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Best Tips and Tricks about Mehndi


Everyone wish to get darken the color of their Mehndi. so here I am sharing with you some Mehndi tips and tricks that will help you get to darken the color of your design

what is in it

How to choose Mehndi artist

Mehndi is one of the important aspects of our culture, and Indian brides are incomplete without Mehndi. The bride wants everything perfects on their day. She wants her design to be out of the world and unique.

 For this, I am sharing some tips here that you keep in mind while selecting Mehndi artist.

  1. Research and find best Mehndi artist according to your budget

    You can search online for the best Indian wedding Mehndi artist for the wedding ceremony, Go through their page and profile. You can ask your friend and family members too. Go through their past work.

  2. Personal meeting

    If you feel any suitable than going for a personal meeting and discuss designs and pricing. You can also ask for a sample, and if through for quality check. You can ask for patch test to know if the Mehndi artist uses good quality Mehndi. If he or she is famous, you can skip taking a trial.

  3. Ask for pricing

    If, you are satisfied with her/his Mehndi quality and design, ask for pricing. Ask price for bridal package and also for other relatives. Tell your budget and check whether you can hire her/him.

  4. Ask for availability

    Finally, ask them about their availability and tell them about your place. It is advisable to book them at least three months before as delay may cause fewer options for you.

Ask your Mehndi artist to prepare a list of everything they will need while applying Mehndi. Once you have known whatever they need, make all necessary arrangements, and then sit for the application.

Proven ways to get Dark color of Mehndi

   Everyone wants to get a dark color of Mehndi, isn’t it? There is some belief behind the dark color of Mehndi.

Here, I am sharing with you some tips and tricks to get dark color of Mehndi

·      Before your henna artist applies henna on your hand, just make it sure you have cleaned your hands well. Make sure that no oil or dirt on your hands and feet before Mehndi application.

·      Before your Mehndi artist put Mehndi, rub your palms against each other. Body heat will help you get color rich.

·      Prepare a mixture of lemon and sugar. Once your Mehndi has dried out completely, apply that mixture of lemon and sugar. It will help the Mehndi penetrate deeper into your skin.

·      Keep the Mehndi applied for a longer time period. If you want to get best result, you can let it stay overnight and remove it the next morning.

·      Avoid using water to remove dried Mehndi. It is better to use a butter knife or a card to scrape off your Mehndi. Avoid water and soap for at least 12 hours after you have removed your Mehndi.

·      Avoid using alcohol-based sanitizers. It will fade away from your Mehndi color that is you don’t want, right?

·      After removing Mehndi, apply Vicks vapor or tiger balm over your hands and feet. It will help you get darken Mehndi color.

·      Take some clove and put in a pan, turn on a gas flame, when you see smoke rising, place your hands in such a way that your Mehndi gets exposed to it. Stay there until your hands hurt because of heat. At last, moisturize your hand before going to bed at night. It will help protect the color and darken it.

Tips to remove stain of Mehndi from cloths

·      If you get the stain on your clothes, it’s difficult to remove it all. But I have some steps to follow. By this step, you will be able to remove the stain from your cloth.

· The First thing is that if a stain on cloth treats it as early as possible. You will have an easier time removing the stain.  

·      Then blot the area with an old cloth or paper towel. One thing to keep in mind that don’t rub the stain otherwise it could spread. Instead of rubbing press a soft and absorbent cloth onto the stain to soak up the excess dye. The dye will ruin the cloth, so it is advisable to use a paper towel instead.

·      Put some drop of color-safe laundry detergent onto the stain. Use a clean toothbrush to scrub the cleaner into the fabric, Continue to scrub until you don’t see any dye on the fabric.

·      Use cold water on the stained fabric to rinse away the detergent or cleaner and dye. Don’t use hot water.

Keep rising until all the bubbles and Dye are gone.

·      You can use vinegar or rubbing alcohol on the stained area. Pour vinegar or rubbing alcohol on the stain and keep it for an hour then wash your fabric with cold water to remove alcohol or vinegar.

Tips to remove Mehndi from skin

Here, I am sharing with you tips and tricks to remove Mehndi from skin

Henna is a dye derived from the leaves of the henna plant. We apply this dye to create a temporary tattoo on body parts.

Henna color remains on hand for two weeks or fewer. Once its color begins to fade, you may want to remove the Mehndi design from your skin quickly.

Here are some tips that help you get rid of henna tattoo

·     Use sea salt, Epsom salt or even table salt to remove stain from skin there is sodium chloride in salt that helps nourish your living skin cells and get rid of dead ones. Pour about half a cup of salt into the luck warm waste of a half/full bathtub and soak for twenty minutes.

·      Scrubbing your skin with an exfoliating face or body wash may help you remove henna quickly. But make sure that after exfoliating your henna use a moisturizer cream or you can apply coconut oil too.

·      Take some olive oil and mix it with sea salt. This mixture helps you to remove henna on your skin.

·      Scrub your hand with your favorite antibacterial soap with much time. But be careful about drying out your skin. You can use a moisturizing cream to get rid of dryness.

·     Take  Makeup remover and apply it to Henna. It works as a gentle way to get rid of henna.

·       You can use Baking soda and lemon juice can work together to lighten the henna dye and make it disappear faster.

·     Try  Hydrogen peroxide can help to lighten your Mehndi. But it takes a couple of tries to remove henna.

·      Whitening toothpaste is a good option to remove henna from the skin.

·      Take some drops of coconut oil and some sugar and mix it. Take this mixture on your palm, and rub it well, and after some time wash your hand.

·      Hair conditioner also helps to remove henna from your skin 

How to put Mehndi in a faster way

Here, I am sharing with you some Mehndi tips and tricks to put Mehndi in faster way

Thought putting Mehndi needs lots of concentration and patience. There is not exactly a way of putting Mehndi fast.

·      First Mehndi speed comes with practice. You should do more and more practice to be perfect as well as speed up your work. Speed comes with practice.

·      However, in some situations you might have to do your work fast, you can draw some elements in Mehdi dark or you can choose dark Mehndi which is easy to put. You must take care that your work should be neat and clean.

·      Choose some element or pattern which done faster and looks cool.

·      You can make the hole of Cone wide so Mehndi easily comes out and create your element thicker. In this way, your design creates faster.


Mehndi Designs will looks good only when It get dark color so, you can use above tricks to get dark color of your Henna. These Mehndi tips and tricks surely to help you. If you have any question regarding Mehndi, ask me in comment.


Q-1 How longs Hena Last?

A-1 It can stay for 1 to 4 weeks but luck fresh only for one week

Q-2 How long henna paste long

A-2 Four weeks, once mixed. It is advisable to store in a refrigerator.

Q-3How many Henna designs can be done per hour

A-3It depends on the Mehndi artist. Take 30 to 35 minutes for simple Mehndi and 4 to 5 hours for bridal Mehndi.

Hope this article helpful to you!



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