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6 Things You Should Not Know About CARDIO Workout


We all must have heard the word cardio from someone’s mouth at some time in our life, but we are curious to know what is a cardio workout, how do we do it, so today we know about the benefits of cardio exercise In.

Actually let us tell you that actually, a healthy human heart beats about 80 to 60 times in 1 minute. But when a person does any type of physical activity, such as dance cycling, swimming, running, etc.,

Then the heartbeat of man reaches one and a half times that of normal, which is called cardiovascular condition.

Due to physical activities, the heartbeat of a healthy human being crosses about 100 to 130 times in 1 minute, then it is placed in the category of cardio. If we put it in simple words, exercises that keep the heart and lungs healthy This is called cardio exercise.


  1. What does ‘cardio workout’ mean.
  2. Benefits of cardio exercise for the brain and body.
  3. Is it necessary to go to the gym?
  4. What are some easy home cardio workouts?
  5. Which Cardio Methods Melt Fat The Fastest.
  6. What are the disadvantages of doing only cardio?
  7. Conclusion.
  8. FAQ.

What does ‘cardio workout’ mean

Cardio is a stage in which your heartbeat rate increases by a few% from normal, like our heartbeat rate, is 75 to 80 a minute when it becomes 110 -115, It means you are in the cardio stage.

What happens when we do cardio workout, our heartbeat increases significantly from normal.

This means that your heart is beating more, that is, the heart is pumping more blood, so what is it, it is the exercise of your heart. Now this is the heartbeat, how long it can last, it depends on speeds up your cardio

So how long is the speed above like when you do any cardio exercise then it is slow or fast or very fast?

When you do this exercise very fast, then you do not do it for long Pate, why does this happen? This happens because your heart starts pumping blood faster, which increases your heart rate and your breath starts to increase.

In cardio, along with your heart, your lungs also work. When your heart pumps more blood then your lungs need more oxygen means that the capacity of your lungs is increasing. Along with the heart, your lungs are also working. Those who do cardio, their heart, and lungs are healthy. As well as the brain is also healthy.

They are always healthy and people who do not do cardio have less functioning than those who do cardio, lame, brain, cardio.

For one thing, you will not know all this at the age of 20, as you grow older, you will know how important cardio is.

To Know About :- Dieting

If you always have to be fit, then you should do cardio, because if you want to be fit, then you have to do cardio. Cardio workout is for both men and women.

Benefits of cardio exercise for the brain and body

There are many benefits of incorporating a cardio workout into the routine. It makes a significant change in the life of a human being. Doing after cardio every day keeps a person stress-free, and a human being in this phase needs to be physically and mentally healthy.

Exercise increases the ability of the heart to function, according to a survey, every person, about 5 minutes a day, about 30 minutes per day Should be doing so 45 is less prone to heart disease by 50%.

Doing cardio exercises daily reduces calories soon and cardio helps in weight loss

Cardio is also commonly known as aerobic exercise, whose main purpose is to make the lungs of the respiratory systems healthy and strong.

Generally, a very serious problem in people is the release of abdominal fat. Continuous cardio also reduces the problem of abdominal fat and has proved to be very effective.

If our muscles are strengthened by working hard, on the other hand, there is a need to do cardio regularly to keep the heart healthy and strong.

An average person is required to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep on average, but inadequate sleep is also a major health problem. People who do cardio exercises regularly see improvement in sleep quality.

Regular exercise is needed to keep the body healthy, but a medical report by Howard has proved that regular exercise can improve your brain too.

There is a disease of bones called osteoporosis when a man loses mass in the bones, then it becomes serious diseases, in this way, if we go to cardio regularly, we get rid of this terrible disease and at the same time strengthen the bones.

Is it necessary to go to the gym?

No, it is not necessary, but it is considered a good investment in itself. We go to the gym so that we can exercise and stay fit. There are many benefits to a regular workout.

The workouts you do in the gym will not go waste, they will prove beneficial for your body, you will gain strength and endurance with its help. Yes, it will take time, but you will also get the result of hard work.

What are some easy home cardio workouts?

We first explained what cardio is? And what the benefits of cardio can be and we talk. About which exercises come inside cardio and their list.

