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Top 6 Business Movies and Web series For new entrepreneurs

business movies for entreprenurs

Movies and Web-Series will give you different Perspectives to see the business world. You will able to learn more than your 3years of MBA.

Business Movies and Web -series are mostly inspired by real-life founders and entrepreneurs story and practical business world operations.

You will learn how to manage team, customer, business operations, how to raise funds, risk management, struggle, hustle, and more.

There are also some series that are recommended by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

If you are an Entrepreneur I m strongly recommending you please read this blog till the end.

I will share with you the

most 6 popular business movies and web- series that every entrepreneur needs to watch.

What’s In it For Me?

  1. The Social Network business Movie
  2. The Founder business Movie
  3. Jobs business Movie
  4. TVF Pitchers Business Web series
  5. Sark Tank
  6. Silicon Valley
  7. Conclusion

Let’s know each one detail:

The Social Network business Movie

Released: 12/ Nov 2010 ( India)

This  Movie purely Based on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. As we see in the name “social Network”.

The business movie explained how Mark Zuckerberg get the idea and how he started working on it. The movie made with the full story.  How after that Facebook hits 500 million user base.


Over all story:

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook was studying at Harvard University. He was a genius in computer science and Technology.

Frequently he made video games, software and dating app called “ hot or not”.

The app hot or not got initial success in local areas.  One day he turned serious and started working on Facebook ( Social Network).

And eventually, he got success to build it. He also dropped out of Harvard University to continue their Entrepreneurship Journey.

And today Facebook has a 2.1 billion active user base. And Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in history.

What you will learn:

by watching this movie you will learn how to deal with the technology world, struggle, and handwork behind successful companies.

You will see how a young man became the youngest billionaire in the world. What Challenges he faced and how he overcomes it.

The Founder Business Movie

Mc donald- Business Movie

Released: January 20/ 2016

This is the business Movie story of McDonald’s world’s largest fast Food Chain. You will see how McDonald’ started. what was the background story? Who are the initial Founders and successors?

The movie totally based on the exact true story. Will show you how McDonald’s opened its First-ever Outlet in San Bernardino, California, United States.

How a Normal Shop moves to New Fast Food Making restaurant.

Overall Story :  

Back in the 1940 two-man Maurice McDonald’s and his brother Richard McDonald’s opened the first McDonald’s outlet.

In movie I they explained what’s their motive and reason to start McDonald’s.

They Moved to Different cities for more sales and revenue. They were selling a bunch of different dishes but one day they wanted to change their whole menu and only sell the Fast prepared product.

And they wanted to scale their business to Different cities and location but the problem was they scared about the quality control,

while this process both brother Meet “Ray Kroche was a very hard-working man he had lots of experience in Business.

He already failed some Business he had lots of experience so he suggested some strategies to scale more, ray Kroc also got a partnership in MacDonald’s.

After that MacDonald’s was going quite well. Ray Krock scale McDonald’s to more than 100 stores after he joined. Later on, but he not earned any profit out of it.

Now he decided to change the agreement and increase heir partnership so that he can earn the profit. But both brothers denied the request.

After this ray krock open his own company and named The MacDonald’s corporation”.

After that he scaled MacDonald’s to more than 1500 stores and revenue of 2 billion in a year. Currently McDonald’s has more than 40k plus Outlets and operating across  140 countries.

What you will learn:

You will learn, A great idea is not mattered you have to know how to scale it. And also how to face failures and dissatisfaction. 

You will learn methods, techniques, and tips to think creatively while operating your business. How to understand your customer and customize accordingly. Also How to Create a Business Model.

Jobs business Movie

Released: 23 August/ 2013

This one is my personal favorite movie, one of the greatest movies ever in the Business world. It’s based on The Man who introduced innovation to the world.

yes the man with big vision “ Steve jobs”.

If you want to become a true entrepreneur I m strongly recommending you please watch this movie. The movie is all about Steve jobs biography. How a man found 3 billion dollars companies Apple, Next, Pixar.


Overall story :

Picture intro starts with apple iPod announcement with Steve jobs, after that.

The first part movie showed jobs college life how he struggles in his college days how he dropped out of college to learn calligraphy classes later on Which helps him to add Fonts in Macintosh.

Jobs worked in Atari the software company,  he had interested in technology and he was reading that. Jobs had a childhood friend named  Steve Wozniak “ he was also a tech guy.

Later both found Apple Inc. Wozniak was working on this tech part and jobs on the business part.

The movie has shown a whole life story including how jobs launch his first-personal computer in 1984.  How we got fired from Apple. Later how he found two companies Pixar and Next.

What you Will learn:

You will learn how to find your passion. And why degree does not matter in order to get succeeded.

Real hustle, struggle, passion, and perseverance. There are more which I can’t describe in words. This movie has created a new world for me. So def you watch it.

Web series and shows:

TVF Pitchers Business Web series

This web series TVF Pitchers is purely for new-age entrepreneurs who are studying in college and want to start their own startup.

All fancy things are mentioned in this web-series according to the current scenario of startups like funding, team, idea, and more.

You won’t get bored while watching this movie, it represents the cool side of the Indian startup ecosystem. Perfect for those who are a group of boys want to start their own. 


Overall story:

There is a guy who had a B- plan and he Applied for Nasscom Startup Accelerator along with his 3 college friends.

All his friends and he planned to start a startup, but they can’t start because they don’t have that many funds to launch the idea.

They were doing the same thing bd waiting to idea get accept by Nasscom .eventually the start their own and got success.

What you will learn:

how to get funding and startup and business is not a fancy thing. Hard work and skills needed.

Sark Tank

Launched date: 2009

It’s an American reality show where people pitch Their startup ideas/ B- Plan For funding. 

Show starts with the different high net worth individuals including Mark Cuban. Founders have to pitch their idea within the full strategy and revenue model.

At the end either they selected or rejected.


What you will learn :

You will able to see different business ideas and plans. And also how investors are reacting to each one. By watching this you will able to explore a bunch of different ideas.

Silicon Valley

Launched date – April 26/ 2014 – December  8/ 2019

This show recommended by Bill Gates and Elon musk.. this is an American reality comedy show based on silicon valley startups.

 Bill Gates and Elon musk said it is the best web-series out there. Whole series made from experienced founders who had operated their startup in silicon valley.


What you will learn :

You will see how founders struggle to run a startup in silicon valley. How they manage the competition. How do they overcome Challenges?

big companies about acquire them. And most importantly Technology. Silicon Valley is known for its Technology.

You will see how major a role in technology playing. It’s a very practical way to understand. You can watch it on Hotstar and Netflix.


There are many more but here I mentioned the top 6 which  I personally love, these movies and Web-series will give you piratical  Knowledge about the startup world.

Like how to raise funds . Basic principles, management  and much more.

These all are available in Different platforms. Some are available on YouTube and others can find in OTT  Platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime.

I hope you will love these movies and series. As an Entrepreneur you have to follow someone to get inspired that’s why these movies will teach you a lot.

Some movies are based on biographies like jobs and founder these will help you like a real story.

Comment your recommendations.

Thanks for reading this .  I will see you in the next Blog.



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