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Motivation for bodybuilders: Little known facts about India’s first IFBB pro

It is quite common to get demotivated when you are going to the gym. At some days you don’t feel like working out and you want some motivation. Therefore, in this article, you’ll find some motivational quotes from bodybuilders and a story of the famous IFBB pro Bhuwan Chauhan!

It is absolutely normal for you to feel that way. Bodybuilding is not an easy task but you must not forget that the hard work you are putting in today is going to pay dividends later in life.

You should always keep in mind why you started this whole journey of bodybuilding. Giving up is very easy but fighting with your fears is very difficult.

You do not need to worry if you feel demotivated right now! I am here to help you out. We’ve got some quotes from famous athletes and bodybuilders that you should follow and keep in your mind every time you are working out for motivation.

I’ll also tell you about the journey of the first pro athlete of India Bhuwan Chauhan.

Bodybuilding Motivation quotes

“Consistency. This lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Losing weight is hard, staying fat is hard. Pick your hard.”

“Being sore after a tough workout. I love that shit”

“It’s not just about how you look. How you feel is 10 times more important.”

“Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got in shape or strong by thinking about it. They did it.”

‘It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one will walk it for you.”

“You’re a fighter. Look at everything you’ve overcome. Don’t give up now.”

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

“No matter how many people believe or don’t believe in you, you must be the ultimate believer in yourself.”

“By constant self-discipline and self-control, you can develop a great physique.”

“Working out might feel like a burden at first. But if you stay consistent exercising will become a part of you and will feel like therapy.”

“If you want to achieve big things do the small things right.”

“3 months from now you will thank yourself.”

“It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up.”

A bodybuilder showing his bicep muscles. Looking at Bodybuilders with huge muscles can give you motivation to get muscles like them.

“Hard work beats talent.”

“When you can’t do that last rep. Give me two more.”

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.”

Story of Bhuwan Chauhan India’s first IFBB Pro

If you’re an Indian and you want to build a career in bodybuilding you’ll be considered crazy. We are brought up with a mentality that when we grow up we should be doctors, engineers or lawyers.

That’s what Bhuwan Chauhan’s parents told him to do so he opted to do engineering. He was just like the other kids, he took science in class 11th going to coaching classes to get into a good college just like most of the students do.

But that’s when he realised why shouldn’t he go abroad and pursue his engineer. He didn’t like the education system in India. Basically he didn’t like the education and work balance in India.

His parents opposed this thought and he didn’t have so much money to go abroad and study. But somehow he managed to get a scholarship to go to Canada and pursue his engineering.

So when he got to Canada he was 17. Before going to Canada he was a sportsperson and he used to play cricket hor the Haryana state but in Canada, there was no cricket. 

He was very much into sports so he decided to opt for some sports in his college but he had classes till 8 PM which didn’t let him play any sport.

IFBB pro bodybuilder Bhuwan Chauhan, a motivation for aspiring bodybuilders all around the globe.

Where it all started!

Also, he was still 17 so he couldn’t go to any club or party just like his other friends who were majors could do. Since he couldn’t play any sport he tried to go to the gym and felt it the same as a sport. So he started spending all the party time with his gymming.

He started to gain progress in the gym and his hard work was quite visible and people started to notice the change in his physique. Meanwhile, everyone started to ask him for tips or how did he do it.

Even his friends from India started asking him what did he eat, how did he train and what should they do. That’s when he realised even he could help others.

He was a hard worker not only in the gym but also in his studies and life. He used to do 3 part-time jobs to fund his education and living expenses. Even after all these things he still managed to take some time out for his workout.

He knew that all these hardships are going to yield some benefit eventually. His passion was the main driving force for both his engineering and bodybuilding.

After completing his engineering he had a nice job he was earning well but he got bored of that 9-5 job. That was the time when he saw his other friends who were competing, he was also quite big as soon as he came out of college.

So he decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition and at that time a new category was introduced in bodybuilding that was the men’s physique.