Fast Walking If a healthy person walks at a speed of about 4 mph in 30 minutes every day, then on average it will burn 400 calories.

If the person walks fast during office work, talking on the phone, then they can You will be able to burn 90 to 110 calories in about 10 minutes. This will have a very positive effect on their health. A treadmill is also helpful at home for doing exercise.

Plyometrics Exercise Exercise is for those who want to burn more calories in less time, because of this exercise, you can burn up to 350 calories in 30 minutes. In 1 day, about 15 minutes of plyometrics exercise starts looking personality and slim. Yes, it can be done in any open space.

To do this exercise, the posture of your body must be correct, otherwise, you may have an injury, patients with knee and arthritis should not do it with the advice of the best trainer so that any kind of troubles will occur later.

Do not face this exercise is mostly done by the players associated with the sports world.

Jump squat is a very important change in people’s hobbies in today’s changing lifestyle, in such a situation, an exercise called JumpSquart is very popular among the youth, it has to do a lot of jumping. And at the same time obesity is reduced, the way to do it is very easy

Which Cardio Methods Melt Fat The Fastest

Now we talk about how cardio helps in fat loss. Whenever we do cardio, we burn calories. Now the question comes that from where these calories are being burnt. Let’s say that where is this Kalori burning?

The calories that are being burnt will have to be burnt with fat, carbs. You may have also heard that doing more cardio causes muscle loss but it is not so. There is a difference between muscle loss and fat loss.

Cardio muscle will burn when we take less than what we need and we will do more workouts. But we have to lose fat here, not muscle loss. Here we have to take a diet where carbs are less protein, so that when we do cardio, we lose fat and not muscle loss.

We have to take more protein, when our body has better protein then there will be no muscle loss. Now we have to reduce fat, so we have to reduce carbs because when the body does not get carbs then the body will burn fat.

What are the disadvantages of doing only cardio?

It is true that doing cardio exercises increases the level of endorphin dog hormones in the body, besides there are many benefits of cardio but also the disadvantages.

So Doing just cardio not only causes problems in muscles, but it can also cause you more problems like joint pain, muscle strain, etc. Therefore, you need to be very careful while doing cardio.

If you continuously do cardio exercise for a long time, then you can also have a serious injury, for this you should take breaks from time to time and keep away from cardio exercise in case of more pain then consult a doctor.

Obesity in women has emerged as a major problem due to the constantly deteriorating lifestyle, and not only affects the personality of women, but it is also causing many diseases in the body, despite exercising, women often think that their How is gaining weight.

And when exercise is not getting positive results, due to which they go under stress, the main reason for this is that they forget to understand the weight loss program of fitness and consider cardio boring and painful, unnecessarily dieting and doing the same exercise. Women may need to contact a cardio trainer.

We have brought you the necessary information about cardio which we have brought specially for you, cardio is a very beneficial exercise for our daily life, but you should take some precautions which we have told you above.

I hope you have liked the article written by us and if you have any kind of questions related to cardio, then you must tell us by commenting in the comment box and we are always ready for you.


People often avoid doing workouts at home because it is difficult to get all the equipment at home. However, you will be a little surprised to know that you can stay fit by doing cardio exercises even at home. So, here we have told you about the cardio workout.


Which cardio burns the most fat and calorie?

Aerobic Exercise & Their Results
Walking (Burns 350-450 Calories Per Hour)
Running (Burns Around 550 Calories Per Hour)
Cycling (Burns Around 540 Calories Per Hour)
Rowing (Burns Around 790 Calories Per Hour)
Swimming (Burns Around 530 Calories Per Hour)
Jumping Rope (Burns Over 960 Calories Per Hour)

What is easy cardio to do at home?

Some Easy Cardio Workouts You Can Do At Home
Jumping Jacks.
Squat Jumps.
Running the Stairs.
Jogging in Place.

Is it ok to do cardio every day?

This is true up to a point, and it has been found with most people that doing cardio daily is not a problem for them. In fact, many experts recommend that you do the exercise that you bring to health every day, it should work daily for 30 minutes every day to keep your health up.



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