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Can Leather Shoes Be 100% Genuine and Repaired?

We know about leather shoes to wear depending on apparel to get symbol, get match to look in proper dressing. We just know about apparel but we don’t know the combination of shoes we should wear on which particular tour. 

When we see that shoe trends always come and go according to the style of an era. But leather shoes have their own identity to define your discipline, confidence, and many more. Because it shows your respect for every person who wears it. 

But the way we use normal shoes are not have the ability to contrast / attract the environment. But skin made shoes provide you the confidence to give your performance very well.

leather shoes

Because whenever I wear shoes regarding apparel it always gives some type of positively to achieve goal easily and in good manner. It provides my fashion look awesome and many more.

But when we see the history of mammal skin shoes we don’t want to know who invented shoes. But this tradition begins from era of 16th-century end or 17th century beginning. Many centuries have applied in their life and spread this tradition over a period of years.

What you will find about shoes.

  1. Types of leather shoes material.
  2. Durability between machine-made & handmade leather shoes
  3. How to take care of your shoes?
  4. Compare machine-made and handmade leather shoes. 
  5. Custom leather shoe trend is alive or not?
  6. Can we repair and wash this shoes?
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

Now when we see those cowskin shoes, we think why they have developed these pure leather shoes. Because we know that leather is not synthetic material used in shoes. It’s one of the best quality leather used shoes which are made up of mammals.

Now we think that we should use cruelty-free material but genuine. They used skin after the death of those animals.

So when the animals get died they remove their skin and used for their protection purpose, for fashion purpose, for showpiece purpose & many more. So these organic shoes will give you that long life with better conditions. 

Types of leather shoes material

Types of shoe

Most people know about formal shoes just because we wear for office wear, event wear. But there are different patterns & styles for your apparel like casual hide shoes, party skin shoes, long trip shoes, trekking shoes, and many more. 

There are different types of material used in shoes. Cow skin strength is more than other skin because it keeps skin more protective & strong.

Buffalo skin is very thick but is gets shrink when you wash this leather. Dear skin is very soft than cow skin & it helps to maintain the comfort of our skin. This skin is good for boots and shoes. 

Now when we discuss the type of material we also discuss the style, look of shoes in the next topic. 

Types of shoes:-

Formal shoe

In the beginning year of shoes most of the design used is with lace only with the heel as we move forward with fashion there are different versions of design leather shoes available in the market. 

Formal shoes

Formal shoes most probably plain design with default color black. It might have laces or not their options are cleared. These shoes are basically used in office, industry event management. 

Narrow bottom shoes. 

These shoes are used for casual wear with different color with no more than one color brown & grey color shoes are best for casual wear. 

Whole Type Designed Shoes. 

Glossy Hide Shoes

Tanned Color Shoes

Rough Look Skin Shoe

Durability between machine-made & handmade leather shoes. 

Party shoe

When I see the quality of leather shoes I prefer to check the genuine leather shoes first then check the stability of shoes for its long life & hardness.

Now when we compare the durability of our shoes we get to know the making process techniques that either we made it with handmade shoes with help of craftsman or with the help of machine-made.

When we see the techniques of machine-made we just know that they save the time & makes thousands of leather shoe per day with proper measurement but can we get the durability due to its main process stitching techniques that might not know of manufacturing industries. 

Because they just know two types of stitching techniques either from inside or outside. Due to that, we don’t get the perfect strength of leather shoes. Now when we talk about the handmade process they have different styles of making process with their types.

Testing the strength and durability of shoes

Because they mostly prefer handmade leather shoes. Why because they know the choice we want to wear. They have the right type of thread, seeing the leather shoes properly with techniques.

They test the strength of their durability. So whenever I will buy shoes of leather I mostly prefer leather shoes of craftsman making process but there is one cons of that process is it is expensive to make genuine & pure leather shoes.

Because they use high-quality material & combined them all together to make your shoe precious & charisma to you.

But your budget is low then you can buy a leather shoe of machine-made because both of their comfort levels will be the lame just techniques of sewing process will be different for their durability and it all depends upon the material of your genuine leather.

So just find out those industries who provide you genuine leather shoes and you can trust that company brand. 