Competing in shows

As soon as he approached his parents and told them what his plans were they refused just like any normal Indian parents.

They told him why bodybuilding you have such a nice job you can do MBA and bodybuilders look so bulky and bad so why do you want to do this? He had one answer I just love working out.

So he decided to compete and he won his first show which made him highly motivated so he used this motivation and thought okay that’s good let’s compete again so he did his second show and won that too and eventually won his third one too.

He won three consecutive shows when people couldn’t even win one show.

He decided to become a pro. An IFBB pro is someone who does bodybuilding fulltime. No other job nothing only bodybuilding is the source of his income. He made his goal to become a pro.

In only 2 years he achieved his goal of becoming a pro and he also became the first Indian athlete to get the IFBB pro card. 

He chose a path that the majority doesn’t choose. He used to work at his job the whole day train for 2 hours 2 times a day and compete in a competition.

This is known as hard work. He knew the hard work he is putting in today is going to mould his future tomorrow eventually.

He finally quit his job and decided to be a full-time athlete but he didn’t know what next to do.

Bodybuilding is an expensive sport you gotta pay for the gym, eat good food, buy supplements and all of this gets pretty expensive if you want to compete professionally.

He wasn’t passionate about engineering anymore so he asked himself what was he actually passionate about? And the answer was bodybuilding.

It took him years to actually make bodybuilding his profession and earn money but it was difficult for him to pay the bills.


Coaching as a trainer

Although he did have some savings they could only support him for a short time so he started coaching his coworkers who just wanted to lose some fat or gain weight.

He was really confident of his coaching and he was just so good at it that more people started approaching him for coaching and help. In fact, he was a motivation for them!

Meanwhile, he started with a handful of clients and earning just CAD$3000 to CAD$4000 in his first month. But after three months he was making more money than he used to as an engineer.

The hard work that he was putting in throughout his college and job started paying dividends now.

He backed his first scholarship too after 4-5 months of quitting his job. He started coaching more people in both Canada and India. 

Bhuwan aims at growing bodybuilding in India with so many shows and competitions now coming in India.

A lot of people do not have so much money to get big coaches and prepare for shows so he aims at providing knowledge to them through programs on his website so that they can pursue their passions as well.

Bhuwan is really an inspiration and the way he transformed both his life and physique is just insane.

From just a usual middle-class boy with dreams, he went to Canada, did so much hustle, refused to do what the majority said, when people partied he was working and most importantly he listened to his heart!

Going against the conventional way of what the societies say is not easy. It takes a lot of courage to do so and Bhuwan is one of the examples that if you believe in yourself you can change achieve whatever you want.

Life of a bodybuilder

Choosing bodybuilding as your profession is not easy. You have to work extremely hard of course. Training each day, pushing your limits every single day and being super disciplined throughout your career in spite of any hurdle.

Bhuwan is a hard worker. He works super hard and above all he is a smart hard worker. For a long time, it has been said that Indians do not have the genetics and they cannot compete with other international athletes.

But here is Bhuwan proving everyone wrong with his impeccable achievements. Let’s have a look at what all Bhuwan has achieved so far in his bodybuilding career.

Turning passion into profession

What started as a hobby soon developed into a priority. He started training when he was 17 but by the time he was 20 he had built a really nice shredded physique. By now he knew what worked for him, how to control his macros and how to train.

But in 2015 he got his shoulder injury and subsequently injured his right radial brachialis. Due to these injuries, he couldn’t train for the next 5 months and started to gain fat. However, after 5 months he slowly started training again.

But now he decided to do something new this time. He decided to compete in Men’s physique finally. Although he decided to compete he was doing so just to get back into shape.

In fact, he knew nothing about competing and only wanted to do the local show only once. In a surprising turn of events, Bhuwan won his class and overall in his first show!

After winning his first show he was motivated to compete in a second show. With this motivation, Bhuwan competed for the second show which was in two weeks and guess what he won this show too!

Winning these two competitions gave Bhuwan so much more motivation to compete. But this time he made a goal of becoming an IFBB pro next year in 2017.

