The process proved to be good and worse for him.

Though the movie looks simple, the use of time travelling elements has brought the real portrayal of human experience and made it quite fascinating to live.   

Edge of Tomorrow

One day, you have been sent to fight the alien forcefully without any training and your acknowledgment. You are ready to fight with aliens.

Suddenly you get killed by aliens and boom you are living the same day again and again. How would you feel if you are fighting, getting killed, and waking up again?

The plot of this movie is very suspicious at the very first start. You will not get it in between the movie until a saturation point.

The movie is a total nightmare for anyone. They have mixed the concept of time travel with different elements of science to cleverly put the byproduct (that is climax).


Looper is not among the best time travel movies. It is rather a most innovative movie which will leave you confused till the end. You may need At Least 3-4 watches to understand it. 

The movie revolves around a crime world where the loopers have to travel in the past to kill their subject which may be problematic in the present. Time-traveling will be illegal in the future due to its bad use and criminal purpose.

The movie throws the lights on disadvantages of the use of excessive technology which can cost so much to upcoming generations. It becomes unpredictable through the running time but engages you in its process.  


Whether Denis Villeneuve is arguably the greatest director or not. His works seem to be alive and regarded as a masterpiece for the upcoming generation.

His attempt at “Arrival” is finest and proves to be well received by the audience. Arrival has got its place in the science fiction genre but it is more than that. You might get confused at first glance.

The movies talked about the fluidity of time through its larger section of the film. We as humans always wanted to connect with the outer world. It has become a fascination to talk with aliens.

But What if they started building communication may result in harm and destruction for us. The movie leaves you in thinking that “is this best sci-fi time-traveling movie”. 

Source code

If you ever need refreshment in life and want to be stuck in the world of fiction. So, here is your movie which has the ability to make you remember your mistakes.

Source code is just not movies but the desire of every Cop out there. The idea of going back in the past and to stop the crime is one of the things we badly wanted.

We as a human creature seem to be very connective and emotional but this could cause you huge consequences. But the movie is one step ahead to stop which I will break here. In short, the movie is all about what if. 


And my friend here is the prize of your patience if you are reading the entire piece. You will get a reward as a form of this movie. If you ask any movie lover or maybe Sci-fi fan that which movie has made you think another time. Predestination is the answer.

But let me tell you that the movie is all about stopping crime or criminals using time travel. But they use a different approach to make this plot more interesting and too confusing.

The entire movie is so unpredictable. You might think that the actor is making you look foolish.

The movie is so detailed that you can’t skip anything in order to reach and understand the climax. So, have an eye on everything and beware because you might get lost.


This movie has a special place in my heart. WHY? Because it proves that you don’t need VFX, flashy sets, and budget to create time travel movies. Interestingly, the whole is made up of a $7000 budget only.

Amazing. More than the whole crew of the movie are around 7 people only. The director of the movie is Shane Carruth has done multiple works on the movie like a writer, editor, actor, designer, cinematographer, etc.

But that doesn’t mean the movie is boring. The Whole movie is blended with creativity which will make you salute him.

This Art house movie has gained cult status due to refreshing plotlines where they created their multiple versions that made this movie too hard to understand. 

Back to the future

The idea of meeting your parents in the past and interrupting them is kind of a weird and most thoughtful thing. It will be helpful to stop them from meeting in the past if you know that toxicity you face today may be due to a past thing.

But what if your parents like you, i.e. their children. It will be quite hilarious. This movie is totally based on the above idea but it all has started with a boy Marty who accidentally traveled in the era of their parents’ love meeting.

But it becomes quite funny when he becomes the love interest of his mom. This take of movies is wonderfully depicted throughout the movies. Maybe it sounds creepy but you will fall in love with it through its loveable nature.


Time travel is quite the most interesting genre to explore. The idea of time travel makes you too creative to explore the possibilities of the world.

Imagine a world where the value of money is zero and dinosaurs have started living with us. What if? the history in your respective country has been changed due to some circumstances, change in today’s world will look like.

Keep exploring things like this and broaden your imagination.

I hope you like this article. Share this with your friend if you are a fan of Time Travel films. Till then



Which movie get the science of Time Travel right?

interstellar and contact

What are the best time travel movies on Netflix?

Dark (Must Watch)
Before I Fall
Ricky and Morty (Animated series)

Which time travel movie has highest IMDB rating?

Quantum Leap

What is the most Underrated movie on Time Travel?

Project Almanac and The Butterfly Effect



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