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Best Way to Start Affiliate Marketing on Amazon-2020

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Affiliate Marketing in Amazon requires no expensive equipment moreover it requires no powerful laptop or PC, no expensive software. So all you need is dedication, persistence, digging into the methods using youtube and implementing all that you learn and wait for profits!

Affiliate programs are a way to earn money at the ease of your home.

To sum up affiliate marketing in amazon I would say that it is a way in which you help someone advertise their product, make sales and get your profit.

But why would a company pay you when they can advertise the product on their own?

Because they want to get rid of the marketing cost.

For instance, you visit a shop and ask the shopkeeper that you will bring him more sales, all he has to do is give you your commission. The shopkeeper will agree because he can make more sales without putting any effort.

Not to mention you are the one putting effort and generating sales for him. So it is a win-win for both parties.

At the same time he avoids the efforts that go into marketing and on the other hand, he avoids convincing the customer and you avoid investing hefty money to keep stock of the products.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What Is Amazon affiliate program?
  2. How to start affiliate marketing on Amazon?
  3. Commission rates.
  4. Is it a good affiliate program to begin with?
  5. How does it pay?
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Once you have a good customer base, you can someday launch your own product and people will buy it because they trust you! But that is a discussion for another day!

At the present time, let’s focus on an Affiliate program offered by the Ecommerce giant AMAZON because with over billion orders per month amazon is one of the best opportunity available to start affiliate marketing in Amazon. How? Let’s discuss it ahead.

Amazon is one of the biggest giants of eCommerce surely has an interesting affiliate program. Let’s see how!

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What is Affiliate Marketing in Amazon?

Amazon.com, Inc., is an American multinational conglomerate technology company based in Seattle, with 750,000 employees. It focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Not to mention it is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Microsoft. (Wikipedia)

At the same time, it offers many ways to earn. I mean the only reason Amazon is earning is because its merchants are earning. If the merchants were to go on strike what would amazon earn?

Generally speaking, It offers many other ways to earn apart from selling and one of the ways is Affiliate Marketing in Amazon.

All the business of amazon depends upon sales, the more the sales, the more profit for them, hence they appreciate the affiliates who bring them sales.

The best part is once a person clicks on your link, no matter what he buys within the next 24 hours, you get paid for it!

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How to join the Affiliate Marketing in Amazon?

  1. Open Amazon.in

    Open Amazon.in, scroll to the bottom and where you will find a column “ Make Money with us.” There you will find an option called “Become an affiliate” Click on it.

  2. Personal Details

    A new page will open up where you have to add all your details, make sure you enter correct details, as given on your PAN card otherwise you won’t be able to receive payments.

  3. Website name

    You will be asked to enter the details of your website. If you have a blog you can insert it and if not, you can add your youtube channel link, or a social media handle link with a large audience. Now affiliate marketing is simple but not easy! If you think something will happen overnight and you’ll have a large audience, you are mistaken, You need to work to create an audience.

  4. Username and website details

    You’ll be asked to enter your username, which you can choose, and will be asked the details about your website. Fill the form, read terms and conditions agree with them and Click on “Finish”
    Wait for your approval. Once approved, You are ready to go.

Commission rates :

To begin with, Amazon has changed it’s affiliate commission rates to cop up with the new employment rate. 

Apparel & Accessories | Luggage & Bags | Watches | Shoes

    Commission rate: 9%

Toys & Baby Products | Home | Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen & Housewares

     Commission rate: 9%

Sports, Fitness & Outdoors | DIY & Tools

Commission rate: 9%

Books | Grocery & Gourmet | Pantry | Office & Stationery

       Commission rate: 8%

Health, Beauty & Personal care | Personal Care Appliances

Commission rate: 8%

Jewellery (Excluding silver & Gold coins) | Car, Motorbike, Industrial & Scientific Products | Musical Instruments

  Commission rate: 8%

Large Appliances | Movies | Music | Software | Video Games

Commission rate: 5%

Televisions | Computers |Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) | Mobile Accessories

Commission rate: 4%

Mobile Phones| Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment | Tyres & Rims

Commission rate: 2.5%

Data Storage Devices

  Commission rate: 2%

Gold & Silver Coins

 Commission rate:0.2%

All Other Categories (Furniture| Kindle devices & E-books| Fire TV stick & other Amazon devices | Others)

  Commission rate: 10%

On the whole, the commission rated vary from category to category, it all depends upon our niche which product to choose. Remember it is not the commission rate, it is the number of sales that would help you earn your profit.

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Is Affiliate Marketing in Amazon good to begin with?

Yes, of course, the best affiliate program, to begin with, is amazon, especially in India because with low competition and easy to use tools, amazon affiliate program can help you earn a good income.

The best part being that once a person enters the website using your link, no matter what he buys, how much he buys you get a commission for the entire cart.

This is what separates the amazon affiliate program from others.

Who does not want the name of a giant brand! The trust it has is unmatched. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try.

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 How does it pay?

Payments are made every month through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)

The Minimum threshold is 1000INR.


With so much trust on Amazon and a wide market share captured by it, there is no other big opportunity as legit and as trustworthy as Amazon associates.

Is the commission rate enough? No, it is quite less but because the name alone can help you generate thousands of sales, it is worth it.

Moreover, the way you get paid for the entire cart once the user enters the website through your link within 24 hours is quite amazing a deal.

If you are selling jeans and the person clicks on your link and buys the jean, and along with the jean he also buys shoes, t-shirt. So you get the commission for all these products and not just the jeans.

This is an amazing concept and can boost your income.


1. Can I do amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook, not to mention, you can do affiliate marketing on any social media platform either by using the organic reach if you have a large audience or by running your ads on Facebook and other social media platforms.

2. Is amazon affiliate program free?

Yes, the amazon affiliate program, by all means, is absolutely free to join. So there is no joining fee and no security deposit. Although this may be true but don’t forget the cost of hosting and domain name if you are using a website and similarly advertisement cost if you are using Facebook ads or Google Adwords.

3. Can I do amazon affiliate marketing in Hindi?

In the first place you can do amazon affiliate marketing in any language including Hindi, by creating a blog or website in Hindi or any other language, in this way not only you’ll have a more specified organic reach but you will also have the comfort of expressing the sales pitch in a much easier way.

4. Can I do amazon affiliate marketing without a website?

Although it is possible but it is not suggested.
A few years from now, it was easy to grow your youtube channel or Instagram page but now the times have changed and some people already dominate these platforms in almost every niche so it will be very tough growing your business on it.
On the contrary starting with a website is always the best option.

5. Why Is Amazon affiliate marketing different?

Amazon has a 24-hour cycle, that means once a person enters the website using your link, all that he ends up buying in the next 24 hours will have a commission share delivered to you..



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