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Communication is the real work of leadership; it is the gap between confusion and clarity. Business Communication has a huge role in defining the success of the business.

Business communication encompasses topics such as marketing, brand management, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community engagement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, and event management. It is closely related to the fields of professional communication and technical communication ( source Wikipedia )

Communication skills are based on how interestingly you can talk and how clearly you are able to express yourself. It includes how effectively you can influence people around you and bind the other person into the conversation.

  1. Importance business communication
  2. Boss to employees
  3. Boss to investors and with other business partners
  4. Employees to boss
  5. Employee in-office meeting
  6. Communication With colleagues
  7. Communication With supporting staff
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ’s

Importance Of Business Communication


Good communication at all levels and among all the departments is essential for business success. It does not matter at which position you are working in a firm, communication skills in business plays an essential role in you and your company’s success.

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6 Levels Of Business communication

6 levels of business communication

Under this section, we will learn how different levels should communicate to have a more productive and positive working atmosphere in the company.

1. Boss to employees

boss to employee- business communication

=> The person who is operating at the highest level in a company is known as the boss of the company. Being a leader, the boss should be tough and firm both towards his staff.

=> To take more accurate decisions boss must consult his employees, analyze their suggestions and then take the final decision.

=> The dream of every boss is to have an efficient and productive team, to achieve this, the boss should have a motivating nature whenever he is around his employees.

If the boss does not look motivated then, employees for sure won’t be motivated for their targets and other company work.

=> Body language is the essence of communication. Being a boss you should have a very confident body language. Wear a little smile whenever you are delivering a message or talking to an employee.

Always look fresh and energetic to create a positive and workaholic atmosphere. From your body language it should seem to others that you surely deserve to reach this position.

boss to employee conversation

=> While delivering an important message ensures that there are no loopholes in the message, your message should include all the necessary details in it. You should not give a chance to the staff to assume anything by themselves (remember common sense is not too common!!).

=> Your message must be clear; you should try to communicate effectively to make it more understandable. The message should focus on a single goal at a time. In business communication you cannot achieve too much in one go.

=> Boss must use correct language and appropriate words while communicating. He should always avoid the usage of any negative words, as it can demotivate the employees.

I have seen, sometimes, people at higher positions say slag words to their staff, which is totally inappropriate. Always try to maintain your calm and composure to get the best output.

 => Always text or tweet to wish your employees on the festivals. You can even send a wish for them on their birthdays or anniversaries on the behalf of company or personally (you can set reminders on your phone to remember the dates!!)

this creates a feeling of oneness with the company. You can even ask about family especially children to create more healthy relations.

2. Boss to investors and with other business partners

boss to investor- workplace communication

 1. Boss should be clear of his and his firm’s goal in the present and in the coming future.

2. While making a deal, you should emphasize on the benefits that would be enjoyed by both the parties.

3. you must be courteous, courtesy is the respect that we show to others and in the business communication it means the same.

It implies that the speaker must take into consideration both feelings and viewpoints of the listener such that the message is positive. The message must not be biased.

4. The message should be complete, clear, and concise. By opting, these three traits the message becomes more powerful.

3. Employees to boss

Employees to boss- business communication

=> Try to know more and more about your boss or manager, so that you can learn about and from them.

This will help to relate with them and understand their perspective about life and finance (which most of the employees are not able to understand).

 => Be an active listener. Stop worrying about what you are going to reply to your boss once he is over, instead first listen to him with full concentration anticipate your supervisor’s needs and then say accordingly. You can even take a notepad for better understanding.

 => Be transparent with your ideas or beliefs. Try to give honest and unbiased reviews or advice to your higher management.

I know sometimes it becomes difficult to follow this but people in higher positions love getting honest suggestions. You can start by saying “sir, I might be wrong but, according to me —’’ or “you are right sir, but I would like to add –’’

Employees to boss conversation

 => Have a confident body language. People like bosses or managers of the company are good at observing the body language of their staff.

You should always look confident and jolly while at the workplace. It should appear from your body language that you are contributing to the positive atmosphere of the firm.

Try to greet everyone on your way. Some greetings can be ‘good morning’, ‘morning’, ‘have a nice day’.

 => Whenever you are assigned an work or a project then give your best to complete it before the deadline.

Try to tell your boss or manager about your experience regarding the project and try to give the stress on areas where you have innovated something good.

 => If you want to ask for a personal leave then first understand that this is not related to office work so try to look for a time when your boss is free, you can even check their time table to find the best suited time. Now while asking for a leave try to cover, the no of days you want, reason, and way you will cover up the work.

If you are granted permission then, inform the co-workers about the same so there is no misunderstanding.

4. Employee in office meeting

Employee in office meeting- business communication

Employee meetings are very common and frequent in the offices. You should first try to understand the motive of the meeting and the expectation of the head of the meeting from employees.

You should also try to give new ideas or methods related to the topic of discussion without hesitating.

Giving good suggestions and active participation in the meeting will help you to get in the good looks of the boss and managing committee which can act as a determining factor for your success.

If you want to put up an idea then it is suggested to cover these areas –

  1. Problem faced
  2. How the idea will solve the problem
  3. Future benefits of the solution
  4. Ways to carry out the idea
  5. Problems that can come in the middle

5. Communication With colleagues

communication with co-workers- communication skills in business

=> Communication among colleagues is a deciding and the most important factor for any firm. More healthy conversation leads to more progress to the company.

  => While communicating with your colleagues you should be firm, modest, and honest. There should be no room for jealousy or grudge, try to maintain a positive atmosphere.

 => Help your employees with your best whenever they are in distress no matter whether it is a personal or a professional problem, offer your help.

=> Try to discuss the work-related problems with your colleagues; it will increase your knowledge as well as relations.

=> Try to wear a smile while communicating, you can even crack light jokes to have a light-hearted conversation.

6. Communication With supporting staff

Communication With supporting staff- business communication

Supporting staff are the people working as peons, sweepers, etc. in many organizations they are the most neglected people, but remember a company do progress when each and every person working in it is happy and getting it’s due respect and share.

You should have a very positive and loving attitude towards them. Greet them whenever you meet them and you can even ask them about their health or even about their kids and other family members, this practice helps them to feel more close to the company and makes you more positive. 


In this article, we learned the importance and the ways in which we can improve our business communication skills.

Now I would request you to start implementing all the strategies shared with you. By practicing only, you will enjoy the benefits of good communication skills. I hope you enjoyed the content.



Q-1 what bosses should never ask employees to do?

A-1  A boss should never ask his employees to do his personal work ( if they are not meant to do so) for example asking them to pick up his child or to bring something from the market.
In short bosses must try to avoid giving any work to their employees which is not related to office work.

Q-2 is your boss a colleague?

A-2 colleagues are those people who are working at the same level so according to this context you cannot consider your boss as your colleague.

Q-3 why is it important to communicate with your boss?

A-3 communication is essential for the effective and smooth working of the company; moreover good communication helps to resolve issues before they turn into major problems.

Q-4 should I crack a joke while communicating at workplace?

A-4 yes you can but to a certain extent only!! At the workplace it is advised to be cautious of your words so your joke might get misinterpreted and land you in a problem, so you should crack those jokes only which don’t hurt the sentiments of any person. Avoid cracking jokes on your boss!!


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