Finally, it was Nationals time but he ended up placing 2nd which was a huge blow to him as he was used to winning.

However, being the hard worker that he is he didn’t give up! In spite of this failure, he again picked up his motivation and started to prepare for the only show that was left in Canada for becoming a pro which was within 12 weeks.

Turning pro

At this point, he was also doing his job working 9-10 hours and balancing training along with nutrition.

In spite of all these hardships his hard work paid off and he won juniors, tall class and overall in the Weider Cup, 2017 and finally became an IFBB pro.

After turning pro he quit his job to make his passion his purpose and his purpose his profession. Next up was a pro debut. By July 2018 he was in pretty good shape and he made his first pro debut, The Vancouver Pro Show.

He was in the Top 5 in the Vancouver Pro Show. Indeed it is a big achievement for a debutant of being in the Top 5 in your first pro show. Suddenly, Bhuwan became a motivation for bodybuilders not only in India but all over the world.

After this, he kept working hard and started to prep for competing in Mr Olympia and the rest is history!

During an interview, Bhuwan told that while prepping for Mr Olympia Bhuwan didn’t meet any friends or any relatives. He stayed in his apartment for 3 months and just trained.

He used to wake up, do his cardio, eat his meals, hit the gym and sleep that’s it. That was the routine he followed for 3 months while prepping for Mr.Olympia no friends and no distraction just pure hard work.

I am pretty sure you must be getting a lot of motivation reading Bhuwan’s story!

Bhuwan Chauhan posing with his first pro trophy. Bhuwan is a motivation for many bodybuilders all around the world.

Bhuwan’s competitions and achievements

Vancouver Pro Show1stJULY 14/2019
Battle Of Desert, Las Vegas2ndJUNE 29/2019
Northern California Show, Sacramento4thJUNE 8/2019
Mile High Pro Show, Denver2ndJUNE 1/2019
Night of Champions, San Diego9thMAY 4
Battle Of Desert, Las Vegas12th2018
Vancouver Pro Show5th2018

Amateur Competition History

Ben Weider Legacy Cup Pro Card1st and Overall2017
Canada National Championship2nd2017
Alberta Provincials Championship1st and Overall2016
Southern Alberta Championship1st and Overall2016


  • 2011: Went to University of Alberta on 75% scholarship based on academics, sports and leadership merit from high school
  • 2014: First International student at the university to get a job at one of the biggest oil and gas companies (Encana) a year before graduation
  • 2015: Graduated from UofA as First Class Distinction student with 3.7 GPA
  • 2016: Competed and won his first Men’s Physique show
  • 2017: Won the Ben Weider Cup and obtained his pro card
  • Became the first Indian citizen in Men’s Physique to win IFBB Pro card
  • 2018: Quit his job and established his coaching company called “Team Bhuwan” which is now the number one team for Men’s Physique Athletes in Calgary, Alberta
  • 2019: Won Vancouver Pro Show and became the first Indian to win a pro show.
  • Qualified for Olympia 2019

Source: bhuwanchauhan.com


To sum up, being a bodybuilder or a weightlifter isn’t an easy job! There will be points where you’ll feel demotivated a lot but you have to pick yourself up and find the motivation to keep pushing forward.

I hope after reading this blog you must be feeling motivated to never give up and follow your passion and moreover staying healthy throughout your life!

If you want to see a detailed workout plan and a diet plan you can check out these two articles that I’ve written.


How to get motivation for bodybuilding?

There are various sources to get your motivation. You can look for videos on youtube, learn from some motivational quotes or you can read about some famous bodybuilders.

You should read about bodybuilders and how they overcame what they had to face so that you can get motivation and work hard!

Is daily motivation necessary for bodybuilding?

Yes motivation is necessary although you do not need to depend on external sources to get motivation. Instead you should be self motivated towards your goals!

However, looking at quotes or videos whenever you feel super demotivated can be of great help but you shouldn’t depend on them.


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