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Best way to Start Affiliate Marketing This Year(2020)?

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Affiliate marketing is a simple tool, helping people earn some really good cash. We all know a salesman, right?

A person who sells the product made by others and takes home his commission. But here in India, the concept of a salesman is as someone who goes door to door and sells the product and guesses what the times are changing now!

Now you can reach a person without knocking his door. How? Through his screen!


Gone are the days when the advertisement was a luxury to few, now everyone can advertise, so the advertisement industry has changed and even a good Instagram account with 10k followers can advertise his or other products. Here affiliate marketing comes into play.

Want to know about Affiliate Marketing in Detail?

What will you learn:

  1. Choosing a category
  2. Building a website
  3. Create your first blog
  4. Promoting using social media
  5. Converting your traffic into sales
  6. Boom! The profit is yours.
  7. FAQ

Affiliate marketing is same as a salesperson but instead of going one on one with a person, you interact with him through your ad or blog or post and show him the goods of buying a product you wish to sell and trust me people so believe in what they read online that they form their opinion based on it.


All you have to do as an affiliate marketer is sell someone a good product from an e-commerce platform through your blog or post or ads and make some great profit.

Make sure you sell good products because a satisfied customer will bring more profit.  But how to sell the products? Which product to choose? How to market it? How to generate cash! Let’s get it all covered.

So let us get into the topics in more details and figure out the stuff.

Choosing a category

If you had been searching for ways to earn money online, you must have come across this term called “Niche.” See the first part about starting a business online is figuring out your interest! Nothing will work unless you find your interest.

Your interest is your category or niche. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to convey, it should be of your interest.


The aim is not to just know a market but to rule it! So unless you find something that interests you, you won’t be able to generate profit.

But how is the selection of niche related to selling products?

Understand this: If you are a master at anything. You have an audience who has faith in you, they’ll listen to your advice, they will follow what you say, buy what you sell.

For instance, you are a health instructor. You tell people about how to be healthy what diet to follow, what exercises to do. And they listen to you and follow your advice.


Now if you suggest them a product saying that it is beneficial for them you sure as hell will generate some profit for yourselves. That is why you need a topic or niche of your interest. Don’t worry there are e-commerce products for every niche.

Building a website

Once you have selected your niche, the next step is to build your website. How? Sounds technical, troublesome and expensive, right? But it is not that difficult once you get a hold of it. Initials are always tough.

If today you are reading this article then that is probably because in your childhood you learnt the alphabets, then words, then grammar and then sentences.

The same is the case with affiliate marketing. You are not born with this talent inside you. You need to learn it, slowly.


So building a website is not that big a job!

  • . All you need is a domain name (i.e. the address your website like (www.<name_of_your_website>.com etc. )
  • A hosting server, i.e. a place where the content of your website will be stored and protected.

If you want to do it for free then that is also possible with WordPress and Blogger from goggle. But If you are looking to generate some longterm cash out of your blogging, I suggest you go for buying the things.

Know all about blogging.

What to do once your website is set and ready to go? You follow the third step.

Know more about building a website for affiliate Marketing.

Create your first blog

Now once your website is ready, all you need to do is write your first blog. Writing the first blog can be tough since you know nothing about blogging and the road ahead is very tough.

Start with the best knowledge you have. Make your first blog your best blog. You need to understand that the first blog is your impression on your friends and contacts.  Don’t add affiliate links on your first very blog, make it informative, let people have trust in you. Then after few blogs add affiliate links.


Find the best keywords regarding your niche and use them while writing the blog. Take help of tools that suggest you the best SEO friendly writeup (one such plugin is Yoast SEO that helps you improve your content.)

Once the blog is written, publish it. (Note: Don’t forget to add enough images in your blog.)

Once your blog is live on your website. Share it among your friends and whosoever you can.

Add it in your Instagram bio, in your Whatsapp status, a Facebook status where ever possible, in quora links, in other words, spread the link around and let people know that you offer knowledge regarding particular niche!

Know some amazing Affiliate Marketing Websites.

Promote using social media

Social media is the thing. If you have an audience, you have money, simple as that. But if you don’t have an audience, don’t worry you can still spread your affiliate link around.

If you cannot afford a website or blogging, this is your chance at earning from affiliate marketing.

Now the profits won’t be as big as they would have been with a blog but yes profits will be there. So here’s how to use social media to promote your affiliate links:

Twitter Advanced Search

Go on to your google and search Twitter Advanced search. Once the page is open it should look something like this.


Add the words regarding the products you are selling. For example, if you have an affiliate link of a power bank, then type the words “I want a power bank” it will show you a list of people who twitted or re twitted such line. All you have to do is send these people your affiliate link. This is hard work but in this way, you are targeting the exact audience.


It is a household name, so is its advertisement.


You need to find pages on Facebook that are related to your niche and look for people who like or comment on those posts, understand their need and send them the affiliate link of the product, somewhat like:

“hey, I was scrolling down my Facebook and came across your comment. It made me realise that you want to buy a new power bank but are confused and don’t know which one to choose, here’s a suggestion < Your LINk>, do check it out.”


Once a person clicks on your link and you are an affiliate with Amazon, no matter what he buys in the next 24 hours, you get the commission.

Know everything about Amazon Affiliate program.


Converting your traffic into sales.

Keep one thing in mind, sales won’t happen overnight and a conversion rate of 2 or 3% is far more than enough. If your link seen by 100 people are chances are 20 will click on it and 1 or 2 might buy. But the more reach you have, the more products you sell.

Remember I said that never add affiliate links on your first blog, let people know there’s a new player In town, so once you can hike your organic reach, understand what type of audience you have, and choose the best possible product which has a justified cost and make a blog on it and see the magic!

Boom, the profit is yours!

Once you have everything in place, people buying from your link, all you have to do is collect your profit. Depending upon the company the payment schedule and mode might vary but you will get your payment unless you invested your time in a fraud company. One such great affiliate program is ebay partners Network.


1. What is the best affiliate program?

There are many good affiliate programs and to choose one is pretty tough but as per Indian Market, Affiliate marketing in Amazon and Clickbank Affiliate programs are very good.

2. What is the highest paying affiliate program?

According to me, Clickbank is the highest paying affiliate network with as high as 75% commissions.

3. Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

That is rather subjective and depends upon what kind of a person you are. A person with dedication and hard work can surely make huge profit out of it and even depend on his/her living on this.



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