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Best Tips For Weight Lifting In 2020 | Career Opportunity In Fitness

Weight lifting is a type of power and strength combination training exercise. These tunings are used for resistance weight. Weight lifting is also known as Powerlifting.

To produce muscle mass, an exercise in lightweight (free weight) like barbells and dumbbells is also called free weight exercise. Using machines, we tailor our muscles for good stronger strength.

Weight lifting was introduced as a trend and field in the Olympic Games in 1896  the first time. The origins of the modern weightlifting competition are to be traced to the strong men of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Such as Eugene Sandow and Arthur Saxon of Germany, George Hackenschmidt of Russia, and Louis Apollon of France, who performed in circuses and theaters. By 1891 there was an international competition in London.

The 2019 World Weightlifting Championships was held in Pattaya, Thailand from 18 to 27 September 2019.

VenueEastern National Sports Training Center
Dates18–27 September
LocationPattaya, Thailand
Source- wikipedia

Most Important Tips for weightlifting

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Do Training Carefully
  3. Training
  4. Cool Down
  5. Do’s And Don’ts
  6. Career Option
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions



Start training with less weight at the beginning of training. This will warm your body, it is called a warm-up. Once the body is warm, then you are ready to lift heavy weight or to do heavy exercise.

If you do heavy weight exercise without a warm-up, then you are at risk of getting injured. Therefore, always take care that never does heavyweight exercise without a warm-up.

Do training carefully


Always start training with lightweight. First, ask your trainer the correct way of lifting and also see like demo. Only after understanding well, to start lifting with lightweight. The most weight you can handle. Without leaving the right position of the body because it has a lot of body position.

You have to take special care of this matter. Train yourself carefully by keeping in mind many things related to your career and future related to training. For the smallest details, take help from your trainer.

If not a trainer for some reason. Then in such a team, you can understand by watching YouTube videos. You can also search on Google. Only if you understand the right way to do that training, otherwise do it at all.

Then do it under the new supervision of your trainer. In such a team, you can also help your trainer Partner who knows more than you.



It is a very important selection that you choose the right training method for you. These then become even more important. When Trainee Begins. It is not just for beginners.

This is for all trainees who do training. Be it beginner, intermediate, pro advance, or professional. The correct weight lifting method was chosen –

Experience level

Conditional level

Specific goal


Motivation level

This is a good way of simple weight lift. It was kept simple during its training.

ExerciseSquat, Dead lift, Bench Press, Pull-ups, and  Military Press.

Cool Down


Have to do stretching after finishing your entire training. This is a very important accessory. You do workouts with your full strength, so stretching is very important if you do not do stretching. Then you can see a decrease in your height. So, it must be done.

Many times think that in stretching, in not having fun, in not doing the mind, they start to understand the goal. Don’t even think so. After stretching, you will find that your body has gone to rest. You will feel great after stretching. You will feel cool after doing this.

Dos And Don’ts

  1. While lifting weights, always make sure that your back is straight.
  2. Whenever lifting excess weight takes care to use the proper technique.
  3. Do wear shoes with good traction and quality.
  4. Take special care of it that all the supplements are in good condition and the proper working.
  5. Always take care. Hyperventilate (do not breathe in and out) while holding heavyweight or hold your breath. This keeps the rate of unconsciousness and balance can also deteriorate. Exhale while lifting the weight.
  6. If you have pain while lifting the weight or during exercise, do not do that exercise for a few days at all. Or do it with very little weight.
  7. Raise the weight full of the weight you can handle. Do not lift heavy weight without a helper.

You can also read Important Components of Physical Fitness.

Career Options in The Fitness Industry

Career-Options-Fitness-Industry- physical-education

Career Options in Physical Education Mainly, there are two types of career options in the field of physical education.

The first is career options related to teaching and coaching physical education. These are called traditional careers in physical education.

The second is career options, related to emerging careers in physical education, i.e., Administration related careers, health-related careers, media-related careers, sports performance-related careers, etc.

To identify the sports talent and provide adequate training in sports, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) organizes the National Sports Talent contest for the students between the age of 9 to 11 years. About 3000 students are selected every year.

Teaching Career in Physical Education

Physical Education has traditionally been considered a professional field appropriate only for those interested in teaching careers.

The teaching career has many rewards for teachers. In Elementary, middle, high, senior secondary schools, colleges, or universities, the teacher has a deep respect among the students because he/she makes a good contribution to society.

They also have good job security. Physical Education teachers also enjoy the benefit of long vacation periods. But on the other hand, they are not very well paid.

They do not have public support. Their salaries are low in comparison to other teachers of education or other fields of professionals.

Coaching Career in Physical Education


Coaching has always been one of the most preferred career choices in the field of physical education. It has always been a traditional career choice for physical educators.

There are many job opportunities available for coaching in both, the institutional and non-institutional settings. There are lots of job opportunities to teach and coach in the middle, secondary and senior secondary schools, in colleges and universities.

Nowadays almost every private school appoints a physical educator to teach physical education and also to coach their teams.

Often many schools, colleges, and universities appoint a physical educator only to coach their teams and players for inter-school, inter-college, and inter-university competitions.

Although this practice is more in trend in private-public schools, colleges, and universities.

Health-Related Career

Health-Related-Career-personal trainer

Health-Related Career During the last twenty years, there has been a rapid increase in the awareness of health. People have realized the value of health.

Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why health-related career opportunities in the field of physical education have expanded in recent years.

The very first and significant area under health-related careers in the health and weight control clubs. These clubs are based on the individual’s desires to be physically fit, to have a slim and trim figure and to look the best Physical educators may find simple job opportunities in such health and weight control clubs.

The activities and services provided by these clubs vary but fitness activities remain the same. The facilities to play various games, such as tennis, squash, swimming pools, etc. are usually provided. Other facilities like saunas, whirlpool, massage, and steam rooms are also offered.

Instructions regarding diet and nutrition are also given to the clients. In health clubs, where weight control and nutritional counseling are main concerns, physical educators may evaluate the client’s dietary habits so that they may reach their goal. Job opportunities also appear excellent as the interest of the people to remain fit and healthy, is increasing.


Body and mind remain active by performing physical sensitivity.

A very good professional career in physical fitness. You can also make a career by becoming a personal trainer.

Overall, these fields are good for everyone who wants to make a career and those who do not want to make their living get a healthy life. I believe that everyone should do exercise daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to start weight lifting?

You can start it with the weight of your body. Remember to do this only 2 times a week.

Will weight lifting affect my height?

Weight lifting does not matter much when you are in adolescence. Weight lifting training directly related to increased production of testosterone. This only helps to make your muscles bigger, stronger, better.

Which weight lifting belt is best?

There are 7 best weight lifting belt –
1. Best Overall- Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt.
2. Best Double Prong- Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt Best for Powerlifting: Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt.
3. Best for Lumbar Support- Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt.
4. Best for Women- Harbinger Women’s Nylon Weightlifting Belt.
5. Best Leather- Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt.
6. Best Velcro- Gabor Fitness Contoured Neoprene Back Support Weight Lifting Belt.

When weight lifting how many reps?

It has to change according to your fitness goals, such as –

1-5 Reps Per Set Mostly Strength
5-8 Reps Per Set Muscle AND Muscle Strength Equally
8-10 Reps Per Set Muscle With Some Strength
10-12 Reps Per Set Muscle With Some Endurance
12-15 Reps Per Set Endurance With Some Muscle
15-20 Reps Per Set Mostly Endurance


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