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Find First WhatsApp message – Top 3 WhatsApp tricks


First WhatsApp message of any conversation is very important. WhatsApp has completely changed the mode of chatting. Before WhatsApp came into the game of messaging, you have limited options like texting, Facebook, etc. But WhatsApp came and changed everything in this field, it made everything as simple it was never before.

Now people are addicted to WhatsApp. It became the “Adda” for the lovers to share moments virtually with their partners. So, In this loveable environment sometimes you miss your gossips with your partner, and you want to read the conversation from the very first message. Here I have shared 3 WhatsApp tricks, by these tricks you will definitely find your First WhatsApp message on any conversation.

If you know what was the first message you sent or received from your partner then you will do it by just a simple search in the conversation, but if you don’t know the first message then what? 

So, here we are going to do it for you, It will take very less time to reach the first message of that conversation. Want to know how to do it? 

What will you get from here:

  1.  Ways to find the first WhatsApp message
  2. Why first Whatsapp Message is so important?
  3.  Advantages
  4.  Disadvantages
  5.  Conclusion
  6.  FAQs

Ways to find the first WhatsApp message

There are a lot of WhatsApp tricks to find the first WhatsApp message, but those tricks need to download an app, that app can automatically scroll your conversation to the first message.

It looks cool but there are some security issues that can be occurred by those apps. We should not allow an app to read our WhatsApp Messages. So here we are sharing only three ways to reach the top of the conversation on WhatsApp. By these WhatsApp tricks, you do not have to install any apps and your data will be secure too. 

  • Scroll and go
  • Search and go
  • Download and go

Scroll and go to find WhatsApp first message:

In this WhatsApp trick, you have to scroll the entire conversation and then you will find the first message, But if the conversation in too long then it is not possible to scroll the entire conversation.

So, if the WhatsApp conversation is too long like 10,000 – 20,000 messages then this trick will not work for you. You have to go for the second trick.

Search and go to find WhatsApp first Message:

This WhatsApp trick is a little advance as compared to the scroll and go trick. In this trick, the number of messages does not matter. All you have to do it just open the conversation the tap on the triple dots on the top-right corner, then click on the search option and a search bar will be shown there. Now type the first message which you had sent or received by your partner and click on the up arrow.

If you often used that message while chatting then you have to search again and again to reach till the top of the conversation.

But, If you don’t know what was exactly that first WhatsApp message? Then you won’t be able to do it. This trick will be failed if you forgot the first WhatsApp message.

So, now what to do? You can not leave your feelings, somehow you have to do it. Here is the last trick, It will definitely help you to find the first WhatsApp message that conversation.

 Download and go to find WhatsApp first message:

If you are failed in these two WhatsApp tricks then do not worry, this trick will definitely help you to find the first message of your loved ones.

To perform this trick you have to download the complete chat from the conversation. Follow the steps:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp conversation 
  2. Click on the triple dot on the top-right corner in the conversation.
  3. Tap on more.
  1. Click on export chat.

Now you will get a popup which will give you two options: 

  • Without Media
  • Include Media

If you choose Include media then you won’t be able to download that chat from more than 3 months. So, choose the second option: Without Media.

Now you will be able to export the entire conversation and a popup will be shown which will ask you where to save the chat? 

Now all you have to do is that just save the chat on the google drive and follow the steps given below.

  1. Open google drive and that folder where you have saved your chat.
  2. Open the chat into google chrome.

BOOM! You Did it.

Now you are at the very first message of that conversation. The chat is unorganized but it doesn’t matter. You can easily read those messages and feel the vibe again.

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Why first WhatsApp message is so important?

We always want to keep our memories safe, and sometimes we want to revise the moments again. In some conditions, we get bothered by some limitations. In this case, the limitation is our number of messages. A maximum number of messages.


Let’s talk about some advantages of this trick:

  • This trick will work without any third-party app.
  • There’s no security issue to perform this trick.
  • This trick will save your time and allow you to store your old messages outside of the WhatsApp.


Nothing is perfect. Everything single thing in the world has 2 sides. One is positive and the second is negative. This trick also has some disadvantages. So, Let’s talk about some disadvantages of this trick:

  • Exported chat can not be found in the proper format.
  • You have to export the entire conversation.
  • You can not go directly to the first message.

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When it comes to memory, we try to keep every memory safe. Today’s generation is the WhatsApp generation, Most of our conversations we do on the WhatsApp. It is our favorite platform to chat with our loved once.

After chatting with our lovely people we never want to delete the chat, because our feelings do not allow us to delete them. Sometimes we are not able to chat with them reason can be anything but we miss them, in this condition we want to chat with them again but sometimes things do not work according to us. In this situation, we prefer to read those messages from the very first message.

It is hard to scroll those thousands of messages to find the first message. That is why we have discussed some tricks, which will definitely help you to find the first message of your WhatsApp Conversation.

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Is this a secure method or there is any security issue?

Yes, This trick is totally secure, there is nothing to worry about any security issue.

Is this trick need any other app to install?

No, You do not have to download any other app. You can do it by your default apps. Only you should have WhatsApp installed on your phone.

Are these WhatsApp Tricks working?

Yes, These tricka are totally working, you can try this.

Is this trick need to download WhatsApp chat?

Yes, You have to download the chat.

Can I directly go to the first message?

Yes, there are three methods described in this article. If you know the first message then you can directly search and go there. If you do not know then you have to follow the third method to find the first message.



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