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Is BPO Job a good career option in 2020?| Best BPO Companies


BPO Job, many of you haven’t even heard this thing before. When I was 17-18 I didn’t know it either.

Some will tell you it’s just a call center job where you give a call to someone or receive it.

It’s much more than that BPO or Business process outsourcing in simpler words is outsourcing someone else’s business.

Let me make it simpler, if you want to start a helpline for your company but don’t want to rent an office and start hiring people. You can outsource it i.e. make someone else do it for you and pay him for his service accordingly.

There are many BPO companies in India who do this outsourcing and are very reliable companies.

Content at a glance :

  1. What is BPO?
  2. India and BPO
  3. Careers and growth in BPO jobs
  4. Top BPO companies in India
  5. Job Scams in BPO
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

What is BPO?

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a method of giving work to some other company on a contract basis for their service.

Firstly companies tried to hire some agency for their work in packages and transport only but over the period of time, this business also involved many fields such as recruitment, marketing, front end, and back end work, etc.

There are many types of outsourcing and many have been categorized in some way or the other.

It is referred to as nearshore outsourcing when you give a contract to neighboring countries for work like India companies giving work to Sri Lanka.

Onshore outsourcing is that when the work is given inside the own country.

When work is given to a relatively lower country with less labor, land, and other costs which makes it a very profitable thing, then it is called offshore outsourcing.

There are other types of outsourcing services as well such as :

KPO: Knowledge Process Outsourcing It is the outsourcing where a professional service provider is hired for a specific job. The company needs to be specialized for that particular thing in KPO.

LPO: It is a type of KPO which is limited to legal processes only.

RPO: It is the outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to the external service providers, according to the Recruitment Association.

India and BPO

India and BPO is a lovely affair. It started in 1980 when American Express wanted to outsource its business in the Asian countries they chose their head office near Delhi that is Gurgaon.

American Express or Amex started it’s back end office in Gurgaon and appointed Raman Roy to guide them in India.

In the 1990’s first Indian company started and is known as General electric  Capital International services  later this Industry became Genpact .

Genpact is India’s largest BPO Company with over 60k employees working in it and its annual turnover is about 2.5 million US dollars.

Its co-founder was Raman Roy who took this BPO industry to the next level. Their Head office is still in Gurgaon.

After Genpact has become such a huge success the market has seen an exponential growth.

Many small sized BPO firms came into being and many large third party BPO centers started in India.

Now this Industry is also termed as BPM i.e. Business processes management industry

TOP BPO Companies in India:

Company Net turn over CenterEmployees
Genpact India Pvt. Ltd.$3.5 billion Gurugram,  Haryana65000+
 TCS$2 billionMumbai35000+  
Wipro BPO$1.23 BillionBangalore16000+
 Aegis Customer support services ltd.  $388 million                        Mumbai40000+
WNS global Pvt. Ltd.$809 million Mumbai45000+

Careers and growth in BPO Jobs :

The BPO industry is a boom in the Indian economy. TCS is one of the top 50 companies in India according to various Indexes.

The revenue from the Indian BPO sector is huge. Some reports suggested that revenue can become about $50 billion form BPO or now BPM sector.

Career growth is as far as you think but the sad reality is Indian mindset doesn’t allow people to enter this field, now also people think that it’s not a good job career.

There are various BPO Job in which you can go the marketing, IT, analytics, and much more.

The Indian BPO sector has around 50% growth each year. Around a million people are employed in this sector. India’s BPO does around 56% of the outsourcing in the world which itself is a great percentage.

Most of the IT companies like Tata and Wipro now have their own BPOs which deals with clients directly.

The Indian BPO industry has been one of the best because of some factors:

Ease of doing Business

Many reports suggest that after 2016, India has become a leading market gainer, and doing business in India has become very easy as compared to any other country from then onwards.

Cheap Labor

It is a huge factor as cost of having an employee in America or any other western country is around 90% more than India .e.g. if we are giving ₹20 thousand to an employee in India for some work then for the same work we have to pay ₹2 lakhs to the person doing it in America.


The Indian BPO industry is giving a lot of benefits and other services to the customer around the globe and is bettering itself day by day. The 24X7 support system and delivery options and other e-commerce stuff are outsourced nowadays. So the business is on the hike.

English Speaking Youth

The majority of the youth in India are speaking English which is a very great advantage for the BPO sector and a lot of people have knowledge about different languages which has played a huge part in this sector’s growth.

There are various types of BPO jobs available you can start as a fresher and then after an experience of 2-3 years you can become a team leader and then even a project manager.

There are various departments in which you can go and they are:

  1. Customer Support Services
  2. Technical Support Services
  3. Telemarketing Services
  4. Employees IT help desk Services
  5. Insurance Processing
  6. Policy maintenance
  7. Data Entry Services
  8. Internet / Online Services
  9. Scanning / OCR/ Editing services

The starting salary is less around ₹2.5 lakhs per annum but if you work hard then the sky is the limit for you.

There are various BPO jobs that you can explore if you have good communication skills and ready to use it then start as a customer support executive.

Frauds in BPO Jobs:

Indians and frauds an everlasting story. There are various small companies who are stating themselves as placement companies in the BPO industries. They are making a lot of money each day.

Problem faced by many (Including me)

I googled some jobs for a 12th passed boy and I found a BPO job as a customer care executive.

So I and my friend were like yippee!!!!  And called on that no. they told us that job is there and you have to come to this place and a message came with all the address details.

We went there and they interviewed us and told us that you have to give some registration amount which was ₹600 to start the job and you will get a BPO job around ₹12-13 thousand salaries. The fees are for our grooming and training so we agreed.

Ok, now the real thing happens, they called us again and told us that there will be an event of some kind where there are lots of people coming and your training will be there on Sunday.

You have to come with ₹1000 to attend it. There was no choice we have given ₹600 and there was no looking behind. So we went there, it was in a Hotel in a remote area.

The seminar ended with zero training we gave the money to them they gave us an address in our respective area where we will go and get our job.

I was like ok, we went there in that office and they were like we don’t have any tie-ups with any placement agency. So, you have to give an interview.

We were dejected and have given all the money to that fake placement agency, and not only us everyone who has attended that seminar was like that.

Some of them went to their office and even tried their no. but it was of no use. Every week they change their office and no.

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I also found many of the innocent people who are also crooked like that.

These fake Placement cells are still operating please be very aware and don’t give any money for a BPO job. Trust me it feels bad.

There are many legitimate methods to find a BPO job, that includes direct walk-in Interviews.

Try to give more and more interviews and you will be selected as many people resign after 2-3 months of the job and there is always availability.


1.How many people are working in BPO sector in India?

Around 1.1 million people are working in the BPO Sector.

2.What are the important questions in a BPO Interview?

There will be basic questions like
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Can you work in night shifts
3. Why should we hire you?

3. Does night shift will pay you more?

Yes, because you will be attending foreign customers.

4.What is the future of Call Centers?

The future is bright in India as many foreign companies are moving their companies here and they will need outsourcing.



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