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Bullet Journal: method of the personal organization 2020

Bullet Journal

The bullet journal is a habit of minimalist to do a better performance. The bullet journal helps in building new habits and build a better future for yourself and others. Bullet journal a device used by rare and smart people.Want to know more about how and why?

Whats in it for me

  1. what is the bullet journal
  2. reviews of #BuJo
  3. something more about the bullet journal
  4. The key
  5. Future log
  6. Monthly log
  7. Weekly spread
  8. Weekly review
  9. Next month
  10. Optional
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

What is Bullet Journal?

Basically a book is already written on this topic by the genius who discovered this helpful technique to be on track always and you must be curious to know his humble man

His name is “RYDER CARROLL” and book is named as ‘The bullet journal method: track the past, order the present, design the future’.

It is one of the best New York times bestsellers which transforms the lives of many people it is also known as the revolutionary organisational system and worldwide phenomenon.

When he created a bullet journal he had no idea that it would be so amazing and would become an inspiration for many people to do productive work.

Here are some reviews on Bullet journal #BuJo:

“What a comfort is this journal I tell myself to myself and throw the burden on my book and feel relieved.” – Anne Lister

“Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are” – Carolyn V. Hamilton

And the last one is, “ journaling is paying attention to the inside for the purpose of living well from the inside out.”- Lee Wise

So you want to know further about #BuJo

It can be a tool or habit to integrate into your life .

It can help you to organize your tasks make you more discipline or have a massive impact on your life than before.

But if you want a beautiful colourful or aesthetic BuJo like you see on Instagram you came to the wrong place then,

Because in this I will explain why you should start a bullet journal and how you can start a bullet journal with zero stationariesAnalog productivity methods like bullet journaling have another advantage over digital tools: better retention.

Important thing to read

I actually use it to get things done instead of decorating it all you need is

  • One pen
  • Bullet journal
  • A ruler

For bullet journal, you can use any kind of notebook you can find hand

The idea of a bullet journal was to reorganize your life as a handy tool since then the idea of a bullet journal has replenished and recreated by different people in different styles.

If you actually search the word bullet journal in Instagram you will see spreads putting a lot of time and by using a lot of expensive decoratives.

To me, that approach didn’t seem that appealing it’s just my opinion so I use bujo with a pen and a ruler

Enough talking let’s get started to work on it

The essential components or elements which you should include are

  • ADJUST YOUR MINDSET: This is the most important on the other hand most ignored the advice. Before starting anything you need to work on your mind. You need to tell it that no matter,
  • Start an Index Page: design your index page or the first page of your bullet journal in the way you want to. Make sure not to have many fancy colours or stickers it is for you and for the world to show-off. It is your personal space you can mess it up anyway. You want to no one is forbidding you from doing it so you are free in your bullet journal.
  • Make some extra or specific time for your bullet journal: I personally use my 10 mins before sleep to jot down the things. It is the time to have some self-reflection on your daily works which you are doing. Many BuJo enthusiasts do a monthly weekly review. taking time to reflect on what they accomplished their future goals.
  • You became better gradually:  you need to remember this always that no tree grows fully within one day. however, Every good thing takes time to grow and it requires some care and maintenance especially this bullet journal.

1.The key: 

If you are using a doted bullet journal it helps to count down.

Write the number of dots both horizontally and vertically the commonly used notations are

  • Dot for tasks
  • A circle for events
  • If you x out a task it means it is already done
  • Cross out a task means it is cancelled
  • An arrow means you migrated the task to the next day 
  • A double arrow if it migrated to next week
  • Left arrow to denote migrated the future or monthly log
  • A star to represent special or important tasks

These are completely subjective and you are free to create your own key if need in future

2.Future log:

For a certain period while starting a new year or a journal the next thing to do is to create a future log or a year log it basically contains all the things and goals you want to achieve by the end of the year.

You can also specify the exact dates and months beside a specific goal to impose an individual deadline

You can chunk the goals into different domains like academics relationship and skills travels etc.

It is always good to write down a goal at the end of every day which is kind of my way to stay motivated and initialize the habit I want to build

3. Monthly log:

A monthly checker is consist of only three things a calendar, habit tracker and a sleep tracker.

If you want to improve something in your life start tracking it and half of your problems are solved.

One most important thing you need to do is to track your sleep habit

I can not stress this enough but never ever compromise with sleep.

You absolutely need a good amount of sleep to function better and learn them faster than usual.

You can customize your tracker however you want it helps you to check how consistent you are on building up this habit but at the end, you must remember not to beat yourself up about it trust me there is something.

I use to do all the time it can show you the truth but your perspective matters away more than it.

It can either make you or break you.

4.weekly spread

Next up is the spread where you plan out the whole week.

Before ahead this part is consist of dividing the two pages into 7 different boxes and segments. Do remember to migrate the task which was needed to be done on that day.

This task usually tests your organizing skills when you need to divide long term goals into weekly goals.

Try to have a weekly plan as things get changes a lot quickly over a week.

5. Weekly reviews

This is the most essential part of buJo,

It is the summary of the things that happened in your life over the previous week by writing down how I am and how I feel. It may contain your reviews of some meeting or about calling an old friend of yours.

6.Next Month

Planning ahead every month has some special essential events and some kinds of stuff that are not finished yet are put into the next month goals like outing or birthdays.

This is the part which is done by weekly reviews of the previous month which clarifies your vision of yourself.although it is important to dream big it is also important to start off small.

Write down all your unfinished or upcoming tasks in your monthly log to get remind always.

7. Optional

  • You can make a birthday list for people who you literally care about
  • can make a book list which you need to read
  • try to make academics list
  • Movies you want to see
  • Friends you want to reconnect with 
  • Self-care ideas for self-love
  • Things for which you are grateful in your life

Jotting down the plan and strategy tracking bit pieces of the journey towards that goal.

Bullet journal


So this way a quick walkthrough to #BuJo

you don’t need to have any properly specified journal to start with you can pick up any diary or notebook you have with yourself and start following this guide.

Start off small and achieve each bit of the goals or habits you want to achieve.it is important to celebrate your little achievements Remember, bullet journaling is never about being perfect or working mindlessly just to stay busy.

Fundamentally, BuJo and the entire community around it is about finding calm amid overwhelming, focusing on doing work that matters, and designing life on your own terms.

What could be more productive than that? and also check out on self-help books

This is it hope you like reading this and do share happy journey guys:)


why to use bullet journal?

It is basically your decision if you want to use or or not

is bullet journal effective?

yes since i started using bullet journal i have been more productive and well taught time management.

Is this information enough?

Yes ofcourse the knowledge I shared are more than enough I think.



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