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9 Easy Business Ideas for Students


We have included best business ideas for students so that they can start doing
something big and stats achieving their dreams, business Ideas for students
discussed are very cost-effective as we know that students have less money,
Most of the money is spending on college studies. You can start working on these
ideas from the day itself you would have read them.

Table of Content

  1. List of Business Ideas For Students.
  2. Instagram Blog with New Concept.
  3. A video Vlog or YouTube channel with New concept.
  4. Customized Gifts for Loved Ones.
  5. Planning Surprise for Birthdays.
  6. Marketing Through Riddle means.
  7. Using Notification in a new way.
  8. App for content creators.
  9. Idea for YouTube channel.
  10. Get Rid of Phone Addiction in New way

Staring a business for your living is generally what people do but if it can be done
at small age at an age of studying when you are a student, it will help in you in
many ways you don’t need to ask for money from your parents you can fill
your college’s expense as your business grow you can also be able to fill your
college fees and that’s great.

Successful people start developing their business from a young age like Elon Musk
the founder of TESLA he uses to turn his house into party house from which he uses to make a good amount of money, Mark Zuckerberg he started Facebook when he was in college, Kylie Jenner the Youngest Billionaire who started her company when she was just 17 years old.

List of Best Business Ideas For Students.

Idea Number 1: Instagram Blog with New Concept

Everyone is fond of collecting something or the other beat coins,stone,stamps,etc.

But do you know what I fond of collecting COLLECTIONS? There is a specific not very popular photo trend on the internet, where multiple pieces of different versions of the same product are kept together and a photo is clicked from the top. The intention is to show the variety of the product, I have a huge collection of such photos which I want to share with you guys that recently my friend had started this a photoblog on Instagram by the name collage of collections where he reposted these photos from my collections and tagged the artists.

Idea Number 2: A video Vlog or YouTube channel with new concept

 The idea of Video Vlog or a Youtube channel. We all know that making a film is a tough job but is not just tough it is also funny we all have seen the behind the scene videos of famous films.

Yes its funny because there are so many possibilities for errors like during a romantic scene, someone could be caught abusing in the background during action serious scene someone could be waving from the crowd. Now we know that best form of comedy, comedy of errors where thing just go wrong so what if comically scripted spoof videos are made where famous film scenes go wrong technically for example a fictionalized comic video of Shahrukh  khan posing for a romantic scene

And suddenly a dog passes in the background and the crew tries to catch the dog. The story shifts from Shahrukh’s romantic scene to the dog’s glory and the mess on the set.

This idea from list of business ideas for students has a lot of potential.

Idea Number 3: Customized Gifts for Loved Ones

So no everyone is a fan of collecting artworks and paintings, but everyone is a fan of collecting showpieces right?

Wood,metal,clay,glass,stone and what not we’ve seen all kinds of showpieces right.

But what if there was a showpiece customized from your memories something that connects directly.

Imagine an app where you can customize showpieces for your house or office simply choosing your preferred material size, budget and uploading a small write up explaining a special memory of yours

After entering all the details, you will receive  a couple of rough designs and references and in a day or two and once you lockdown on any of those designs. Your shelf will soon get a showpiece which you can show off based on its connect and not price tag.

Idea Number 4: Planning Surprise for Birthdays.

Now a days planning a surprise for someone girlfriend parents kids A spouse has become a very well payed service  but in a group of boys the ones with girlfriends have more chances of getting surprise party compared to the singles of the group right why is that because the basic Crux of the surprise gift for a party is is used to make some one happy with some emotional value and its ok word for a group of boys organised a surprise for a boy.

But what is rather than taking an emotional approach the surprise was planned with a funny way what if the party is over replaced with surprise pranks what is there was an event planner who is expert in planning surprise pranks with happy ending customize to birthday boy which fascinations and secrets which usually known to just close friends best surprise plan would be less awkward and more fun as compared to a surprise party with balloons and photos what do you think?

Idea Number 5: Marketing Through Riddle Meams.

Have you ever stumbled upon a riddle which you couldn’t solve but still you could not stop thinking about it unless you found the correct answer riddles are tricky they are fun but most importantly desi ka tension hens riddle Bass means have a great chance of being shared by the year to challenge others and they are also prone to more comments.

Now what if this quality was capitalized for viral marketing of a brand imagine a company or a freelancer whom he is an expert in creating question meams inform riddles around brands so it is riddles are extremely engaging and they become viral online they basically turn out to be a low-cost and subtitle marketing tool for the brand image and app for creating such riddles or maybe a block inspiration or an extra service marketing companies.

Idea number 6: Using Notification in new way.

Using phones while driving is Deadly there is no argument in that but whatever we could use for notifications to stop people from using phones usually it is because of this app notification that we get tempered and distracted to use our phones while driving usually theses app notifications are of WhatsApp Instagram news apps remind us right it now what is we could design sarcastic warning that looks like APP notifications and stick them behind moving vehicles.

now imagine that you are driving on road and you see a poster on the back of a public bus which is design like a WhatsApp notification from your wife or girlfriend and it syas “ chat with me only when your dead person thinking about me right now just right drive”
imagine different sarcastic notifications on different vehicles such a campaign can be used by radio channels and jio to spread awareness.

Idea Number 7: App for content creators.

 Do you want to grow followers on Instagram and YouTube what is the niche of your content do you understand how important the clear need is growing audience, first of all, all niche implement specific category of your content by its USP for example niche for marketing it did not exist on Instagram for 5 years back but now there are many pages like moreover marketing stories marketing Minds now.

what is there was an app to connect with multiple content creators to start or develop a new niche  imagine that you love gardening and you want to develop content and around it, this app will have tools like ideas for content finding similar content creators dividing the format of the content creation, case studies of other niches,  analytics of the whole niche and not just one account and cross-promotion tools, etc

Idea Number 8: Idea for YouTube channel.

Have you ever felt bored during cricket match or a football match?

I am still sure that people who get bored in long sport  matches, but isn’t it fun to watch sports matches in films Why is that?

Because of background music, imagine what if there was background music during real sports what if there special DJ’s or music conductors who play the music in sync with the mood of the match, there could be an option of turning music on or off in your TV or maybe you could choose the genre of the music someone to prefer EDM someone might prefer HIP-HOP.

We can a YouTube channel where we can sink the music with highlights

Idea Number 9: Get Rid of Phone Addiction in New way

All of us are addicted to scrolling and after the launch of Tik-Tok it’s on the next level do you remember how long you have been scrolling. Nowadays taking your phone out from your pocket and looking at it is an even stronger and common mistake instinct then drinking water. But can we get rid of it?

I have an idea best way to get rid of any habit is to keep a track record of it, what if there was a feature in your smartwatch where every time you hold back the feeling of taking your phone out from pocket you tap on the watch at the end of the day it shows you the number of times you tapped tracking your progress with numbers and points will work just like Facebook likes and comments the higher the number the better you will feel and when more oxytocin release in your blood you will be biologically attracted towards holding back the instinct of looking at your phone, think about it.

Final Words

Last Words Hey let me know which one is your favorite idea from the above list.

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