How to take care of your shoes?

Genuine shoe

For taking care of your shoes it depends on the condition of your shoes that how you behave with your shoes.  What if it gets cracked, rough, bad smell and many more.

The best way to take care of your shoes is to always clean your shoes with a proper soft brush to remove dirt or dust of little particles below the shoes sole, edges, the upper part of the shoes for that first of removing the lace and take your brush but it should be flexible and soft to remove easily. 

Now when you want to maintain shoes take cleaning product of leather shoes and apply on it. When you want to shine the shoes, after cleaning wait for almost 1-2 hours to settle down the material in it then apply shine polish in leather shoes to hide the cracks in your shoe.

Two Types of taking care of your shoes

Now if you have both the leather shoes and you feel a little bit light in some area so in my perspective I mostly apply the two types of techniques to make my shoes comfort for that particular area. 

Now if I get from inside and the top end from toe to little finger what I do is take plastic and some water and seal it. I prefer to put the shoe in the freezer in the refrigerator or you can make a box of Thermocol and put some ice cube to freeze the sealed bag of water.

Inside the shoe will slowly put force to shoe due to freezing water and when you get the perfect time with lots of attempts while wearing the shoe. But check in every minute to not get looser. 

The second step which I personally want to shrink my shoe is the dryer machine to make dry. But because of the dryer machine which gives heat to the material will give some days to shrink that material and gets fit to your shoes. The benefit of wearing shoes is to give the shape of your feet to stick together and give flexibility. 

Compare machine-made and handmade leather shoes. 

Handmade leather shoes:- 

  • Handmade durability and more than machine-made.
  • Sole quality of a handmade leather shoe is purely made up of leather. 
  • But the disadvantage of handmade is production speed is slow.
  • The price of handmade is expensive.
  • Mold size or material is not perfect every time the material size might be slightly different from the previous one. 

Machine-made leather shoes

  • The durability of the machine made it comparatively less than handmade.
  • Sole quality is made of synthetic leather in machine-made.
  • Production speed is faster than the handmade process.
  • Price of one handmade shoe is twice of machine-made leather shoes.
  • Mold size and material have the proper accurate cutting of each and every material to look at all the product pair of shoes same 

Custom leather shoe trend is alive or not?

When we see the trend of leather shoes, there is a ratio of 75% to 90% buyer who takes shoes because these shoes help in function meetings and many more. 

The beginning phase of leather shoes created the trends of shoes are on trending. When the Audience gets to know that the leather is made of animal skin which is cruelty and nowadays the Audience is converting their lifestyle from non-veg to vegan so they want to take care more of animals.

That’s why last 5 years trends gets is slightly down from 89% ratio to 54% because there are some people who want to buy those leather skin product to keep their whole body warm and comfortable. So the trend nowadays is alive and will get some time to again go to a trending position. 

Can we repair and wash this shoes?

Yes, we can repair and washable if your leather is made of animal skin because that type of leather just wants to maintain it and if you want to wash those shoes just take soap and water fill in the bottle and take a dry cloth to rubbed all soap water sprinkle and remove dirt also.

Now when we say about repairing the shoe like scratch, tear, cut, hole in shoe, etc. So all these unwanted things can be repaired by shoemaker and they will be repaired all your pair of shoes properly and keep maintained. 

Event leather shoes


My personal opinion to buy leather shoes online or offline so I will give both the best example to buy shoes.

But between machine-made and handmade, I will make my own custom leather shoes which we give me more comfort. My design will be applied to those shoes to get fancy look also.

But online you have to check their website legal business is listed or not check the rating of website while buying shoes online. 


1. Why most of the people buy readymade hide shoes?

Because handmade shoea are quite expensive than readymade shoes. They have proper well finish shoes which is made of machinary

2. Custom leather shoes beat price in india ?

Prices are totally depend on the seller, because custom leather shoes made by craftsmen with its own creativity so they charge on that basis. By the way custom shoes are more expensive than normal leather shoes.

3. Will leather shoes shrink?

No, now there are reason why your shoes don’t get shrink. Because when you use daily the leather material gets uneven from your foot and gets loose, but doesnt get shrink.


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