Open mic is the best platform for artists. So it can be started as a business for opportunities to many upgrowing artists. To start it as a business, many points are to be kept in mind and 7 factors are affecting the growth of a business. Let’s take a view in this blog

Now following are the points which we will cover in this blog:

  1. Open mic as a business
  2. What accessories you need to start open mic and why?
  3. Factors affecting the growth of open mic
  4. Conclusion
  5. QnA


Are you thinking of doing business but you don’t understand what to do and how to do it, then the open mic is a good option to start your own business.

Today we will talk about how you can open your own open mic, what things will be required for it and how you can grow the business, you can think of another idea instead. Before starting any startup, definitely ask yourself some questions like

  • Why am I doing this business, why not job, why this start-up,
  • I am just doing all this for money, or for my interest, can I am ready for both profit and loss, I am not doing all this at the behest of anyone that there is a lot of money in their work.
  • You are starting a startup for money only and don’t. If you come only for money, no start-up will be able to run for a long time.
  • Ask for answers to all these questions by yourself and then start.

It is better to organize open mic for all fields like poetry, storytelling, stand up comedy, etc.


I hope you understood what an open mic is. People who already knew that this is even better, now let’s talk about what accessories or things are necessary to open an open mic.

1. Camera & Accessories

It will require tripod, light, black screen along with the camera, if you want, you can make it from the phone initially.

2. Mic

As the name denotes itself “MIC” means a microphone. In short, it is a very important part because if your audio is not clear, then people will not enjoy watching the video, initially, you can do it with a collar mic.

Collar mic is not very expensive, between the price of 200-250, you can also take online. Initially, there is no need to take complete microphone set up so you have the budget then you can take it.

3. Location

The most important thing is that in which location is your open mic is located. Whether it is just nearby metro or not, there is no problem in finding a venue to people. Keep in mind all these things.

4. Team

A team can definitely keep on doing it alone and can do it with friends. If someone from your team does dance, poetry, music, or anything else, then it is even better for your open mic in one of the categories because one of the team members have netter practical knowledge.

5. Basic Video Editing

You can do video editing from any app or software, you can practice basic video editing easily on YouTube. Filmora is simple video editing software and easy to use for beginners

6. Unique name and logo

You have to decide the unique and simple name of your open mic. Thoughtfully, you can do good research on Google for this or you may have thought beforehand that you can also keep it from copying.

After thinking of the name, you can make a good logo, how can you make a logo. There are different types of logos.

You have taken all the necessary things to start an open mic, now we will see how to start and how to grow and promote it. All these things should be clear before you open an open mic.

No startup or business can grow in a day, but there are some factors that are behind its growth. So, let’s start to talk about them.



First of all, your mind and your thinking should be clear about your business or start-up you are doing, what you want from it, till things are not clear, you will not be able to take the right decision.


The budget is an important factor. Many times it happens, that we do a start-up or start a business but we cannot run it further because if we do not have money, then you will have to walk with a budget in your hand for this.

You can bear the loss, you have to spend so much money, you will have to walk all this.


Whether or not you are in the demand market of the business and start-up or you are about to start or close your eyes and start, then you have to see the supply along with its demand in the market.


The more information you can gather in any category or field you are doing, the better you can do. It will increase your knowledge in that field and you will be able to understand things more quickly and clearly.


It is very important for your startup to know how much competition is there in whatever startup or business you are doing. You can learn things from your competitor, you can learn a lot from both their failure and success and your business or startup can grow further.


How to use technology to advance your business or startup also becomes important. You learn things like how you use social media, Google, or Internet.

How you take your business forward is completely up to you. Use technology as much as possible and make your business as easy and grow as possible.


How much money do you have to invest in starting a complete setup like if you take an example of this open mic?

                  ITEMS                PRICE in (approx)
Camera      50,000
Light, Tripod and black screen      8000-9000
Microphone with speaker and stand      9000-10000
Logo      500-600
Rent      5000
Total      ₹72,500-74,600

As seen in this table, this is just an example, the budget can be more than this and you can do anything in the beginning.

You can also indulge in starting from work money as if you can use the camera’s phone, wake up the lights CFL and you can also use the caller mic to set up the entire mic setup. so that your cost will be very useful but if you have a budget then take all these things.


Hopefully, you are able to know about how can open mic works as a  business, and what factors are affecting this,  which accessories we need to start open mic. This are all answered in this blog. If you still have any queries or doubts, then you can ask in the comment section below or inbox. THANK YOU.


1. I have not that much money, to start open mic but I want to start my own mic. Can I have to start or not?

If you have a long term future plan to set up your business, then you must have to do. On the substitute for costly things, we can also use the things that are easily available.

2. How can I promote my open mic on social media?

Social media is a very large platform. Facebook, Instagram, youtube all these sites are used. We discussed this in detail in the next blog.

3. I am confused that my decision of starting my own open mic is correct or not because there is a lot of competition in this line?

You said correct, that there is a lot of competition in this field but this is also true that wherever you go competition is always present.
The main thing is your content, idea, promotion, long term plan to grow your open mic.

4. Which type of open mic is better to start as a business mixed open mic or specific open mic?

It is good to start mixed open mic because in this, artists from different fields like the poet, storytellers, etc. have come and the learning is more for performers and team members.



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