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Chat-bot Meaning | Use in Marketing | Importance in 2020

Chat-bot marketing is the method used by marketers to showcase and communicate with their target audience using AI. Chat-bot meaning means AI based engine used for communication.

Chat-bots are software that interacts with the users in order to give brief about their products or services. They have per-programmed set of conversions feed into it, based on the user behavior. Chat-bots are even great or go to tool when we are in the scenario of addressing FAQ’s.

What’s in it for me:

  1. What is Chat-bot Marketing.
  2. Scope & Future of Chat-bot Marketing.
  3. Uses in Sales and Marketing.
  4. Beginner’s Guide.
  5. Tips & Tricks.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. FAQ’s.

What is chat-bot marketing…?

Chat-bot meaning
Chat-bot Marketing – New revolution in marketing

Chat-bot Meaning is not only keeps your audience engaged but also helps in building trust factor among them. Many organizations are work hard to develop chat-bots that can reduce human efforts effectively and simultaneously satisfy their target audience.

As we know direct human interaction to support their customers. On the larger scale is quite difficult as well as expensive too. Chat-bot meaning is sometimes misunderstood by many entrepreneurs. It can be very useful in the franchise system.

Chat-bot marketing is big boom in today’s marketing world. Many marketers are effectively using it to generate powerful insights out of it. It is very good source generating insights in terms of how your customers interact with your platform. Difficulties faced by him/her, the services which attracts him/her.

These powerful insights are very important from the organization point of view. These insights result in better projection of your products in the market. We can easily figure out our areas of improvement in our products or the service, what our customers actually looking for, is our product or service, are we serving them well enough.  

Chat-bots are best way to get your audience in the funnel. Then it becomes very easy to convert them into the potential customers over time. Funnel marketing can be achieved very easily using the chat-bot marketing, segregation of audience becomes very easy.

Scope and future of the chat-bot marketing…?

In this era, organizations are looking for simplify their overall processes. They are looking to utilized their man power in more productive way. They aim to allocate resources to more meaningful things.

Chat bot marketing is going to play role for both small as well as big businesses. Specially for the startups where it lacks man power, chat-bot marketing can come as the big relief for them. With continues advancement in the AI, scope of chat-bot marketing is becoming more and more wider with time.

People starts using botch marketing for different needs, some may use it for educating their audience, some may use it sales and marketing. It will depend upon niche to niche and domain to domain. Every niche has different requirement and different goal to achieve. These parameters may change over the time in your chat-bot marketing strategy.

Chat-bot importance

Now as you can see that chat-bot marketing strategies are very well utilized by the social media platforms like Facebook, chat-bot marketing has become integral part of the funnel for the many marketers.

They understand its importance and working positively towards it in order to increase their customer base over time. In coming time content marketing will be done in more targeted way using the chat-bot marketing. Chat-bot marketing has the big future going ahead with the advancement in AI and Machine learning.

Chat-bot aims to give personalized experience to its customer. The communication between the audience and the bot should be such that it is very personalized to that person. While chatting you should aim to communicate in such way that it appears more humanly not just as bot. Try communicating using persons name which gives more personal touch to that the person.

Ways to use chat-bot marketing in sales and marketing:

It is usually seen that chat-bots often communicate to the limited extend, but this shouldn’t happen. Chat-bot meaning is to focus on enhancing engagement. It should be programmed in a such a way that it can cater large category of the audience very effectively. The more you engage with your audience the better you understand your audience. As a result we can get more insights and we can understand our audience in the better way.

Feedback’s are very important for every business irrespective of their size, whether it is small or big feedback from their customers matters. It is the one of the best platforms for taking feedback’s from your audience and check areas of improvement in your product and services.

It very important to notify our target audience about the new services or products that are in the pipeline, to seek their interest in the product, this thing you can do very easily using the chat-bot marketing, to can easily send notifications about the exciting offers, newly launched product or services, personalized offers, festival discounts, giveaways and more.

While doing sales and marketing on the chat-bot, the chat should be in such a manner that it appears to be very friendly chat, as in we are talking to our friend. It is important because customer feels more attached with brand and feeling the brand as trustworthy and more over his actions will be in the positive direction towards that brand. It also indirectly gives more deep insight about our target audience. And know what actually they are seeking from us as a brand.

Beginner guide to chat-bot marketing:

On the basis of the interaction we can easily identify who are your target customers, who are really interested in your product or the service and then you can do targeted marketing on them. As a result they will convert into the long lasting customer.

chatbot analytics

Well defined or well programmed chat-bot also reflects how well you connect with your audience, understand their needs and requirements very easily and modifying our product accordingly. It also indirectly indicates the future prediction about your audience, how things are shifting with time and we can act swiftly to take on the opportunities and grow at the rapid pace.    

It is very important how to start with the chat-bot marketing, many of us are from non-technical backgrounds after discovering words like artificial intelligence and machine learning it becomes very haunting. And only one question arises how to start and do the things by own, without getting too deep with the technical stuff.

Because many small business owners and startups can afford separate IT infrastructure to handle all this stuff. As a small businessman we are one-man army and we need to do all the stuff. Chat-bot meaning may vary from brand to brand.

You can easily create your artificial intelligence based chat-bot using platforms like ChattyPeople you can create your chat bot in few minutes, even if you don’t have knowledge about the coding stuff. Do give it a try and explore its various features like customized offers, payment gateway and many more. You can explore other chat bots Onsequel, chatfuel, botsity, mobile monkey, flowXO.

Growth & scope

Tips and Tricks to remember while working with chat bot marketing.

Research about the various FAQ’s about your brand, products, services and other such stuff. Search it on your social media channels and see the DM which you got, note it down, segregate and arrange them in the proper manner.

Apart from this you can also ask your team members about it and see which type of FAQ’s they get when they interact with the audience. Team members plays a very important role in the research part for the FAQ’s. Don’t ignore them at any cost.

Give lot of time on research because it is important step in order to program it in better way and while focusing on the engagement. You need to understand real chat-bot meaning and implement it.

Don’t copy the way, how someone else bot functions. It is the biggest mistake which many beginners make while starting with the chat-bot marketing. Chat-bot programming varies from audience to audience and demography to demography.

No one know our audience better than our own self, so trust your instinct and start its programming.See you will definitely improve your bot with time after seeing the user behavior. Chat-bot can be very effective in the search engine optimization as well.

chat-bot planning

Your conversations should be closed end, never leave your conversations open ended. Bot reply on automatic basis and they don’t have clue about the open-ended questions asked by various people.

Try asking only closed ended questions to your audience.By closed ended questions we can understand our audience in a better way. It the best way to know what our target audience is actually seeking from us, and helps in formulating well defined marketing strategy for our product and services.


Human interaction also plays a important role apart from the automated conversations and many people may not find it happening while having conversation with the bot and they feel they need to talk to some real human, so do let them know that a real human is just a step away and will be joining soon.

So, we don’t lose on the potential customer. Try integrating voice assistance in the chat-bot, it gives more personalized experience to the audience with whom the bot is interacting. Share some facts to educate your audience and take their interest to the next level, after this they take more interest in the conversation with our chat-bot.

The main aim of the chat-bot marketing is to provide personalized experience, educate them, bring them to our marketing funnel. Start with one step at the time, analyze its results and make new strategy on the basis of the results you got.

Chat-bot Meaning is sometimes misunderstood people think it is something beyond their scope. But it is not rocket science and it can be easily implemented.


1. What is Chat-bot Marketing?

Understanding user behavior and delivering best resource available using the interaction of AI based bot.

2. Will their be a future in the chat-bot marketing?

There is huge scope in the chat-bot marketing.

3. Is it beneficial for the small business?

Very beneficial, as it is a best cost effective solution.

4. Is chat-bot marketing free?

In some cases it may and in some cases it may not.


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